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He Still Has That Ol’ Orange Man Magic

Trump backed candidate J.D. Vance came from way behind after Trump’s endorsement to win the Ohio Republican Senatorial primary yesterday. Trump still has enormous power in the Republican party, much to the consternation of the lame “leadership” of the GOP. Vance will face off against Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan. Fun fact, Tim Ryan graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1995 with a major in Political Science. I also graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1995 with a major in Political Science but I don’t remember this clown so he must have been a real winner in school. He ran for President in 2020 but as a White guy talking like a 1970s Democrat he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. 

No one has changed the Republican Party like Trump has in my lifetime since The Gipper. For good or for bad, mostly good I think.


  1. JackDup

    I like Trump. He made mistakes though, he bragged about being "Presidential" while running for office and said it would be so easy to be "Presidential", well in my opinion that is where he failed especially in the lead up to the election and in the debate where I think he lost a lot of independents and women voters. I would vote for him in an instant, but my wife says she has had enough of Trump and would like to see DeSantis. The problem with Republicans is they campaign right of center and govern more to the center, while Democrats campaign as centrists and then govern far left. JD Vance is what is needed, a new republican party must replace the old, we must get rid of Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger just to name a few.

  2. Anonymous

    As usual, all the sensible outrage and indignation about this country going to hell for real – followed by tough talking solutions – turns into fawning consideration for garbage like Swampmeister, Hymie-loving Trump and/or his proteges during election time.
    Yes, hearken back to the Gipper days of yore and get that empty 80's rush.

    Rebuke the RINO's while being self-assured that the next group of 'authentic' Republicrats – that you'll surely vote for – will never sell what's left of this country to the highest bidder.
    Being a hold-your-nose apologist for a despicable party of cowards doesn't get you a seat on the rim of the toilet bowl. All you'll get is a snorkel!

  3. Anonymous

    “The problem with Republicans is they campaign right of center and govern more to the center, while Democrats campaign as centrists and then govern far left. ”

    Interesting and Most True.

  4. Xzebek

    You make a fair point.
    But, what solution/alternative do you propose?
    Or do you see the boogaloo as the only way out?

  5. JackDup

    I agree, this country has become everything the original settlers fled. I would love to see someone ultra far right win and dismantle the system, but like you say even republicans would be against that.

  6. jl

    I think voting along party lines is dead. For the near future, I only plan to vote for whomever is facing the incumbent. I'm hopeful we can "clean house" before it comes to boogaloo!

  7. Anonymous

    I'm only seriously considering local and state elections. County Sheriff, local mayor and maybe the state governor can do better in my home state than any number of elected officials sent off to DC. The elected officials don't run DC, the permanent state of bureaucrats and alphabet agency spooks do.

  8. saoirse

    I'll reply now as 'saoirse' instead of the previous 'anonymous' @ 2:15 PM
    Re. Xzebek, JackDup:
    There are not enough quality race-conscious people to carry out an authentic solution to reverse this national abomination and there never was!
    The willful prioritization of every conceivable vice, delusion, perversity, diversion, fantasy and insanity has made the people grossly incapable of governing themselves.
    All the few that have not succumbed to the above can do is continue to promote, disseminate and preserve facts, real culture and history. It is up to the sheep to decide whether to be enlightened. Damn them all!
    Removing oneself and family from the epicenters where the above congregate is a mandatory prerequisite which can bolster the effectiveness of any succeeding 'bugaloo'. Let the normies and shitlibs be the victims while we regroup and spread the word.
    Re. jl:
    You're wasting your time voting! The system is illegitimate and will devour any righteous challenger to the incumbent garbage!! Reject all who participate in that whorehouse!
    Re. Anon 9:04 PM:
    Voting for Republicrats at the state/local level changes nothing! Same party same corruption, only on a slightly smaller scale. How many sheriffs refused to enforce mask laws? Not many. Cops exist only to protect the politicos and wealthy!

  9. Mike Guenther

    Actually Saoirse, Sheriffs are elected in their local counties, vs Police Chiefs being appointed by the city/town,and in most cases, they will go with the will of the people who elected them whereas Police Chiefs have to do what the politicians who hired them want. If you think about it, the County High Sheriff has a lot of power, even over state and federal officials.

  10. JackDup

    You have to pick a side and vote. We are fending off the libtards where I live and even weeding out some RHINO's. The next civil war may be on the horizon, or it may never happen. Biden is playing a dangerous game of "Chicken" with Putin right now and one wrong move and we will find ourselves in the real-life version of Mad Max Thunderdome.

  11. saoirse

    Re. Mike Guenther:
    There are indeed a few sheriffs that defy federal and state encroachment but most do no better than the appointees.

    Entrusting an armed group of 'official peace keepers' to carry out 'the will of the people' is scary because the overwhelming majority of said people prefer the convenience of freedumb to the rigors of freedom and therefore will elect people that will enforce their ignorant and selfish interests – none of which are sustainable or advantageous for those of us trying to jettison the baggage that has been heaped upon us for the last century, and beyond.

  12. saoirse

    Re. JackDup:

    There is no 'side'!!

    It's just an illusion that pretends that there's meaningful opposition available if only you just vote.
    Surely the anti-RINO's will save the day – and then proceed to swamp business as usual.

    Suit yourself but you'll soon realize that the lever you pull to vote is actually the flush lever for the toilet we're floating in!


  13. Mike Guenther

    I guess we're some of the lucky few then because our sheriff and the sheriff's of the surrounding counties are all constitutionalists. Plus we're a deep red state. Our only regret is the idiots who keep Lindsey " Light in the Loafers" Graham in a job.

  14. JackDup

    I agree both sides are pathetic, but to say we would be in the same environment today if Trump was President and Republicans held the house and senate would not be factual, so both parties are not the same, there is a side but at the same time they all reside in the swamp. There are plenty of times I have had to vote while holding my nose, Romney comes to mind and George Bush as well. I have no other solution or know of one, can't shoot our way out of this one.

    saoirse, I respect your opinion and my mind is open to real solutions

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