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Flawless Logic

From Wehrwolf Dynamics on Instagram. I almost never go to my Instagram account because the ‘Gram is pretty gay but when I do I often find a based post from these guys.

As I keep saying: Bug Out Now


  1. Greg

    I suppose I'm a bit ahead of the curve as we did our relocation in 2018. We were finally able to retire and cut the golden handcuffs of employment to big megacorp. We moved to our small, rural town 170 miles from the nearest interstate. We have a harsher climate, hopefully mostly out of the reach of the golden horde if TEOTWAWKI happens. We are as infected as anywhere by the libtard virus, but they're mostly low key here, recognizing that they're a minority and the majority of us are likely CCW people. A lot of them are section 8 people, deliberately imported, and my best hope is that when the wheels come off the gummint gravy train that they'll self deport to more amiable climes.
    Thanks again for flogging the subject, as it's going to get a WHOLE LOT UGLIER. The only question is when, and being prepped now is the only peace of mind possible.

  2. JackDup

    I live in North Dakota, we have plenty of coal, fuel, oil, natural gas, farmers, livestock, guns, wild game and we have North Dakota nice, we will take care of each other when the SHTF no doubt in my mind. Many flee this state for the big cities when younger but often return later in life after living in the cesspools of Minneapolis or other large cities. The real danger areas I think will be anyone within 100 miles of a large metropolis.

  3. Anonymous

    I figured on half a tank of gas range. so, I am about 2-3 hours away from any big city and also up hill
    no one like walking up hill. again, small town =under 400 pop. and up hill from everything.
    a lot of small farmers and livestock guys around here too. fair bit of vets who distrust the system as well. good spot.

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