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How Is This Not An Act Of War?

Despite protests to the contrary from various “knowledgeable sources” online for the last few weeks, an official mouthpiece of the globalists (NBC News) is confirming tonight that the U.S. did indeed help Ukraine sink the Russian cruiser Moskva.

This was a choice line from the article:
American officials have expressed concerns that reporting about U.S. intelligence sharing with Ukraine could anger Putin and provoke an unpredictable response.
Oh so it is the reporting that is the problem, not the actual aid we rendered that could cause a response. 
This comes alongside a report from the New York Times claiming that the U.S. is assisting Ukrainian forces in targeting Russian generals, leading to 12 so far dying in the war…

From the article:
The United States has focused on providing the location and other details about the Russian military’s mobile headquarters, which relocate frequently. Ukrainian officials have combined that geographic information with their own intelligence — including intercepted communications that alert the Ukrainian military to the presence of senior Russian officers — to conduct artillery strikes and other attacks that have killed Russian officers.

The intelligence sharing is part of a stepped-up flow in U.S. assistance that includes heavier weapons and tens of billions in aid, demonstrating how quickly the early American restraints on support for Ukraine have shifted as the war enters a new stage that could play out over months.
Does anyone think Vlad is going to let this go? Would we let this go if someone were doing the same to our forces?
Oh and gas prices are jumping again.

These maniacs are bound and determined to cause the greatest mass loss of life in human history. 


  1. Anonymous

    If Russia/Poot doesn’t reapond to this/these acts…he’ll be done.
    Poot will be Wacked by the Hardliners. Every country has’em.

    The question is When and How.

    One could say…USINTELL just broke there own 1st Rule.
    “Loose Lips, Sink Ships”

    The US Intell just played Russian Roulette with a Loaded Safety Off Semi-Auto.

    These are “The Smart People”

    Ego is a Hell of a Thang.

    Tisk Tisk

  2. JackDup

    Zelensky has the goods on Joe. The media is saying this war could last 2 years or more or in other words until Joe Biden is out of office. We are sending another 33 billion dollars on top of the billions already sent. If you were to pay Ukraine 1 million dollars per day, it would take 90 years for you to get to 33 billion dollars. Zelensky is now the "Big Guy" and he's got Joe by the balls.

  3. Bg Ruckus D

    I'm am at a loss to explain why Putin hasn't already hit some strategic NATO asset within easy range, just at a minimum. He must be an exceptionally patient man and a strategic thinker to take the kind of losses (and likely damage to his image among Russians at this point) if even a third of the damage to the RusMil we are being told of is factual. Then again, I have no solid read on how the typical Russian views him, nor how strong their sense of nationalism is.

    Maybe he has enough restraint not to trigger a full on conflagration (I've no confidence whatsoever that "our" assholes do) for a bit yet, but he can't keep taking black eyes and real losses of equipment and manpower like this indefinitely.

  4. Anonymous

    @ Bg Ruckus D – Re: "I'm am at a loss to explain why Putin hasn't already hit some strategic NATO asset within easy range, just at a minimum. He must be an exceptionally patient man and a strategic thinker…"

    Most westerners, even many in military-diplomatic circles, are unaware of the extent to which Russian military doctrine includes the use of nuclear weapons. They have an extensive civil defense system in that country, and plans for how to survive a nuclear exchange with an enemy. The U.S., on the other hand, may have lots of nuclear weapons, but virtually no civil defense or other hardening against such warfare.

    Putin is indeed a cool customer. MAD may still be working at least for now, i.e., "mutually-assured destruction" and the fear thereof. He knows that no one will "win" such an exchange, and that the damage done to world civilization would take decades, perhaps longer, to repair.

    The behavior of the Russian leader isn't the foremost concern, because he at least shows signs of being rational. Crazy Joe and his gang of incompetents are the big worry – nothing they are doing seems based upon ration and logic, strategic or otherwise. Are there any adults in the room in Sodom on the Potomac? Sure doesn't look like it our here in flyover country!

  5. Xzebek

    This would be recognized as an act of war going back more than 2 centuries. The question is will there be a response and what form will it take. Perhaps the Russians will absorb it in the short term . While the Russians don't have the patience of the Chinese, they don't need to be hasty here .

  6. Anonymous

    so many INTERESTING things for the russians to get back. You know those LNG ships are kind of floating bombs……… also solves two problems with 1 egg. Not that you know I would condone such a thing…………

    But the American generals are safe. Why take a chance on someone competent getting promoted into place. No, the Russians wouldn't touch any of the top people. Talk about a own goal. No they'll leave them all in place.

  7. Anonymous

    Why show your hand?
    If Putin wants to hurt NATO countries, there are several ways.
    One would be to stoke the fire between muslims and christians. Remember when the suburbs of Paris burned, when one muslim died while hunted by the police?
    France, Germany, Belgium and England have a very bis muslim community – just sayin.

