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Living In The Past Kills Their Future

In the world of professional civil rights grifters, it is always the Jim Crow South, everywhere in America, every day. While all of the rest of us have moved forward, blacks are stuck in the pre-“Civil Rights” era perpetually. Lynchings are still happening, blacks are prevented from voting, MLK and Malcolm X are dying anew every day. 

This is a topic I have explored before (see: Do We Need A Lynching Memorial And Is It Helpful? ) but it keeps coming back to the forefront. 
The stories are so numerous that they blur together and many get numbed to the fury it should cause: black on White violence that occurs every sixty seconds in America ( Once Every Minute ). For example, this delightful tale:

Dennis Kendrick, a 54 year old White man, was sitting in his car getting ready to leave for work. At the same time a 36 year old black man named Marcus Anthony Nathan received a “threatening text” message but he didn’t know who sent it. So of course he went and confronted Mr. Kendrick, because obviously he must have sent it since he was in his car at 3:30 in the morning. During the confrontation Marcus Nathan shot and killed Mr. Kendrick. 

Police determined that Mr. Kendrick did not send the text messages and there is no reason given for why Mr. Nathan thought he did, other than he happened to be in the parking lot at the same time. I guess he doesn’t understand that you can send text messages from anywhere, to anywhere. 
Now a man is dead because this imbecile got a text message that upset him. Police recovered six cases from the scene meaning that Mr. Nathan shot or at least shot at Mr. Kendrick a half dozen times.
Meanwhile in the midst of a rising wave of black on black violence, “civil rights leaders” are focused on…trying to have White woman in her late 80s arrested for “kidnapping”.
In 1955 Emmett Till at a minimum was harassing a White woman named Carolyn Bryant Donham. She claims he grabbed her. As a result two men abducted Emmett Till, beat the crap out of him and shot him before dumping his body in a river. The two men were acquitted. Ms. Donham has been accused but never charged with being involved by IDing Till to her husband and another man. A warrant was apparently signed out for her arrest but never served and I guess warrants don’t expire. Sure no one knows where the warrant might be, if it still exists, and the witnesses are all dead and she is almost 90 and soon to die anyway but let’s try to send her to jail for something that happened 67 years ago.
It makes sense to focus on that and not focus on little stuff like rampant black violent crime that is happening all around us right now or that the main “civil rights” movement of our time, bLM, is a giant grift…
Didn’t see that coming. 
This is the pattern that keeps repeating. No matter what happens, blacks look at the distant past to excuse away their behavior. Nothing is their fault and they can’t be held responsible because they are helpless in the face of prior discrimination.
It also prevents blacks from breaking free from the cycle of dependency and violence. If you can’t be held responsible for anything and nothing is your fault, you can’t possibly look to the future and that is partly why blacks never have and clearly never will be integrated into Western society. Instead they seek to tear down Western civilization to level the playing field. If everyone is miserable, it makes some people feel a little less miserable. 
What must also be understood is that blacks are manipulated by non-blacks into this endless cycle of “woe is me” self-pity and focus on the past. I will let Malcom X explain briefly but also note that when he talks about “White liberals” he is including a group that presents as White but is not….

There are lessons to be learned here for /ourside/. Endlessly looking to the past because they were better days for us is OK but not at the expense of planning for the real future. Realism must be the order of the day for us. We need to have our eyes on the future and what we can realistically hope to achieve. We aren’t going to retake Constantinople anytime soon and we aren’t going to win back our country at the ballot box.
To sum it up:
How can you hope to have a future when you endlessly look to the past?
Please do not misunderstand. I believe that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them and that our history and lineage as a people is critical to understand and should be an inspiration to us now. We must ensure that our people never make the same mistakes that have led to our downfall.
Having said that, there is a tendency to bemoan the current day and pine for the days of old, days that will never be replicated. The Normiecons have been pining for the next Reagan since 1988 and seem to forget that Reagan was only a great President when compared to the list of idiots who followed him. 
We must embrace our history and defend it when it is rewritten to slander our people but we must not fall in the trap of always looking backwards. The past belongs in the past, the future belong to us.


  1. Mike_C

    "How can you hope to have a future when you endlessly look to the past?"
    Apparently, if you're sufficiently high-IQ, focused, tenacious, and rapacious, then you can kvetch about the last 5700+ years and still end up owning and running an awful lot. As to Carolyn Donham, I vote we send her to Germany where she can share a cell with Ursula Haverbeck.

  2. Otis D

    This is a perfect example of why work is necessary to life. To have purpose.
    We are over run with people who have no reason to exist except prey upon those who do produce. And while it pertains to this demographic, there are others, too.

  3. Anonymous

    Haverbeck has more balls than you'll ever have Mikey Mangina! Go back to Vanity Fair and wow them with your virtue signaling!

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