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Their Intentions Have Never Been More Clear

Ever since a drug addled violent criminal with heart disease named George Floyd died while resisting arrest following the commission of the final crime of a lengthy criminal history, as a nation we have been told that the real problem in the criminal justice system in America is not the criminal element in our society, something we understood to be the root cause of crime for as long as we have had a civil society. Instead we were now told that the problem is the police. 

That America has a violent crime problem, a BIG problem, is apparent to everyone. Likewise it is painfully clear that while the vast majority of Americans are responsible owners of the billion or so firearms in America, too many are not, including most notably a significant chunk of one minority group. So far in 2022, less than four full months into the year (and it has been cold across much of the country most of 2022), there have been 5,533 homicides and other various deaths by gunfire (not including suicides) according to the Gun Violence Archive

As of the first chart we are just about 30% of the way through the year with 5,533 murders which works out to around 18,400 murders for the year but again we are not even to the prime murder months in America in the summer when the inhabitants of the northern cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore really start enriching their cities with vibrant diversity in the form of stolen Glocks and Hi Points.
The trend is an upward one. From a recent “low” of “only” 12,418 murders in 2014 (a pace of over 1000 murders per month!) we have seen a steady increase to the explosion of 2020 with over 19,000 murders. This coincides, not cohencidentally, with the Floyd-inspired and other riots and the “Defund The Po-leece!” movement. 

In response to accelerating violent crime, most often using guns, the “solution” being proposed by the puppetmasters pulling the strings of Biden, Schumer and Pelosi is two-fold.
Step One, push for more gun control laws that will only make it harder for law abiding shooters, mostly White men, to purchase firearms that are rarely used in crimes unless they are stolen.
Step Two, stop prosecuting people for breaking the existing gun laws because those laws result in lots and lots of black and brown men ending up in prison. 

See how that works? This is the first Big Fact About Gun Controlâ„¢ in America. 
We need more gun laws to stop violent crime but we also need to stop prosecuting criminals who violate gun laws in the name of “equity”.
It seems insane to Normiecons. Why wouldn’t you just throw proven violent criminals in jail for longer sentences given how high the levels of recidivism seem to be? It is very, very common for people arrested in connection with a shooting to already have a prior conviction or three for a crime involving a firearm. What they don’t and generally won’t understand is the second Big Fact About Gun Controlâ„¢:
Gun control proposals claim to be about reducing violent crime but are really intended only to disarm the American people, specifically White people.
The media gets giddy when blacks for shooting clubs or opens gun stores or become new gun buyers. But White people? We are the greatest danger to this country!
“They” used to pretend that they were up to something other than confiscation and disarmament but they aren’t even pretending anymore and how can they when they are so obviously engaged in encouraging gun violence by putting known violent offenders back on the street via the revolving jailhouse door while claiming that new laws will accomplish what the laws they already refuse to enforce will not. 
Even the densest normies are going to have to figure this out. Ask people who don’t get it yet why they would call for more gun control and yet refuse to jail the people who are breaking the gun laws that already exist. Hopefully they can connect the dots.


  1. JackDup

    Still wondering why George Floyd was crying about not being able to breathe even before he was on the ground and why the defense never asked that question. He was already dying before he went to the ground, that is why.

    Going easy on all crime is not going to end well. We work the highway and have had people going 100mph through our 45mph work zone, they don’t care, there are no consequences for crime anymore plus cops don’t want to get involved in some of this crap because no one has their back if shit goes sideways.

  2. Rando

    It is my understanding that criminals resisting arrest will often lie about not being able to breathe, or that the cop is “hurting” them, etc. All to try and fool the guy into easing up so they can try and break free. Or they will say the cuffs are too tight. They like to complain a lot.

    Things are getting worse, and not just violent crime. As JackDup said, people are driving at crazy speeds through work zones. I nearly was hit head on by some dope who crossed into my side of the road, because he wanted to take a left in the fork I was driving past. Bastard didn’t even slow to see if it was clear, and if I hadn’t immediately slammed my breaks I would have been put in the hospital. I’ve also seen two fatalities on the main road I commute to work on in the past year. I know because I saw the bodies lying in the road. I see at least one major accident there every week. I’ve stopped riding my motorcycle down that road to work for that very reason.

  3. Steve S

    Not sure what will be the worse situation to be in. Those getting a hard awakening (think rich class in CA trying to buy guns to defend their homes from the invasions) or those who will have to straighten the out the mess America has become.

  4. John Wilder

    Except . . . the normies aren’t listening. They have fingers in both ears and cannot process data that is counter to The Narrative that they’ve been programmed with.

  5. Arthur Sido

    Right now most normies can still drive around in cities and pretend things are OK but pretty soon the crime and general chaos will be so bad that it won't be safe to even enter most parts of a city even in the daytime, which is already the case in places like Detroit.

  6. DeplorableGranny

    I have always been a back the blue supporter. I went to a conservative rally in liberal Washington State at the State capital in Olympia. The people showing up early were elderly men and women. Then a bunch of antics showed up and the police blocked other conservatives from getting to the elderly folks so we could escort them back to their vehicle because things were turning ugly. They also refused to escort them through the antics crowd. Several young men finally was able to sneak through using a different route to help them get back to their cars and to safety. The police will still have my support, however, the Olympia policeand State Troopers that day lost a lot of my respect.

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