Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Repeal The 19th Amendment. No, Seriously.

We lived in New Hampshire for a few years, from late 1997 to summer of 2001. The town we lived in, Milford or Mil-fahd as the local pronounced it, was in southern New Hampshire fairly close to the Massachusetts border, a state populated by mostly liberal twats affectionately known as "Massholes".

Anyway, earlier this week a bimbo named Lindsay Sabadosa who is apparently a Democrat State Representative in New Hampshire tweeted about a Federal judge reversing the Biden administration decision to extend the mask mandate on public transit for two more weeks. The replies were largely like mine.

What kind of a dumbshit would tweet something like this about a judge "taking away power from the Federal government"? The kind of dumbshit that doesn't have even a grasp of basic civics. The replies were vicious, I haven't seen someone lit up like that on Twitter in a long time.

The ignorance of our ruling class at every level is both staggering and lethal. 


  1. Binning the 19th would be a good start, but I'd go a lot further. The franchise should be limited to White men, 45 years and older, born here to US citizen parents, property owners, married, with children. All others need not apply.

    Of course, what I'd do is sublimely irrelevant to anything that might actually happen. But I can dream ... briefly.

  2. Oh, I forgot: net taxpayers. Now I think I've got it covered.

    1. In other words, only stakeholders in society get a say which makes perfect sense. The universal franchise will be the death of the U.S.

  3. That is what you get when you have a state rep for every 16 people.