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Don’t Bring That Crap Up Here

On Sunday four people decided to break into a home in Dekalb County, Indiana which happens to be my county. All four left, two in cuffs and two in body bags.

Imma going to guess they were trying to rob the guy for money to buy drugs….

Just a sneaking hunch, made more likely by the fact most of them had prior drug convictions. They apparently pulled a gun but it turns out the resident had one as well. The two survivors, the charmers in the picture above, not only face burglary charges but also felony murder charges. I guess they get blamed for the other two idiots getting killed by the homeowner. 
Three of the four came from Allen County to our south, home to Fort Wayne. You might get away with breaking into homes in the Fort but out here in the country, you break into our place and you are likely leaving at room temperature. The place they hit is on a pretty busy state highway with lots of traffic, not sure why they thought it was a good place to rob but apparently they chose poorly. 
Keep that shit down in the Fort methheads. We don’t play ’round in Dekalb County.


  1. Anonymous

    same goes for the hill country in pa. they might try something like that if the place is empty, but when anyone is at home. they know they will get shot. way too many hunters around here for that nonsense. that and there are a lot of state game land around here to get "lost" in,,,
    the people who do this kind of shit aren't real bright anyway.

  2. jl

    Stories like this just warm my heart and give me hope that America isn't completely gone. If the same thing happened in my AO, the home owner/shooter would be in cuffs and the perps would have lawyers and a go-fund-me already engaged to help them deal with the trauma the home owner caused them. Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine should be Federal law!

  3. Xzebek

    Beyond stand your ground and castle doctrine it's necessary to codify that the protection of property including one's vehicle may be done by exercising lethal force. How much less property damage and personal injury during the fentanyl Floyd riots would there have been if lethal force was used against the chimps damaging property and menacing people in cars? If the price of breaking a window is a rifle round to the chest there will be fewer broken windows. And fewer feral chimps at the next riot.

  4. milton f

    One of the four miscreants was from Churubusco, in Whitley, County- fairly rural. And Kendalville, in Noble County is rumored to have a significant meth-head population. There is little tolerance for meth-head behavior amongst my neighbors in Huntington County, as well as all those noted.

  5. Anonymous

    I definitely agree that those tactics should be employed and they will – at white people once the balloon goes up.
    Shitlib mayors and governors will show no restraint when whitey finally goes on a war footing and watch aghast as their offices, as opposed to private property, burns to the ground, hopefully with them in it.

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