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A Tale Of Two Mass Shootings

We have talked about the Buffalo mass shooter enough but there was an interesting mass shooting the next day that isn’t getting much coverage. This one happened at a church, Geneva Presbyterian Church, in Laguna Woods, California. Normally a church shooting would get lots of attention but this one is pretty quiet:

The congregants grabbed the guy and had him hog-tied by the time the cops showed up. The people shot were all oldsters….
The five victims who were taken to a local hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds were 66, 75, 82, 86 and 92 years old, according to the OC Sheriff’s Department.
There was some kind of lunch for a retired Taiwanese pastor or something. Geneva Presbyterian is one of those groovy Presbyterian Church (USA) outfits, the pastor lists his pronouns on their website. What was interesting is the way the news media is tiptoeing around this shooting:
They have not yet been identified, but police sources told NBC News that the man who opened fire at the church function is in his 60s.

The sources also say he is of Asian descent and they are investigating whether he targeted congregants of Asian descent. They stressed that the investigation is in its earliest preliminary stages.

They have not yet determined a motive. It does not appear that there are any other suspects, the sources said.

A gun that may have been used in the shooting has been recovered, the OCSD said right after the shooting occurred. Police sources told NBC News that at least one handgun was recovered at the scene.

At a 5 p.m. press conference about the shooting, authorities said two total guns were recovered from the scene. The guns had serial numbers, and are not ghost guns.
So he had some guns, he was a male, maybe Asian, maybe targeting Asians but we don’t know what his motive is. No pics of the dude, no name. 
Hell, we had pics, name, manifesto, type of gun, pics of the gun, motive and everything tied up with a bow in Buffalo within a matter of hours but an Asian guy shoots up a church and the next day we have bupkis about this dude? 
Highly suspicious says me. Also totally predictable that the media is memory holing this one in a hurry. The same is true with all of the other mass shootings last week, no one is talking about 21 people shot in Milwaukee in the middle of the week. Even the hometown Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel only has a small story about it.
The dead people in Buffalo are useful because their deaths can be used to advance a political agenda. The other dead, numbering in the thousands, are not useful and no one outside of their family mourns their deaths or even really notices. 
America 2022, where even murders are politicized against White people.


  1. Otis D

    "The congregants grabbed the guy and had him hog-tied by the time the cops showed up."

    — no no no. Stand there and sacrifice yourself! for Gaia's sakes! wait for gubmint to save you!

    " The people shot were all oldsters…."
    —– to the press this is a GOOD thing.

    Those two issues are enough to keep this one hush, hush. That they were oldsters who possibly had the will to live and defend it?


  2. Xzebek

    Apparently, this weekend was one of the deadliest in recent memory for shootings/deaths. However, only the deaths of the dindus seem to be making much more that a ripple. Not much in the way of political points to be made by the Asian church shooting or the various simian gangs in Chicago shooting it out every weekend. So the White guy shooting the chimps get all the publicity- I guess that counts as…..ta da…White Privilege!!

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