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A Blood Soaked Memorial Day Weekend

The fellas were busy over the long Memorial Day weekend, as is so often the case when the weather is nice and decent human beings are enjoying the extra time off. 

According to the Washington Post, this Memorial Day weekend saw at least a dozen mass shootings. Notice they try to link these with Uvalde to keep your mind on the elementary school children instead of black guys shooting each other.

According to the Gun Violence Archive the number of mass shootings from Friday through Monday was even higher, 17 for the weekend (2 Friday, 5 Saturday, 7 Sunday and 3 Monday). Seven mass shootings across the country on a Sunday? The summer of joy is upon us! 
Speaking of the Windy City under the leadership of Mayor Beetlejuice, how did the weekend go? 

55 shot this weekend in Chicongo. On the one hand that is quite a bit worse than last year when only 42 people were shot but it pales in comparison to 2020 when 94 people were shot, 30 freaking murdered in a single long weekend. 

Perhaps things were better in the City of Brotherly Love. What say you Philadelphia?

Philadelphia actually beat Chicago for murders but I think ChiTown had more total shootings. Maybe the fellas in Philadelphia are just better shots?
It isn’t just the murders, but also the delightful car-jackings that make Philadelphia such a garden spot.

On pace for 1,400 carjackings. Those are Chicago levels, the Windy City seeing 554 jackings this year so far and a little over 1,800 last year and 1,400 the year before that. Over 3,000 carjackings in just two year or just over 4 every single day in one city. 
It is all over the place. In Baltimore….

In Charleston….

Even towns you might not have ever heard of….

That one apparently was White bikers, sounds like a scene out of Sons Of Anarchy.

What a way to kick off the summer shooting season!


  1. Anonymous

    Ah, yes, those patriotic homeboys and their 21-gun salutes!

    The yields are typically dismal, as they once again demonstrated Imperial Stormtrooper level hit-to-miss ratios. But not for lack of trying. 40 shells, 50 shells, 100 shells – you have to admire their tenacity.

    And their free-spending ways. At today's prices, I would place my shots far more carefully to make certain I got enough bang for the buck. Spray-and-pray is a little too rich for my budget.

    Something tells me they can't piss straight, either.

  2. Anonymous

    Frylock: “Hey Carl, whazzup”
    Carl (to the ghost of Bart Oates): “Oh crap…hide”
    Fylock: “Hide? From what?”
    Bart Oates (ghost): “Just play it off as a joke”
    Carl: “From uhhh….Black people been running around here…”

  3. JackDup

    Well times are getting pretty rough out there. Gas in Chicago 8 weeks ago was $4.50 a gallon when I drove through there, has to be $5.25 by now. A 6-inch meal deal at Subway was $11.00 dollars in Minneapolis last week. Don't forget the government sent every citizen, even those in jail COVID cash that totaled $3,000 per person, plenty of money for gang bangers to buy guns, ammo, drugs, new shoes and maybe a new grill to boot. The free money is gone, the party is over, but no one wants to work, so I believe it is going to get much worse as the summer rolls on.

  4. Anonymous

    Not every citizen. My wife and I got nothing but the bill for that liberal goobermint largesse. According to FedGov we make too much money as wage slaves and deserved to be punished for our audacity by watching nearly everyone else pocket some quick cash. Is it any wonder that I've been cheating my arse off every year at tax time since my early 20s with a completely clear conscience?

  5. Arthur Sido

    The best thing we could do as a society is mandatory marksmanship lessons for the homies. It would cost a bit but better than hospitals full of gunshot wounded "victims", all on Medicaid.

  6. Plague Monk

    Some of us want to work, but most aerospace companies and engineering firms are still insisting on the Kill-Shots, and masks are still mandatory at most of the firms I've contacted. I'm not physically able to do heavy lifting any more, nor to stand upright for 8-12 hours per day. I miss working, and my large tech lead paychecks. So, I collect SS and keep my investments up to date.

  7. Plague Monk

    And stuff like this is why I've been a believer for over 50 years that only whites should be allowed to own firearms. I was first mugged at the age of 11 by some diversity types, and learned to hate the kosher crowd when my family moved to a school district where they ran the place. Blue collar Gentile kids who are smarter than 95 percent of the "chosen" ones have a rough time of it.
    This is also why I've come to think that certain bloggers who advocate everyone being able to own firearms are full of "stuff". No names, but…the Jim Crow laws were put in place for a reason, and they should be reinstated, with a vengeance.

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