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Amazing Police Work!

Just hours later, case closed!

Black guys drives through a crowd of Whites in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Motive may never be known. Black guy shoots a bunch of White people in a New York City subway? Motive may never be known. But this guy? We have all we need to know in just a couple of hours!


  1. saoirse

    It's also amazing that so few will realize that it's a false flag; preferring instead to soak up the calculated emotion of the prefabricated official narrative – over beer and cheetos of course!

  2. Anonymous

    Addendum: It's surprising that they didn't uncork their Manchurian Candidate yesterday, Friday the 13th. Maybe mind control isn't quite an exact science just yet.


  3. Anonymous

    if this kid, the shooter, how in the hell did he get weapons and AMMO at today's prices ?
    weapon maybe, ammo is still high as hell in most spots. and they do not sell 30 round mags in NY state. I think you need something to buy ammo as well there.
    and why is there a number on the charging handle ? rack number ?
    a whole lot of this does not add up unless he is a false flag op.
    and the cops know how and why already ? bullshit on this one.

  4. Anonymous

    The WSB TV site had a breaking news item about it which included a video made up entirely of stock video images and video….including what looked like a clip from a 1980s comedy (Naked Gun?) with a panicked crowd leaving a building including a guy in a chefs outfit….. They've since revised the video, but I have screenshots. Layers and layers of editorial oversight.

  5. Steve S

    Good thing it was a hate crime. It would have been so much worse otherwise /endsarc/

    Maybe they'll find something on the AZ concert shooter while they're investigating. Oh wait, they already had all this material since they set it up. I smell feebies.

  6. Anonymous

    Per Urban Dictionary:

    Buffaloed – To get fooled/manipulated/tricked by someone


    Buffalo Jump – A cliff over which buffalo were herded as a means of hunting them

    This isn't just telegraphing their punches. This is fed soyboys circle-jerking one another for their 'wit' and laughing at the credulous fools as they escort them off the cliff.

    Next ff destination: Flagstaff, Arizona. Or maybe Tombstone.


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