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Eugene Stoner: Uber-Nazi!

Check out this gem from Twitter….

Who is this dipshit?

Just in case you forgot how stupid “journalists” are.
The ratio is something to behold and it is just climbing.

That is close to a 97% reply to like ratio. Wow. 
Anyway, I have read some stupid fucking shit online today but that one wins.


  1. Xzebek

    This is another opportunity to remind people of Gell Mann amnesia. Properly ridicule this idiocy but then be just as skeptical of the next thing this idiot and any forum in which he posts publishes. To a large degree it's "stupid in one stupid in all".

  2. BubblePuppy7

    Hmm…the AR-15 wasn't developed until the 1950's so, unless there's a "Guns of the South" thing going on Mr. Fisher is mistaken.

  3. Mike_C

    Nice Harry Turtledove reference.
    Used to like his stuff, but that was a long time ago. Need to re-read and see what, if anything, was embedded.

    Example: He had a short story about some alien species, divided into blues and greens, and one of those “races” was forced to live in ghettos and hated and routinely murdered by the majority group For No Reason At All. But they were smarter, wiser, more moral, and simply superior. They put up with it because they knew it to be evolutionary pressure that improved their intelligence. Hmmm.

  4. saoirse

    And guess what tribe this lying piece of shit belongs to?
    Give up?
    It's the one that injects Nazis into every subject you can think of in order to obtain sympathy, and then exploits it to screw over whomever they please.

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