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Honest Question (Not Really)

The NRA Annual meeting is this weekend in Texas and while I have little use for the NRA, I did enjoy going to the annual meeting when it was in Indianapolis pre-pandemic. Acres upon acres of guns. Of course The Big Story out of Houston is that the NRA convention is going on right after the completely coincidental mass shooting in Texas occurred this week. A number of entertainers dropped out of scheduled events, including Larry Gatlin and Mr. Monetizing Patriotism Lee Greenwood.

According to Lee Greenwood, a man who has cashed in on White American nostalgia with his one sappy song to the tune of millions of dollars, an AR-15 just randomly killed a bunch of kids.

“The unfortunate shooting in Texas took place at a very bad time. And for me to go and play at the NRA just days after the shooting would be an endorsement. And people would then deem that as, I like this weapon. And obviously, that weapon killed kids. And I just couldn’t go,” he told hosts Brian Kilmeade, Pete Hegseth and Ainsley Earhardt. 
That weapon killed kids. Not the tranny fruitcake who actually pulled the trigger. What a fucking dolt.
Anyway, the convention has attracted a whole gaggle of freaks and weirdos to protest against the NRA being in Houston, having their convention this week (scheduled years in advance) and for the NRA’s tepid support of the Second Amendment. The photos are what you would expect….

The homely chick holding up the “Pro-life?” sign apparently thinks that men need to fill out a 4473 and submit to a background check before depositing a load in her uterus. I would actually support such a regulation, we already have more than enough ugly and stupid people in America. 
This story from Breitbart about the protests is vintage Breitbart Normiecon….

Oh no, a White person said something mean to a black person! That makes it doubly horrible and worthy of a dedicated story. If you read Breitbart for any reason other than the luls, you are wrong and should feel bad.
That brings me to my question:
Where are these protesters the rest of the year? Why do they only show up in a safe location to scream at normal people who happen to support the NRA?
According to the Gun Violence Archive, over 140 children ages 0-11 have been killed by gunfire in America so far this year plus an additional 516 “youths” ages 12-17. 

Just in Chicago alone this year 18 minors have been murdered and another 68 wounded.

Where are the protesters standing around on the sidewalks in Chicago holding signs decrying the violence in America’s poster child city for gun violence? Why are these crowds of White liberals not demanding that gangsters in Chicago and Baltimore and Philadelphia stop shooting each other and kids who happen to be standing nearby?

The answer is obvious and self-evident. You can hold signs outside of an NRA event and screech obscenities at the attendees and nothing will happen to you. If you go in the places where the vast majority of gun violence occurs? You might become a statistic yourself. Check this out from Chicago:

Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa just doing her job filming a live report about gun violence in Chicago when one of the usual suspects in gun violence walks behind her and points a gun at the cameraman. At 7 o’clock in the damn morning, homie is out getting him some coffee and waving his gat around at Asians. The first thing I thought of when I read the story was this….

That is why homely White women hold up signs outside of the NRA annual meeting instead of in places where gun violence actually occurs. When I was at the annual meeting in Indy there were thousands of people packed into the convention center, probably 80-90% of them concealed carrying and there were no reports of gun fights breaking out. Why? Because NRA members are not the people who commit crimes in America.

The statistics are probably not really available but it is a safe bet that the total number of murders committed by members of the NRA in any given year is in the single digits and quite often zero. When you look at the people attending the annual meeting, I would bet almost 100% have never been convicted of a crime in their life.
NRA members are by and large middle class, middle age or older, Normiecon White people who carry their smart phones in leather belt holders and wear New Balance tennis shoes (I also wear NB because I have exceptionally wide feet). You would be hard pressed to find a subgroup of American more law abiding than that population. Many of my friends and family growing up were/are NRA members and they were and are decent people with families, jobs and a life. People who stand around protesting an annual meeting? Likely none of the above.
The answer to the question I posed is simple: the people protesting the NRA annual meeting either don’t really care about gun violence or know so little about the issue that they think that the NRA is the problem in America when it comes to gun violence. Probably more of the latter than the former because as mentioned America is full of stupid people. My assumption is that most people who are anti-gun activists have given almost no thought to the issues and simply are parroting back what they are told by people who know damn well that “universal background checks” or “high capacity magazine” bans or “red flag laws” will do nothing to stem the tide of gun violence and they simply don’t care. 
The whole thing is silly enough to make me almost want to renew my NRA membership. Almost. Maybe if they get rid of Wayne LaPierre and the rest of the senior staff…..


  1. Anonymous

    That is a notable coincidence, that the shooting happens the same week as the NRA convention, in the same state.

    I don't personally know any gun owners, not one, who like the NRA or believe in the people running it. Charlton Heston holding up that rifle may have marked the organization's zenith.

    I have never cared for that Lee Greenwood song. That's a musical judgment, not a lyrical one.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Just tell the protesters that NRA stands for ni66az running around (shooting) and that they are headquartered in shitcongo. Don't forget to add black beetlejuice may not have $3000 suits, but she(?) does have the biggest dick, by her own admission. And big dicks are oppressive to wimmenz – except when they aren't, for purely selfish reasons – so they should be protesting that also.

    We really do live in a giant, shittily written parody, don't we?

  3. lgc

    The only reason to belong to the NRA has always been that it makes the liberals heads explode. Totally worth it just for that.

    It's the same reason cops shoot grandmothers or people reaching for the DL in the glovebox but sit outside active shooting zones. Cuz one is dangerous and one isn't.

    Also the protesters are clearly being paid, and they go where they are told to. (like the good little slaves they are)

  4. Mike Guenther

    There was some good news last night. A felon, illegally possessing an AR type rifle, fired on a crowd celebrating a birthday and graduation in Charleston, WV. A woman at the party with a CCP, pulled her pistol and shot and killed the perpetrator. No one else was injured in the shooting.

    Guess the color of the felon.

  5. Otis D

    for the same reason no one protests Musloids over animal cruelty (halal slaughter) instead they attack the American farmer.
    or over slavery. misogyny, or a 1000 other crimes …
    the agenda is to destroy western civilization.
    if Nra members or law abiding gun owners were the problem, they'd already know about it.

  6. saoirse

    Shitlibs love to protest/attack normiecons because they know that they won't fight back (unless you call whining about taking the moral high ground and voting Republicunt fighting back). They also get lots of publicity from their comrades in the media who lionize them for screeching and displaying their incurable neuroses – in safe places of course.
    Lee Greenwood is the poster boy for said normiecons. Saccharin, useless and empty to the nth degree!

  7. Plague Monk

    I get a lot of flak over my belief that only Whites should be allowed to own guns. I've been banned from a few sites over this, and I'm at the point now where I don't give a flip. I also don't think that certain other people should be allowed to have them, such as the non-Arabic and non-Christian inhabitants of Occupied Palestine.
    As to Mr. Sharp Dressed Man, I don't know who's worse: him or Alfie West. I gave up on the NRA a long time ago, and I dropped out of GOA for their support of non-Whites owning guns.
    Lastly, as to country music and such, my view is that of my late professor in history, who called country music only suitable for barnyard animals and the people who molest them. It's been thirty years since he died; RIP Professor G…

  8. Anonymous

    To be fair, there was no racial disparity between the two actors. But I'm willing to bet there was a huge intellectual disparity…

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