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The Illusion Of Normalcy

For the average normie, it is a survival mechanism to pretend things are normal and everything is just fine. It is mentally taxing to see what is going on and realize, as most of /ourguys/ do, that everything is most certainly not fine and this is not normal

It was quite striking to me as we were on vacation that almost everyone is trying to pretend that everything is just hunky-dory. People were doing their normal things even as from the deepest recesses of their mind their subconscious is screaming at them that things are not normal, that 8.5% inflation is not OK, that violent crime being out of control in cities isn’t fine, that a man who tried to shake hands with an invisible person shouldn’t be near the nuke codes.
There is a pathological tinge to their desperation. If I didn’t know better, based on watching people around me, it would seem like things are actually OK. I doubt many of the other people going on vacation started their packing by loading three 27 round mags with hollow-points just in case, because if shit went down while we were almost 1000 miles from home, a couple of mags in my carry gun weren’t going to get us home.
The system works hard to support the illusion. People go hither and yon, get groceries, fill up their gas tank, consume the latest products and anesthetize their minds with the latest entertainment. It is a perilous balancing act for “Them” to keep advancing their agenda and getting the pieces in place while keeping a lid on normie so he doesn’t understand what is happening. 
Like the audience at a magic show, normies know at some level that they are being tricked. They know the magician didn’t really saw his pretty assistant in half but they go with it because it is part of the show. The lie is central to the entertainment but in our society the lie is also critical to maintaining order. 
This illusion is maintained on the normiecon side by providing pressure relief valves in the form of “conservative” talk radio and cheerleading partisan politics. The average normiecon Boomer or church going “Muh Greatest Ally!” conservative knows things are fucked up but they embrace the illusion by getting charged up about the latest dumb thing AOC says or some Republican winning county dog catcher in Litterbox, Oklahoma. They get fired up, some dimwit on Fox News says something snarky to own the libs and they go back to their sportsball, content with believing that we can still turn this thing around. 
On the Left, it is even easier. They simply distract their voters who should be outraged that nothing they were promised ever gets done (student loan forgiveness anyone?) but they don’t seem to care because they are convinced they are in an existential fight against LITERAL NAZIS. As long as there is even one Orange Man Bad supporter alive, the Leftists can be distracted. 
Sure, more and more people are figuring it out but by and large the willful disconnect with reality is overwhelming. 
It is understandable on some level. I know I would be far less stressed out if I could pretend that things are normal or that they will on day go back to being normal. But they aren’t and they won’t. Even though I can’t do a damn thing to stop the crash, I can be aware of what is happening and doing what I can to ensure that me and mine survive. Along the way I warn who I can and if they listen, that’s great, and if they don’t? Oh well, more meatshields between me and the savages
The problem with an illusion that is as enormous as this one is that it requires a lot of effort to maintain and not much has to go wrong to expose it. The illusion is starting to waver and while that means more people coming over to /ourside/, it also means that the savages are about to slip their leash entirely and then things are going to come undone in a hurry. 
The human mind has limits as to what it will accept and we are seeing those limits at the breaking point.


  1. ChuckInBama

    We're really going to have a mess to sort through when something interferes with the normie illusion enough to break it. They will go MAD and be useless. Except, as you so well put it, as meatshields.

  2. JackDup

    When the food in stores is scarce or gone you have to imagine that trucks coming into resupply will be attacked by starving gangs and ransacked. The big cities will be hit hardest due to defund the police efforts and anyone who can get out will and like scurrying rats will invade the rural areas.

    Another thought: What if there is a bioweapon aimed at cattle, hog or chicken ranches? Guessing they have one ready to go and that could be the straw that broke the camel's back.

  3. Anonymous

    well, I take 4 extra mags for my sig sauer 226 when we go to town. anything farther from home, like picking up the grandson, I bring the AR pistol and a go bag with 6 mags in it. but it is a 4 hour drive there and back too. rucksack and food, water bottles and canteen cups for everyone in the truck.
    so, no I don't think you packing mags on a trip as anything other than being smart in today's world.
    and I keep a box of 9mm in the glove box and a reload for the mags for the "pistol", 10.5 inch
    barrel. legal to carry in your car here in pa with a CCW. I have found it handy to have along.
    burris 332 prism sight on top. it works very well out to 300 yards.

  4. James M Dakin

    My strategy for arming up leaving town, never leave town. I used to have a father-in-law of vast wisdom ( this was never passed on to his daughter ) who answered any query about leaving the house, "I didn't leave anything there". Never leave the wire, Charley's out there

  5. JackDup

    Looks like it will be all of the above according to another website.

    Accelerating food inflation. Food prices will, without question, double by the end of 2022 and may actually go much higher. Food prices will almost certainly double again in 2023.
    As food prices skyrocket, food riots will break out worldwide. This has already begun in Sri Lanka, Peru and other nations, and it will only spread globally.
    Later in 2022, food riots will break out in the USA, first appearing in democrat-run “blue” cities and then spreading.
    In 2023, we are certain to see food rationing and price controls both demanded and enforced by governments around the world, including the US government.
    Widespread food insecurity will lead to global uprisings and revolutions. Nations will fall. Sri Lanka is already in default on its dollar bonds and facing the toppling of its political leadership, and we’re not even out of April yet.
    In response to the rising chaos, governments will declare national emergencies and roll out police state controls to try to control the masses. China’s brutal lockdown of 25+ million people in Shanghai is an early preview of things to come on a global scale.

  6. Vince

    Interesting article from Barnett. I got that swine flu "vaccine" in 1976 when I was still a full power in my prime 22 year old. It knocked me out for almost 30 hours, the first and only time in my life I've slept the clock around. And he's correct. For many, that vaccine "hesitancy" dates back to the '76 debacle. I know it did for me and it was the last time I got any flu vaccine. Once was enough.

  7. JackDup

    Skipperdaddy, good article, I just wanted to highlight the last paragraph, makes sense, blame the bird flu on the vaccine failure.

    The ‘warning’, or more accurately, the foretelling of mass death by the ruling class, as outlined by the ex-CDC commandant Robert Redfield, is that 800 million to 4 billion of us will die due to some mystery bird flu. When the mass deaths occur, it will not be due to any flu or ‘virus,’ it will be due only to the toxic poison that has been previously injected into billions of unsuspecting, order-following slaves to the state.

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