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The Ghost Gun Ruling

As usual, Mrgunsngear has a solid overview of the latest infringement on the 2nd Amendment.


  1. Last Days To The Rodeo

    I totally disagree with any infringement upon the 2nd and every law since '34 is unconstitutional. That said, I don't own or plan on owning anything that came from an 80% lower. I've spent a metric shit ton of money on classes in the past 15 years and almost every single failure I've witnessed was an 80% or "I built it myself!" rifle. "Sure it wont cycle after one round but it doesn't have a serial number!!" Yes, I know, someone, somewhere has tens of thousands of rounds through theirs and it runs "flawlessly". I don't care what other people do with their money but if you're gonna have something that your life or others depend on without a paper trail, buy something off of Armslist or the friend of a friend factor that was built by a leading, reputable manufacturer.

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