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Ruh Roh

This looks like a bad one.

A shooting at a Texas elementary school killed 14 children and one teacher Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

Abbott identified the suspect as Salvador Ramas, a Uvalde resident, who is also dead.
Details are still coming out. Pay attention here boys.
** UPDATE **
Moving fast, we have more information already. From Not The Bee….

Apparently he shot his grandma and then went to the school. 
** UPDATE 2 **
According to Wikipedia this town, Uvalde, Texas, is almost 80% mestizo so it is safe to assume most/all of the kids killed were mestizos as well as the shooter.

** UPDATE 3 **
Big Country has some stuff as well: Confusing UPDATED including some pictures of the dude who looks like a Grade A fruitcake, like wearing chick’s clothing freak. 
** UPDATE 4 **
According to reports, the shooter was wearing body armor. Of course he was. 


  1. saoirse

    Don't put it past the woke media and politico cunts to label Ramos as a 'white Hispanic' as in the Saint Treyvon circus, especially if the kids were non-white.
    Lots of anomalies regarding this incident will be forthcoming – and quashed by the usual suspects, you can bet on it!

  2. jl

    Dead behind the eyes, once again. Every single one of these berserker phukwads looks like an empty husk, devoid of conscious and/or soul.

  3. Xzebek

    Apparently he went to a local high school and was wanted in connection with the shooting of his grandmother. He may have been trying to evade law enforcement when he went into the school. No explanation for why he started shooting kids but it may not have been a planned school shooting. Stay tuned.

  4. Steve S

    And apparently he was a super ninja to bypass a boat load of security.

    "The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISD) in Texas had many security measures in place before Tuesday's mass shooting that left at least 18 students and a teacher dead after a now-deceased suspect opened fire at Robb Elementary School.

    The now-deceased suspect, Salvador Romas, is accused of entering school grounds on Tuesday and opening fire, according to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

    UCISD's website states that the district has "proponents to curb and/or eliminate" elements of" violence, vandalism, disruptions and fear" in its schools to "provide a safe and secure environment for all."

    Those proponents include four officers, including a chief, a detective and two officers within the school district; partnerships with local law enforcement agencies; security staff that patrols door entrances and parking lots at secondary campuses; case managers and social workers on UCISD campuses; licensed counselors; threat assessment teams; social media threat monitoring; a visitor management security system; canine detection services; motion detectors and alarm systems; perimeter fencing at Robb and other schools; security vestibules and outside buzz-in systems; security cameras; a locked classroom door policy; staff and student training; and a threat reporting system.


    The district states that it uses a service called Social Sentinel "to monitor all social media with a connection to Uvalde as a measure to identify any possible threats that might be made against students and or staff within the school district."

    It also encourages "[s]tudents, parents, staff, and community members are encouraged to share information that is deemed troubling" with the district using a reporting system" so that it can "take appropriate action."

  5. Anonymous

    The enemedia is very careful to point out right away that the shooter is a U.S. citizen, before they even mention his name. Why is that? They didn't bother to check the Buffalo shooter's inmigraciĆ³n status before splashing his name and face all over the 'net.

    And they gave this little beaner faggot the Zimmerman Whiter-Shade-of-Pale treatment in the photos. Kid looks lighter than I am.

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