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Milwaukee Memory Hole

Hey remember when 16 people got shot in Milwaukee in one mass shooting, the same night a total of 21 people were shot in the city?

You probably forgot because the media def did not want to talk about it. At all. Fewer people being shot in Buffalo, New York? Yeah, they want to talk about that or at least the motivation of the alleged shooter because he is the mythical lone White racist shooter, complete with a manifesto. Milwaukee? Nah dawg, imma gonna skip that one. 
Unfortunately as a semi-internet famous White supremacist and racist, I still pay attention to such things.

It just so happens that there were some arrests made in Milwaukee….

Who are these White supremacist domestic terrorists? 
Marquise Lamar Jackson, 24, Christopher Lamar Murry, 23, and Lemont R. Siller, 21, are each facing eight charges in connection to the incident.
Obviously those are common White names. I am sure their mugshots will bear this out.

Now wait just a second. That doesn’t seem right. This must be a racist hoax.
We should stop showing mugshots, seeing all of these charming fellas staring back at me makes me have uncomfortable feelings in my tummy. 
Meanwhile at least three of the shooting victims were also arrested, none who actually did any shooting….

Otis Green, 28, was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and bail jumping.

Prosecutors also charged Jeremiah Fraylon, 21, with possession of a firearm by a delinquent, carrying a concealed weapon and bail jumping.

Marleik Brown-Jewell, 22, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon.
Marleik looks especially smart.
I wish the police would stop hassling these innocent black bodies and focus more on stifling the racist speech of people like me.


  1. Anonymous

    Next we will hear that all their mamma's could afford to feed them as infants was malt liquor and lead paint chips, so it is naturally all YT's fault. The turrible, turrible legacy ob da slabery strikes again!

    So long as they persist in pointing their Glocks almost exclusively in the general direction of other dark objects, I don't mind a bit if these simian zoo rejects chimp on one another. I just wish they would seal the deal more often than 13% of the time. (Funny how that peculiar number seems to resonate with this crowd. Kinda like that "other" tribe and their 6 gorillion.)

  2. saoirse

    Both lies of omission and commission work like a charm on a severely dumbed-down population.

    "and focus more on stifling the racist speech of people like me."
    You can bet that Jankowicz and her cohorts are diligently working on it.
    Probably have a massive crackdown on hates speeech and disinfomayshun after the mid-term selections, regardless of whether the Republicunts win big.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s too bad our American forefathers didn’t put more weight into their Libera scheme. We might have a more stable nation.

  4. Arthur Sido

    They are already bitching because it was the only grocery in the area and it has been closed, no self reflection as to why no one wants a grocery in a black neighborhood of course

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