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Prepper Pro Tip

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Be sure to check the expiration dates on your ammo because that shit goes bad faster than gas station sushi.
This guy gets it and clearly is an authority we should listen to on gun control issues.

These are totally serious people.


  1. Xzebek

    Kind of like that female politician a bit back that said the existing "high capacity " magazines wouldn't be a problem for long because the bullets would be shot and then no more magazine. The ignorance us overwhelming.

  2. Anonymous

    just when you think they can't be any dumber than they are, some moron proves them wrong again.
    I remember shooting a 1858 civil war rifle by just replacing the cap. my uncle like to shit himself
    as it has bein hanging over his fireplace for over 20 years before that. and he never thought it was loaded.

  3. Anonymous

    I read of a case in the New England Journal of Medicine back when I was a premed. It was a case report of a guy who attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. He shot himself eight times in the skull, then gave up in disgust and drove to the ED. It turned out that he was a 90-some-years-old veteran of the Spanish-American was (this was in 1974 or thereabouts) and was using both the gun and ammunition he had carried in the Philippines. None of the bullets made it through the inner table of the skull.

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