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False Flag Warning

Thanks to a diligent reader Xzebek I was directed to a situation in Buffalo, New York where apparently a mass shooting has occurred in a supermarket and the death toll is already pretty high. 

Details are coming out in a hurry and the number of fatalities is a key. Live streaming on Twitch, apparently using an AR-15, a manifesto. From the above news story:

Damn they already found this guy’s “manifesto” and have determined his motivation, just like that a few hours later. Amazing police work! A different news story shows the crowd at the store…

Looks like a lot of African folks. Twice in the story he is described as a “White male” wearing camo. 
It is like a picture perfect false flag. I wonder if he has the old “three name” thing going on?
Updates later.


  1. saoirse

    Problem: Mass shooting by a (government sponsored) 'white supremacist' with a (government authored) 'manifesto' that so mentions the (valid) white genocide theory, along with lots of other pro-white anti-everything else 'hate speech'

    Reaction: Wholesale groveling and gnashing of teeth by every variety of sheep and politico (inflamed further by the the SPLC/ADL/NAACP pimps) who'll demand that something be done immediately to prevent another Natzee putsch.

    Solution: In comes Nina Jankowicz and her Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board springs into action. Out goes anything remotely pro-white/European.


    Hope you all have hard copies of everything meaningful to you!

  2. lgc

    false flag. Obviously.

    guess we'll find out if all the gun owners are in fact willing to "from my cold dead hands" or are just going to line right up to hand 'em in.

  3. Anonymous

    Just as an abysmal killed-to-bullets-fired ratio is the ultimate 'tell' of a black shooter, whenever you hear the word 'manifesto' in a case, it is certain to involve a White dood. Blacks and browns don't do 'manifestos'. That requires forethought, planning, and at least a passable facility with a written language, all of which are alien to the liberally pigmented.

    O/T, but 'Manny Festo' would be a great rapper name, nomesayin'? I feel a post-humus Grammy award for 'Best Rap Song by a Deadified Thug' coming on…

  4. George True

    After reading the alleged manifesto that was so conveniently and instantly found, I am left with two thoughts: MK Ultra or whatever they call it nowadays is real. And this is the most perfect false flag I have ever seen.

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