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One Gorillion!

Overnight my humble little blog hit a milestone.

Just over one million page views. 

I started Dissident Thoughts on April 6, 2018 after shutting down my old blog The Voice Of One Crying Out In Suburbia. It took a while to catch on but thanks to links from some of my favorite bloggers I have a solid core of regular readers. Thanks to all who link here, no surprise to me that Western Rifle Shooters Association is the number one referring website, when my stuff is linked there my views go through the roof. Normal American is a close second and his blog aggregator is a must-bookmark resource for naughty thoughts. Eaton Rapids Joe and Mike at Cold Fury round out the top ten, non-search engine, sources and I also know from conversations that lots of people, and especially my most regular readers and commenters, have followed me here from John Wilder’s blog and of course Big Country Expat’s secret lair. 
While the blog has been around for five years, three quarters of my total page views have come in the last 12 months.

What is even more important to me are the 6704 comments I have received. While I don’t know how many of those page views are just bots, almost all of the comments I get are from real people and although I do a very poor job responding to them all, I do read them all. Comments in reply to posts indicate that real people are really reading what I am writing and that is immensely gratifying. While my impulse to write has always been to work out issues I am thinking through in a public setting, sort of an online stream of consciousness, I have come to really appreciate the online community we have formed in the midst of clown world. It has even been nice to make the online acquaintance of so many members of the Federal law enforcement community. 

Being a very, very small fish in the dissident right, extreme right-wing, whatever you call it, blogosphere is pretty humbling. I know lots of better known bloggers on /ourside/ get that many page views or more in a year, maybe in a month. No one is a bigger critic of my writing than I am, and I have been blogging for the better part of this century (since 2004). I am just glad to be a small voice and I hope what I write makes a difference.
Now my big concern is that this blog and most like it are in real danger of being silenced online. Censorship to date has been mild, but there is more to come and it won’t be pretty. The war for the survival of our people and civilization itself is only going to get uglier.
Onward and upward brothers. 


  1. ChuckInBama

    Congratulations on your milestone, Arthur !!!!
    We come here because WE are also working through the issues of the day, and can appreciate that we are not the only ones confused/irritated by those issues. Reading your content and the comments of your other readers gives a different perspective to the same/similar problems Keep writing and I'll keep reading….

  2. evanfardreamer

    I don't remember whether it was WRSA, Wilder, or BCE that first pointed me here, but you're regular and prolific enough to have earned an always-open tab in my browser and once a day glance. Congrats on the milestone!

  3. Steve S

    ICYMI. If you do get shutdown by ogle check in with Divemedic (Area Ocho). Apparently he runs his own server for that at least that reason and hosts others.

  4. Greg

    First started noticing your name as a frequent commenter on other blogs. Found my way here from the above mentioned references. Thank you for the effort you put into the blog; good writing is not easy, and to be regular with it is even harder.
    I make an effort to check out unfamiliar blogs, and my daily list changes now and then. Some older blogs are sorely missed (Ol' Remus, DenBeste, Gut Rumbles), others I lose interest in as I find I've pretty much heard what they have to say. So far, your topics of interest coincide with mine, and whether the "spicy times" are now, or next month, or next year, we will continue to prep and bolster our resilience: Prepping done right should bring peace of mind.

  5. BigCountryExpat

    Hey Man! BIG Milestone! Congrats! Well deserved accolades and glad to have been part of the assist! And yeah, Divemedic has my 'other' backup set up…I shut it down for the moment as the trolls were out of control (I have it now redirected to Disney LOL) he's a good guy and we've met at blogshoot w/Borepatch a couple of times in Meatspace. Hopefully one of these days you'll make it down the peninsula and we'll beer it up!

  6. Ken

    Congratulations, Arthur. Your blog is on my daily must-reads. I greatly enjoy your concise writing, logic, observation and analysis. BTW, I miss Ol' Remus too … avoid crowds was his (wise) mantra.

  7. Anonymous

    I am proud to say that I have contributed regularly to your gorillion-views milestone, although to be honest, my frequent comments are nearly always tendered under 'Anonymous'. By this point, you surely can tell your regulars, one from another, by our individual writing styles. I wish like hell that I could post under my real name, as you do, Arthur. But until I no longer draw a paycheck from my uber-pc, diversity-besotted employer, I must do what I can to remain (barely) under the radar.

    I found your site through Wilder's blog, and I appreciate your BFYTW edge in contrast to his studied caution (the man STILL will not call a spade a spade). You tell it like it needs to be told. Someday I hope we can all meet up in real life, after the dust has settled, and compare notes. Testicular fortitude is in woefully short supply these days, but you are certainly doing your part to spread the faith. Congrats. And thanks.


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