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The Very Worst People

Allow me to introduce an especially loathsome faggot: Rob Port. Here he is in all of his corpulent soyboy glory:

What a disgusting pig. Here is his email address in case you want to send him some (restrained) fanmail:
Robbie besides being a molten hunk of raw masculinity, is also an anti-White piece of shit. When he isn’t watching gay midget porn in nothing but his stained tighty whiteys while stuffing Cheetos in his mouth, he is penning juvenile opinion columns in crayon for The Dickinson Press in North Dakota. 
Allow me to set the stage:
Last summer in 2021, a 14 year old White girl named Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen was out skateboarding in Fargo, North Dakota. She was set upon by a 23 year old black man named Arthur Prince Kollie who proceeded to attack her for over 30 minutes, choking, beating and stabbing her more than 20 times. This is her in the hospital.

Her injuries were so severe that she was eventually declared brain dead and passed away….
This criminal genius was quickly arrested but apparently is so fucking stupid that he asked this question:
When told he was under arrest for robbery and attempted murder, Kollie reportedly responded: “Attempted murder, as is she alive? Or what? What does attempted murder mean?”
This same guy had been arrested a month earlier but was out walking the streets looking for a White girl to murder.
On May 7, he pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm within city limits, possessing a firearm as a felon and possessing drug paraphernalia.
And a month later he is out wandering around? WTF. Fargo is only 2.7% black but Ms. Paulsen was unfortunate to run into one. The other question is whether this guy is perhaps a refugee….
The guy in the picture has an African name and is awfully dark, so it is quite possible. We will never be told. 
This piece of shit pled guilty to her murder, since he was found to have ditched his bloody clothing, the knife and some of the girl’s possessions on camera. In other words a conviction was a slam dunk and a jury would likely not take kindly to a man who brutally assaulted a 14 year old girl for half an hour leading to her death. But then in January he successfully requested a new trial because the poor dear suffers from depression. Hey, take a number mother fucker, the rest of us don’t stab 14 year old girls to death. The girl’s father was obviously upset….
Jupiter’s father, Robert Paulsen, watched the hour-long hearing. Afterward, Paulsen told The Forum he believed Kollie was lying.

At times, Kollie smiled in court, which angered Paulsen.

The father said he just wants justice for his daughter. He understands he can’t do anything about the judge’s decision, but he said Kollie is prolonging the inevitable.

“It angers me the longer it is dragged out,” Paulsen said. “They just need to stop playing games.”
That is not where the story ends. Her father, Robert Paulsen, realized that the system was not going to willingly provide the justice his daughter deserves. So he is doing something about it.
From the story:
Robert Paulsen sat quietly in the Cass County courtroom on Thursday, April 21, while he watched the man charged with killing his daughter get a new chance for a trial.

Beside Paulsen sat friends and supporters, including “pro-white” activist Peter Tefft. In the past, Tefft has been called a white supremacist and a Nazi ; Tefft calls himself a pro-white advocate.

Hours after Thursday’s court hearing ended, Paulsen announced he was teaming up with local pro-white activists to find justice for his 14-year-old daughter Jupiter Paulsen, who according to court records was stabbed more than 20 times on June 4 outside of Party City, 4340 13th Ave. S.
They are seeking hate crimes charges for Arthur Prince Kollie, and rightly so.
“My daughter Jupiter deserves justice. Arthur Kollie deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. During today’s hearing, it caused me great pain when I realized our system is as hateful as the man who murdered my daughter,” Paulsen told The Forum following the court hearing.

“That’s why I’ve decided to, with the help of local pro-white advocates, file Fargo anti-white hate crime and bias reports not only against Arthur Kollie for what he did to my daughter, but also against Judge (John) Irby, the Cass County (District) Court, and every individual and institution that is currently terrorizing my family.”…

… Paulsen said he plans to push for Kollie to face the death penalty in federal court.
“From the very beginning in dealing with the state’s attorney, I have insisted that Kollie be punished to the fullest extent of the law. White people have civil rights, and Arthur Kollie has a history of attacking white people. Federal hate crime charges put the death penalty on the table,” Paulsen said.
“White people have civil rights”. You are goddamn right we do, hell the very concept of civil rights is a White notion. Do you think they understand the concept of “civil rights” in Africa?
This mother fucker should take a long drop at the end of a short rope but more likely he will spend the rest of his life lounging around a prison at the expense of the tax-payers of North Dakota. At age 23 that could easily be a half century of prison time, assuming he doesn’t get let out at some point to re-offend.
That brings us to Jabba The Columnist above, Mr. Rob Port. Mr. Port seems to think that a White person standing up for the civil rights of his White daughter with the assistance of a pro-White advocate is “hate”
Port seems far more concerned with White people taking a stand than he is about a 14 year old girl who died in terror after a half hour of being brutalized by a sub-human animal. 
How do people become twisted by hate and bigotry?