    Second: I once worked for a electric power provider. One of the older guys told me, that if you want to have total power failure in Germany you would have to damage a certain amount of transformators at the power station and a few landlines. And if the countries surrounding Germany are not fast enough of cutting the power lines connecting the countries, they will experience a power failure too.

    I wonder why it hasnt been done before – looking at Serbia…
    Alex Lund

  8. Michael

    I suspect the irrational American leadership and desire not to see Mother Russia nuked is the only thing keeping the Hard Liners from blasting us and Europe into the stone age.

    So far despite our nickel and dime-ing Russian forces, the USA isn't yet a serious threat to Mother Russia. When it becomes a real threat, ALL BETS ARE OFF. They will nuke us into the Stone age even as we are destroying them. Revenge is a very Russian thing.

    Putin is the Moderate in Russia. He knows right now that the USA is pretty close to imploding due to social chaos and rampant money printing. All he has to do is survive our proxy war without nukes going off and lack of FOOD and Energy will turn the former USA into the Bosnian ethnic cleansing.

    We keep poking the Bear LOOKING for a reason to SHOW our EU "Allies" that total destruction of Russia is the only way and Putin waits allowing the USA to keep falling on their own sword.

    What's that saying "If your enemy is doing something REALLY Stupid, Don't Interrupt him".

    That and Putin is well aware that China is playing the scorpion here. Egging on Biden's handlers since Xi OWNS THEM and egging on Russia in this proxy war. Getting two serious threats to weaken or destroy each other while LOOKING like a "Friend" or at least not an enemy keeps China out of nuclear roulette.

    Personally, I think Michael Yon is on target with PanFamWar but I suspect that it's China's plan to survive the Famine wars with their US Treasury paid for 2-3 years food and energy in storage. Russia also has more than 2 years worth of food and is energy sufficient with over a years worth in storage. The USA has zero food reserves as they sold the strategic Grain reserves about a decade ago and the Sock Puppet drew down our 10 DAY strategic Oil reserve to "Boost his poll numbers".

    Direct attacks give the Biden handlers fuel for nuking Russia, so I don't expect anything but False Flags from our "Leadership".

    Got food, lots of food? Got safe water? Got trusted friends?

  9. George True

    Whether the US assisted the Ukes in sinking that ship…..who knows? But this administration is accidently on purpose letting the media run the story in an attempt to get Russia to directly attack a US or a NATO asset of some kind or another, so that we have an excuse to attack Russian forces in some manner, but making it seem like it is all Putin's fault.

    But Vlad is much too astute to take the bait. He knows that Joe has senile dementia. And he also almost certainly understands that the committee of Communists who make Joe's decisions for him understand exactly nothing and know less than nothing about history, war, and human nature. These thirty-somethings are too ignorant and arrogant to realize that their collection of unknown unknowns is many time larger than the things they know that are actually true.

    I think Putin understands that the cabal of handlers that is running Joe Biden is incredibly stupid, and also does not remotely represent America or her people. He is not going to be pushed into nuclear war based upon the breathtakingly amateurish provocations of people who are too stupid to have any concept of just how galactically stupid they are.

  10. Arthur Sido

    It wouldn't take much at all to cause the whole thing to rollover. Just imagine a team of White Russians dressed up like Americans committing some major false flag event to kick off rioting and race wars. It would be easy as pie.

  11. Michael

    Arthur, I hope so. If he was half as "Crazy, Ruthless Dictator and obviously sick onto death" as some bloggers would tell you we are just marking time until an Insane Nearly Dead man lashes out, eh? Oh, but that blogger is quick to tell you "If Putin orders a nuke His own folks will put a 9mm Q-tip in his ear".

    Guess in his mind only the west has loyal subordinates, eh? That's not a bet I'd take.

    No looking at what has really happened in Syria while the US did all they could to goad Russia I notice WHO WON that situation. Listening to our propaganda Russia's troops are sabotaging their equipment, their nukes are worthless and so on. Tell that to the folks trapped in that steel refineries basement.

    Oh, yes, also Broke because they cannot get folks to pay for their Russian oil in Rubles.
    Oddly, the EU IS paying for their Russian oil in rubles as we speak. Poland *thinks* they are not as they pay inflated prices from others who DO pay in Rubles.

    An old saying proven over many decades (centuries?) "The Russians are never as strong as you think, NOR as weak as you think".

    Or as I tell that blogger "Time will tell".

  12. Anonymous

    I just glad I am no where near anything they might nuke. and if they keep this kind of shit up, we will get nuked too. I just hope they get all the dumb ass fuckers begging for this shit to get hit before they have a chance to hide away in a bunker somewhere.
    the clown there might gave them by the balls with all the shit they done over there, but you can bet your ass, they still banking some of it as well.
    recall who just went there for a talk ? wonder what deals went down behind closed door there.
    way I see it is every asshole who has gone over there is dirty as hell.

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