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Mother (Effer) Of The Year

Had to take a moment to share this story. 

The races involved are predictable but what I didn’t see coming was the mug shot.

It kind of reminds me of Michael Scott’s “World’s Best Boss” mug he bought for himself.
The lack of self-awareness is delightful.


  1. Anonymous

    Fucking niggers…This is why can be racist as fuck..

    13% of total pop + or – and 50% of the crime…

    The sheboons are the worst, always stirring up shit…Breeders to boot…

    A reckoning is coming, niggers burn neighborhoods, white people burn countries…

  2. 4hawks

    'Instead of going home, the woman is accused of waiting to confront Moore after the game, punching her and then running away.' Kristie Moore is lucky to be alive after that shot of cultural enrichment. The scowl on mommy dearest is worth a thousand words, none flattering. I got a feelz it's gonna be a brutally nasty summer.

  3. Anonymous

    If I am interpreting the scale right in the photo, that oafess is 5' 11" tall to the top of her skanky-ass, nasty 'do. So what is that, about an eighth of a ton of Amazonian fury, compounded by sub-human IQ? If this 'boon punches anywhere near its weight, it is a miracle that poor White woman is still alive.

    The pretty pink, feminine t-shirt is just such a nice touch. Must have been stolen for her by one of her numerous sprogs for Muvver's Day.

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