It starts from an abyss filled with ineffable pain.

Mr. Kollie is Black, if you hadn’t guessed that by now. Jupiter was white, and her father is white. The skin colors of the victim and the accused shouldn’t matter. Except people like Mr. Paulsen, and Mr. Tefft, and a majority of the Fargo City Commission, say it does.
Notice that Mr. Port predictably capitalizes black but does not capitalize White. 
Whenever anything happens to any black person, anywhere and for any reason, the race hustlers like Ben Crump show up like flies to a pile of shit. That is OK though because we are supposed to call them things like “civil rights attorneys” and believe they are interested in “justice”. Don’t be fooled, “civil rights activist” and similar terms are just code for “pro-black advocates”. I don’t blame them, you should stand up for your people, but when White people do it we get labelled as “twisted by hate and bigotry” by lardasses like Rob Port. 
I despise race hustlers like Benjamin Crump and Tariq Nasheed and Ibrah X. Kendi. I likewise loathe anti-White Jews at places like the ADL and SPLC or the anti-White mestizos at La Raza. I loathe and despise and yes even hate them because they hate me and my people while living lives of relative luxury thanks to the society White people built. However I also understand them. They see White people as rivals and competitors and they place their racial and tribal loyalty first. That is commendable in a way.
Someone like Rob Port who I am ashamed to admit is a White guy, even though he is about the lowest example of a White guy you could find? Self-loathing anti-Whites like him are the lowest of the low. Someone who hates his own people and takes sides against us is trash. They are deserving of a special level of vitriol that even my fairly extensive vocabulary is insufficient to describe. 
Traitors have always been held in the lowest of esteem. Names like Benedict Arnold are infamous for their betrayal. Someday people like Rob Port will be spoken of with the same venom as Arnold and other infamous traitors. They are the worst of the worst. 
Good for Robert Paulsen to take this step and thanks to Peter Tefft for helping him. Not only does he seek justice for his slain daughter but he also helped to flip over a rock and expose the slimy worm named Rob Port. Name their names and remember them. 
Note, please do not Fedpoast in the comments. I understand the anger. Believe me, I do, but let’s not aid the censors. 


  1. Anonymous

    There will be a serious backlash, when they push too far and that Saxon fury is finally unleashed. The Rob Portly's of the left will scurry and try to hide, but they will not be forgotten or forgiven. There are literally millions of us just champing at the bit now, waiting impatiently for the first salvo. But it must come from the left. We are much too honorable to provoke a fight. Once it's Game On, though, we play for all the marbles.

  2. Steve S

    The people in the system that refuse to uphold law and order are far worse than the animals perpetrating the crimes. They just think they won't be held accountable. They won't be able to drag America down regardless of current appearances.

  3. Arthur Sido

    I don't blame blacks for acting like blacks but when White people accept their behavior and get pissed about other Whites refusing to bend over? That is a different issue.

  4. JackDup

    Well, I live in North Dakota and what happened to this girl was such a tragedy. White run news stations really don't even want to cover these stories in detail instead chalk it up to a mentally ill person rather than tell the truth that maybe this black monster was out hunting for a white child to kill. Also, remember the black that grabbed a young white boy at the mall of America for no reason and threw him off the second or third floor for fun. Like I said before we have a very small population of blacks in our community, but they lead the way in violent crime, drug offenses, child endangerment and the list goes on and on.

  5. jack

    Hope I will never ever be in such a situation as Mr. Paulsen… still, I would give the law one and only one chance, if even that. As for the porky – some garbage is not worth taking out, unless it's in the way…

  6. Anonymous

    this innocent 14 year old child is my great niece. to listen to you people banter back and forth is hurtful, its not helping anything. My nephew is grieving for his daughter, who was robbed of life because of this drug addict the law decided to let out of jail. the ones you should be upset with are the very people who are supposed to be protecting us! its not skin color that is the main objective here, its how manipulating this murderer is and his attorney, the judge is no better. i support my nephew 100 percent but with all the BLM stuff, there are alot of races out there who are now suffering because they feel its just to mame, hurt and kill and the "law" gave them that thought its all ok. i want justice for the killer who took her life! DONT FORGET WHY WE ARE UPSET! HE TOOK AN INNOCENT GIRLS LIFE AWAY…HE NEEDS TO PAY FOR THAT…HE IS NOT THE VICTIM HERE JUPITER IS

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