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Styx Makes A Good Point Here

The main point is an important one: even with the economy being flooded with trillions in imaginary money, it still contracted. That is a bad sign. Those fake dollars have been keeping the economy afloat for a long time but if that stops working?
Ruh roh.
What passes for an economy in America is debt fueled consumption, both personal debt from made up money and government debt. With a gutted manufacturing base, all we have left is buying cheap goods overseas, marking them up and selling them retail in America. That system might be finally breaking down and if it does, the whole thing goes tits up. The one trick they always employ is the funny money spending. There is not a Plan B but you might not know that unless you also recognize that Plan A is to fly the economy into the ground and then replace that economic and social system with The Great Reset.
It all makes sense when you understand that it is intentional. 


  1. Anonymous

    Paradise Theatre…wait no, Kilroy was here. Any classic Styx. Or the Dennis DeYoung solo album Desert Moon…you got dat. Any classic Styx.

  2. jl

    I'm no longer a religious man, but every time I see that smug prick's face (Schwab, NOT Styx!) I'm instantly filled with thoughts that would send me straight to hell. I think it might be nice to travel to Europe someday to piss on his grave. Some people (and in this case I use the term loosely) cannot die fast enough!

  3. Skipperdaddy

    80% of all the money in circulation has been printed,( digitally created actually because they cannot print fast enough) in the past 2 years. We are all Venezuelan now. Everything in the stores now was already in the pipe. King Kickback in DC is doing the full court press grift with his “ Aid Packages” to Ukraine in the billions. Even that brain dead piece of french toast knows it’s one minute to mid nite. Thats probably chump change compared to the MIC contracts being handed out like fucking M&Ms. We are done as a country. For now at least. The Reserve currency status is on life support and the fat lady is humming like a motherfucker.

  4. John Wilder

    Stupid or on purpose, it's nearly a constant. And both sides like printing the money. They system will break – the big cracks started in 2008, and they can only be papered over for so long. But that's scary, so I'm going to start worrying about fashion.

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