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More Climate Chicanery

The UN just released a new “climate report” and while I don’t have time to get into it too deeply right now, it is another fairly clear example of how The Great Reset has dozens of different tentacles all working in concert and everything they are doing is bad for you and yours. I just wanted to get it on your radar for now, a more in-depth post is forthcoming.

The pieces are all in motion now and the endgame is approaching. 


  1. JackDup

    Here in NODAK we are being charged 12 dollars a month for Green Energy on our utility bill.

    There is also word on the street that there is a massive pit out in the middle of nowhere North Dakota where they are burying used windmill blades. The blades are made of fiberglass and resins and will never be biodegradable.

  2. Anonymous

    pushing 70 these days, and I have forgotten how many of the so called end of the earth scams I lived thru so far. my dad used to call the shit "weather"
    one thing I do remember him talking about was the big ass storm in 1944, he had a picture of some ship/boat on the top of a wave, you could see BOTH ENDS OF IT IN THE AIR. he said the us navy lost a few ships in that storm, just gone. so the idea that we can change the weather is a bit of a joke to me. in the army, old days anyway, they said it can either make you or kill you. but watch out and prepare for it to change. one fun thing I do is to point out how the ones making the most noise about the climate change thing, own beachfront homes, now why is that if the world is going to drown ?
    I just love the look of light bulbs coming on in their heads,,,

  3. Otis D

    i think it was that KGB guy that spilled the beans that the takedown of the u.s was going to go by way of environmentalism. There was also a plan in the works about something to do with U.F.O's. Because creating a huge fear factor is necessary in these cult like reprogramming of mass psychosis.

    Surprisingly, a Mennonite customer of ours was in recently and we were discussing this. He was even aware of this. So more people are aware, they just tend to keep that info to themselves.

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