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The Doomsday Clock Might Be Closer To Midnight

Just in case you were hoping to sleep soundly tonight, the estimable Matt Bracken points us to this deeply concerning news story (HT: WRSA)

I’ll let Matt take it from here.

If this is what actually happened, it is only a short step away from pulling the trigger and sinking the Moskva ourselves. We supplied the missile, provided the targeting info and the precise time to launch. The Ukrainians only pushed the button. It would be like loading a gun, putting it in the hands of a gangbanger, pulling back the hammer, maneuvering his hands so the gun was against someone’s head and then saying “pull the trigger”. 
To put it more bluntly, if Russia or China provided that sort of aid to Iran and North Korea and it resulted in the sinking of a U.S. warship, we would likely consider that an overt hostile action, an act of war. 
Combining stupidity, incompetence and evil in the leadership of a nuclear power like the U.S. is a great war for us all to get glowie. 


  1. Steve S

    Brings to mind the meme of the astronaut on the moon watching a meteor shoot through the earth.
    "Well, shit."

    How about we just give the responsible parties to Vlad to try for war crimes. In Russia.

  2. Otis D

    that'd be some serious irony if the nukes started dropping on earf day, considering all the virtue signalling damage the progtards have done all these years…

    …not only to physical resources, but trampling the human spirit.

    this is how the world ends, not with a BANG but with a whimper..

  3. JackDup

    Like I have said before Democrats would rather burn the US down than let Republicans take control in November. This is a pretty serious development if true. I'm sorry but if the tables were turned and one our ships was destroyed along with 500 sailors there would be swift and deadly consequences for all parties involved.

    Joke Biden is giving more of our money to Ukraine today. Also announcing we are taking more Ukraine refugees with unprecedented speed. We are being suffocated by our own government.

  4. Mike Guenther

    According to an article by Aesop, the Daily Mail article is full of diaper spackle. The US aircraft was in no position to"paint" the cruiser with any radar, if the Navy is being truthful about the flight track of the P-8 being close to the Romanian coastline in relation to where the Russian cruiser was sunk.

    I was a radar tech in my former life and know there's limitations to what it can see and do.

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