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The Fellas Were Busy While We Were Gone

Sort-of-local mass shooting early Sunday in Indianapolis:

One person was killed and five were injured in a shooting early Sunday at what officials believe was a birthday celebration, according to IMPD.

Around 3:20 a.m. Sunday, police were dispatched to 4270 W. 38th St. on the northwest side of Indianapolis. The address is the location of Team One Event Center. 
A birthday celebration? Fortunately the Indy Star provided a picture of the online flyer advertising the birfday.

The shooting followed the standard chain of events….

Police believe the birthday party was taking place when a fight broke out and shots were eventually fired both inside and outside the building. 
Large gathering, someone gets “dissed”, fight breaks out, people start shooting. Rinse, repeat.
I can’t leave the state for a week without those wacky folks getting crazy.


  1. George True

    Birfday – LMAO. It's funny because it's true. That is the way they talk. I remember many years ago hearing a couple of hippos who had just entered a restaurant asking the hostess, "Can we have a boof?".

  2. Arthur Sido

    We ordered McDs breakfast sammiches in Alabama and I literally couldn't understand anything the black chick taking my order was saying, it was like she had a mouth full of marbles.

  3. Anonymous

    hell, the brothers will shoot at anything if they get bored enough. or to see the gun works or something. never really understood it myself. one thing I do know they do not like the idea or sight of a white guy holding a gun on them. but there a lot of things they do that I don't understand.
    life a lot better when they are miles away though,

  4. Anonymous

    Invited to a birthday celebration, and you pack a gun? Yeah, this IS 2022 and nowhere is safe anymore. But thinking back to my younger days, it never would have occurred to me to pack heat for a social occasion like a friend's or a relative's birthday party, for phuck's sake.

    Now that I consider it, for all of my many years going to the range, I don't recall even once seeing a black, or a mestizo, or an East Asian at the place. It's as White a 'safe space' as the library or the farmer's market. And it is no wonder that the kill ratio in those inner city mass shootings is so abysmally low. If the ONLY time you ever fire your weapon is when you point it at someone in anger, it is no surprise that your aim will be lousy and your skill sub-par. If the first time you ever strap on skis is for a slalom race, you aren't going to 'place', and no one would expect you to. Maybe the bruthas should complain about range 'deserts' in da 'hood and get guilt-ridden YT to pony up for a few pulley reels and sandbags.

    I'd contribute to any fund that aids in sharpening their aim as they blaze away at one another.

  5. Anonymous

    You don't see anyone but white guys at antique tractor shows, either.

    Just wait till Juneteenth gets here………..


  6. Xzebek

    The killed vs wounded ratio is about the same when black diversity is shooting as it would be if actual chimps were shooting.
    As you have pointed out,Arthur, the medical costs of treatment burden the rest of us. But, overall, I prefer that the quality of diversity shooting skills remains low as I believe that will benefit us at the appropriate time.

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