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Coming Right Out And Telling Us What They Have Planned

Idiot mouthpiece John Kerry telling us the plan.

NOW – Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry on migration: “Wait until you see 100 million people for whom the entire food production capacity has collapsed.”

— (@disclosetv) March 9, 2022

The ticking time bomb of Africa’s population explosion coupled with the West encouraging overbreeding by Africans by providing them with food and medicine is going to lead to a real life The Camp Of The Saints soon down the road. Something similar will happen in Central America and both the U.S. and Europe will be swamped by a tidal wave of mouths we can’t feed.
We have reached a “Bond villain explaining his entire evil plot before killing 007” levels of coming right out and saying it.


  1. Anonymous

    I can't stand that prick ! if worthless had a face, it would be him. fun fact, back in the 1980's like 81 or 82, him and johnny mcstain shut down the pow board in congress. they said there was no chance of any pow's left there- which was bullshit according to us air force recon photos taken at the time.
    but hey, they "both war heros" right ?

  2. Xzebek

    Kerry is a worthless scumbag.
    The food shortages will create hordes of people swarming to areas with food like locusts. It could easily become a "Lifeboat " situation where allowing more people in will mean swamping the boat leading to death for all or forcing them away leading to death for them. It will not be a happy or safe time. And it could have all been avoided.

  3. Anonymous

    Africans are human kudzu, and will overwhelm any ecosystem they come into contact with. Kerry is an insufferable asshole, comparable to U2's Boner, who is someone I dearly wish to encounter in a dark alley one day. When you encourage weeds to flourish by deliberately feeding them, you get…more weeds. Why don't these clueless losers understand that?

    Well, maybe they do. But they want those weeds to grow and flourish in YOUR yard, not theirs. The complete cog-diss of these jet-setting 'elites' is a crime punishable by death, IMHO. Am I a bad person for fantasizing about watching Bono in his fashionable tinted goggles, or Kerry, with his long, hang-dog face, screaming in terminal agony as they are dismembered, slowly, by representatives of those they have scammed through the years?

    Good Lord, I sincerely hope so.

  4. saoirse

    The impending (gubment manipulated) famine is one of many late stage symptoms of the terminal mind virus of suicidal altruism that has scourged the western world for half a century.
    The real pandemic that very few care to recognize and prepare for.
    There is no cure other than quarantining in small groups – in very cold climates – and letting it run it's course.
    If Kerry, Bono and their libshit elite survive they'll be pulling my plow for no wages and little food!

  5. Anonymous

    I agree. We should have never sent any food or medicine to Africa. It should have been a punishable offense to do so.
    Now, we will suffer for our lack of foresight.
    Alex Lund

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