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Bootlickers Of America Unite!

Whenever there is a high profile mass shooting that at least partially fits the proper profile (racially motivated, involved an “assault rifle”, shooter was White or can be lightened to look White in pics, etc), the usual suspects come out of the woodwork demanding more gun control. You can assume that they have a whole file of talking points ready to send out in fundraising emails as soon as news of a new shooting breaks (unless the shooting is just black people shooting other blacks)

Liberals waiting for a juicy mass shooting

It is simple politics. The dirty secret of lobbying groups is that many of them don’t want their particular issue to get better or be resolved. They depend on scaring the people on their fundraising database into continually sending more money. If the threat of gun control suddenly disappeared, the NRA would lose a ton of revenue and then how would they pay for Wayne LaPierre’s suits? I assume most people working for the NRA really care about gun rights but I bet a lot don’t care beyond keeping the donations flowing. The same is true for Everytown and the Brady Center or whatever they are calling themselves these days. The goal is to keep the cash flowing. This is true for most organizations from non-profits to churches. 
Someone else usually shows up when something like Buffalo and Uvalde happen: the bootlickers who claim to be /ourguys/ but then demand that we allow ourselves to be disarmed. They tend to be on social media in various gun groups and I have seen a ton of them this week. Their posts are always the same.
One, the appeal to authority and common ground:
“As a veteran…”

“As someone who owns an AR-15…”

“As someone who concealed carries….” 
And of course…
“As someone who supports the 2nd Amendment….”
This is followed by the inevitable “but” and then what they claim is common sense and reasonable…..
“Maybe 18 year olds shouldn’t be able to buy AR-15s….”

“Maybe AR-15s should be regulated as NFA items….”

“Maybe waiting periods would be a small price to pay to save one child….”
These bootlickers are far more dangerous than Diane Feinstein types who openly talk about confiscation because they pretend to be just like us. I assume many of them are sock puppet accounts who pretend to be gun guys but are run by anti-2A leftists. On the other hand, many really are gun owners who are just fucking stupid. They are basically women with beard and NRA hats, driven by their emotions. 
The rest of us know how this would go. 
Step one, we go along with something like raising the age to purchase a rifle to 21 because of the children.
Step two, the new law does nothing to stem the flow of shootings, since most happen in urban areas, are committed by black men with handguns who are usually already prohibited from possessing a firearm.
Step three, a new tragedy unfolds and we get the same demands for “something” to be done. 
Step four, even stricter rules are imposed on us even though no one thinks it will actually help.
Rinse, repeat until we get to a total ban on civilian ownership of firearms.
A head-on attack is easy to see coming and rally the troops in response but the subtle undermining of our united front by a fifth column? That is really dangerous and if you are on social media and in gun groups, you need to jump on these people with both feet. 
When we lose our 2A rights, and believe me we will, it will be a combination of demographic displacement and bootlickers in our own ranks that will doom us. 


  1. Anonymous

    not one inch.

    TBH I really don't care anymore. There are no laws, we are not a nation of laws anymore, they have made that abundantly clear. So be it.

    They may not like the results.

  2. Xzebek

    Well if we raise the age of ownership it should track the age of voting. Not that I'm in favor of limiting the gun rights of legal adults but I would like to remove the mostly idiotic "youth vote". Personally I'd like to see voting raised to 25.

  3. saoirse

    "Do something", or any variation thereof, is the utterance of feckless cowards who should be mercilessly scorned!
    Yes, we will be sold out by our own, on all fronts!!

  4. ChuckInBama

    Freedom requires doing the hard work. Most people are willing to work, unless it interferes with that new truck, boat, house, sportsball game.
    We need more people prepared to live the Giuseppe Garibaldi quote "I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely with his lips, follow me." But, the American fighting spirit was killed with the Supersized Big Mac combo…

  5. Anonymous

    Any opportunity to limit the ability of anyone to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness makes them giddy with excitement. Evil will say and or do anything to convince you that it does not exist. Today they scream about controls they were intentionally never designed to have. This falls under the " Shall not be infringed" they refuse to understand. They intentionally refuse to discuss the evil black hearted people that murder people because limiting the uncivil and immoral is not nor ever their goal.

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