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A 12 Year Old Boy In A 50 Year Old Man’s Body

I know the sentiment they are trying to express here but with a large section of my brain stuck in adolescence I of course took it another direction.

Apologies to the Harlan Christian Youth Center in Harlan, Indiana. 


  1. JackDup

    When ISIS has a knife to your throat, and you have a flashback to the reader board you put up last week at the Harlan Christian Youth Center.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    Arthur, I'm much more juvenile than you. I get a big laugh when I see the work of inventive sign vandals. Mind you, I deplore vandalism, but when it's done stylishly, I can't help but laugh. Two examples from past years, both on Union Chapel Road. One was just east of Coldwater, where the sign at the entrance of a precious little addition called Watersong got changed, during the dark of the night, to "Waterbong." Some years later, a higher-end addition a bit west of Tonkel Road had its sign changed by removal of some letters from:




    Yes, yes, terrible. I know. But I couldn't stop laughing.

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