Saturday, May 21, 2022

Receiver Rule Clarification

The recently released "Final Rule 2021R-05F – Definition of "Frame and Receiver" and Identification of Firearms" was a convoluted and confusing mess but the ATF is already harassing manufacturers of 80% lowers even though no one really knows what the rules are. In a few weeks the ATF is hosting a series of webinars for FFLs to hopefully explain what the rules actually mean.

We will see what they have to say, having the webinar is a sign that even the ATF realizes no one really understands the new rules and with the pistol brace final rule looming in a few months this should help clarify things. I am planning on watching the first webinar they offer on the morning of June 10th, I'll report back with highlights afterward if I can make any sense of it.

Now, what you do in response to these rules? That is up to you.....


  1. "Final Rule 2021R-05F"

    Is that the leftist spin on "Final Solution"? History rhymes until it repeats.

  2. OT... evidently there was an Amish drive-by in Goshen, IN. Joking. Probably not an Amish shooter, but two killed and several others shot.