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The Mass Shooter Slander

I wanted to direct your attention to this story from VDare that once more shows the depth of the lies we are told about the “typical mass shooter”, specifically that the majority of mass shooters in America are young White men.

Of course, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, black mass shooters are not where law enforcement is concentrating….
This year, the FBI’s “domestic terror” wing has allocated $101.2 million for “domestic terror,” most of it earmarked for investigating “White Supremacists” and “Militia Extremists.”

At the same time, the 2022 budget overview of the FBI’s plan for countering minority gun crime prioritizes “promoting criminal and juvenile system reform” that emphasizes “alternatives to incarceration” and “addressing hate crimes.”

In other words, the Feds will do nothing to address black mass shootings, and instead go on a snipe hunt for “white supremacists”––which we all know is code for anyone who doesn’t think too much of the Leftist Deep State and its infernal MSM Information Ministry.
Nothing new here for diligent readers of Dissident Thoughts. I assume we all know that almost all mass shooters are non-White. Even the Coruscant Times, aka The Washington Post, is admitting the disproportionate rate of black shootings….
You have to go way down into the article to find it but finally you get the begrudging admission that at least in Columbus what we all know really is true:
Homicides in Columbus, however, reached a record in 2021, prompting Ginther, the mayor, to call gun violence a “public health crisis” this year.

Nine out of 10 homicides in the city last year involved a firearm, he said in an interview, and 80 percent of the victims and perpetrators were African American men under the age of 40.
Let’s keep in mind that Columbus, Ohio is a city of just under a million people and it around 29% black.

29% black but 80% of the killers in 2021 were black. 
I have to admit being shocked that they even printed that.
Another worthwhile post to check out from VDare:
This is fairly typical, in prior years we saw something similar in St. Louis, another city where black gun violence is rampant.
I point this out because you won’t have to look far on social media to find some imbecile who claims that most mass shooters are White. You won’t convince them with these stats but others reading the thread might be convinced of the fact that mass shootings are mostly committed by blacks. I often will point out the total number of mass shootings so far in the year and ask how many they have heard of and why they don’t hear more about them. 
There certainly are White mass shooters and they tend to have a much higher body count and kill/wounded ratio but they are the rare exception to what is otherwise a black thang.


  1. Anonymous

    No, really, LET them focus on phantom homicidal YTs and chase their tails while the hoodrats take out their own trash. I couldn't be happier about that.

    It would be nice, however, if someone would, um, drop some cyanide-tipped hollow points onto random streetcorners in da hood. It costs upwards of a million dollars to save the life of a capped homeboy, and I don't consider that a particularly wise civic investment. Since they won't hold the damned Glock upright and make use of those sight thingies, at least make their occasional lucky strikes count.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Skipperdaddy

    Just wait until the EBT cards wont buy a pack of hotdogs in a few months. You think they went batshit crazy over a Popeye’s chicken sandwich? BTO sang it best,”you ain't seen nothing yet”.

  3. Arthur Sido

    They are going to have to really ratchet up the monthly allotment with food prices taking off. If Jauniqua can't afford to feed her babies lobster and filet mignon, she is going to just start stealing it.

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