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Somebody Stop Me

In spite of my admonition that You Don’t Need Another Handgun I seem to keep picking them up.

Over Easter weekend Palmetto State was running a pretty good sale on their complete Dagger frames including the trigger and fire control group for only $99 and free shipping. All you needed was the slide and barrel. As it happened, they also had one of their nicer slides on sale, one of their RMR-ready with Ameriglo Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Sights for only $129.99. Good deal but I don’t really need another handgun.
Then I remembered that I already have an extra Dagger barrel, a threaded barrel no less, thanks to the fiasco that took place in getting my original Dagger (See: What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been). 
So basically for $230 I could get a second Dagger? 

You might recall that I was also sent a free stripped lower while waiting for my original Dagger, which I sold for I think $90 back in the midst of the craziness. So subtracting that from the original purchase price and then adding in the cost of the new slide and frame and I figure I got two Daggers for a grand total of about $450 (plus sales tax). At an average of $225 apiece, that is a good deal. The only downside is that almost any decent RMR red dot I put on the new Dagger will cost more than the gun itself. 
Do as I say, not as I do aside, that was hard to pass up. So I didn’t. 


  1. ChuckInBama

    There is no such number as "enough" guns. Unless it's the quantity of guns you have when you run out of money. But then, that's just "all" you can get right now, not "enough".

  2. Anonymous

    There are far worse things to invest your limited spare cash into than firearms, which are a quite fungible asset (if, that is, you are able to part with any of your beloved toys when the need arises). I can certainly provide a lengthy list of worse choices, but I suspect that if you've lived long enough, you know what they are.

    Personally, I have drunk, phucked and snorted away more precious cash in my time than I ever wish to tally up. Live and learn, wear the scars like a man.

  3. Gray S.

    I'm also guilty of spending more discretional cash on more guns. It is my hobby too. As long you are in control with your hobby, then I would not even question it.

    I'm curious if you have tested holster compatibility with the PSA Dagger. I'm seeing mixed reports of holster compatibility. Lastly, how does the hinged trigger feel?

  4. Arthur Sido

    I haven't gotten a holster for either one yet, I don't carry them and have several other options that I prefer anyway but I should probably get a holster for the base model. As for the trigger, I don't like the hinged trigger generally on pistols but this one is OK, still likely I will get an aftermarket trigger at some point.

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