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Tucker Must Be Reading The Ol’ Blog Again

Tucker’s segment last night talks about the enormous increase in black traffic deaths because cops have stopped pulling black people over, as well as the general rise in violent crime across the country. It ties in nicely with my post Their Intentions Have Never Been More Clear.

The choicest clip was from L.A. where an older black guy got out of his car and was shot by a younger black guy in the back of the head. The killer then searched him and stole the phone from his body while a witness just watched it all happen. Then two more black guys wander by and see the dead guy and immediately call 911 and try to render aid. Just kidding! They also searched the corpse and took the deceased man’s wallet. 
Those are not the actions of human beings but they will almost certainly get away with it. 
I wonder how much longer normies will be able to ignore black crime in America. Based on past experience, a lot longer.


  1. LGC

    Boy it's a good thing the police were around for that clip (/sarc). Couldn't have been more than 5, 10 minutes when all that went down and not a cop to be seen.

    Get out of the cities.

    Never relax

  2. Steve S

    Sadly shooting wild animals, unless in self defense, in most if not all city limits will get you in trouble. Stupid discharging a firearm in city limits thing. Of course it all depends on the DA.

  3. Arthur Sido

    Like the military I assume most big city police forces are being quickly hollowed with decent cops retiring and the remnants being people who want to have a license to hurt people. There is no way this doesn't get much, much worse.

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