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Harden The Eff Up

I keep thinking about the sucker punched kid I mentioned last week in my post Oh Come On. From what I can tell in the video, not only did none of the other runners stop, no one did anything about that black kid. He appears to just saunter back where he came from while a few people went to the aid of the sucker punched White kid. 

It makes you wonder what the hell happened to the balls on these kids. 
When I was in high school on the football team (not playing much at all), we were scrimmaging against an inner city Toledo school. I think it might have been Scott High, whichever school it was the team was almost entirely black and we were all White except for a black kid who was our running back. Anyway, during one play a player from the other team obviously clipped one of our guys right in front of our sideline. One of my teammates hollered, and I quote, “Nice clip nigger” which wasn’t too smart because that teammate was injured and not in pads. Getting into a fight in shorts and a t-shirt against a guy wearing a helmet and pads isn’t a winning strategy. The black kid shouted “Dafuq ju you say!” or something similar and got in my teammates face. We immediately surged at him because rude or whatever, he was our teammate and we stood together. Needless to say my teammate got to do some extra laps for being mouthy but we stood by him.
Where the hell was this kid’s team? Why didn’t anyone come over to kick the shit out of that black kid that suckered punched him? What about his coach or his dad? Nobody did anything. Not just because he was black but because you don’t let anyone hit your teammate. 
I guaran-fucking-tee that if a White kid had sucker punched a black kid, every black on the track and in the stands would have charged the White kid and he would have been lucky to get out of there alive. That black kid’s water buffalo mama woulda trampled the White kid.
We need to toughen up younger White men and boys. The world they are inheriting is an ugly one and everyone else hates them, and that hatred is now more and more often manifesting in violence. They are facing a choice between a life of being scared of their own shadows and being victimized by stronger and more aggressive non-Whites or putting down the game controller and picking up some weights, learning to fight in real life instead on a computer screen. 
The peace and tranquility that we once took for granted is gone and the world we are entering is more like the norm for the human experience. Kill or be killed, predator or prey. If we don’t watch out for each other and be prepared to defend ourselves, it is going to be an ugly and bloody end for our people.


  1. Otis D

    Good points. whyte peepul aren't tribal, but we're going to have to learn to be, pronto if we are to survive.

    welcome to the jungle

  2. Anonymous

    Completely agree on hardening the phuck up, but in a confrontation between a White male and literally anyone else, the White male is by definition at fault under today's perverted rules. Hit a black, a woman, a mestizo, even in self-defense, and YOU are paying the legal and social price, potentially with the loss of your livelihood, your wealth and your freedom. That is just too great a cost to bear.

    Until the rules are reset and blind justice before the law restored, there is literally no good outcome for White men in their dealings with the other 70% of people in this land, all of whom enjoy special consideration at our sole expense. I don't blame that kid's teammates for not piling on the savage. How could that possibly result in anything but a negative outcome for everyone?

    A person with nothing to lose and everything to gain is the most dangerous creature you will ever meet. For now, that describes nearly all the bitter, indignant blacks and browns and precious few Whites. A reckoning is surely coming and we will ultimately prevail. For now though, a cheap shot against one of our own is not a hill that many would choose to die on. But it is one more injustice in the long arrears to make good when the Saxon begins to hate.

    h/t Rudyard Kipling

  3. jl

    I don't know what it says about our society that the fear of "consequences", be they social, judicial or financial, outweighs right and wrong. Not that I think violence is "right", but I do believe turning away as a coward is wrong.
    Once as a teen I found myself in the wrong place and the wrong time and got jumped by a gang of 7-8 Cholos (mestizos, for those not familiar with that particular subculture). I wasn't a small guy, but against the group I was getting my ass kicked pretty good (for no reason other than my skintone and being in "their" 'hood). I literally hadn't spoken a word to those shitheels before they pounced. Luckily for me, some of my group came looking for me when I didn't come back. When they saw what was happening, they didn't think, didn't pause, they just charged the group administering the beat down, screaming like a bunch of manaics with blood in their eyes. If it were a Hollywood film, it would've turned into a gang fight (with YT losing, for sure!), but in real life the Cholos caught sight of "my guys" charging at them and they all ran way like the bitches they were.
    That was back in'82/'83 and I remember it like it was yesterday. Nowadays, in that situation I fear I'd have been left for dead… while everyone in the vicinity would film it on their phones. Easy living has lead to a tragically soft populace. Add in the fear of "the system" and now coming after heritage Americans is no tougher than shooting fish in a barrel.

  4. Anonymous

    The real Problem is, the (((prosecutors))) (((lawyers))) and (((judges))) HATE WHITEY and are using ANY Act of Self-Defense against their groids and cockroaches as grounds to cause as much possible Harm to Whites as they can. Until those who run this Corrupt, anti-white 'Judicial System' meet Rope and Lampposts (or the Morbark Woodchipper), Whites will continue to be Victimized like this.

  5. Xzebek

    I grew up in the 1970s in a working class New York neighborhood. It was of mixed ethnicity and race. Kids on various streets hung out in groups also of mixed ethnicity and race. Back then your (what we called) gang was important to you. We would fight kids from other streets and there were fights among ourselves. Fists were a way to settle differences from small to large. Among one's own group animosity from fights rarely lasted long. Matters were, and should have been settled in the street. Now, such things would lead to criminal charges and lawsuits. And lasting and seething animosity. Also, now, groups are much more rarely "mixed" and this is especially true because of black self segregation. Blacks left to themselves, exhibit more violent and uncivilized behavior. The worst part of this, as indicated in other comments, is that any effort to respond or retaliate will coddle the black instigator and demonize (and criminalize) the legitimately aggrieved white. As this is not likely to change anytime soon the viable alternative might have to be lone wolf stealth/night ops against members of the offending group. Sad but true.

  6. Anonymous

    @ Arthur Sido

    The war on manhood has nowhere been more intense than the war on white males and white manhood. I dislike raising the subject of race, but the fact of the matter is that the powers-that-be have gone after Americans of European ancestry, a.k.a. white folks, and gone after them hard. The political left in America has been using working class white males as their all-purpose whipping boys since the days of "All in the Family," fifty years ago (it premiered in 1971). The great Eric Hoffer stated in his book "The True Believers" that mass movements can function without gods, but never without devils. They enemies around which to unite.

    It bears mentioning that the globalist elites are doing their best to divide-and-conquer people of all backgrounds, races, and ethnicities from one another, because they fear a populace united against them. By keeping people focused on so-called "wedge issues," the powerful people in the shadows hope no one will notice that they are looting the treasury and stealing the rights on common people while we argue about insignificant stuff and get distracted.

    Any man with self-respect, no matter who he is or what ethnic or racial group or culture he belongs to, ought to learn to defend himself, those he cares about and his community. Its what men – real men – do.

  7. Mike Wallens

    "globalist elites are doing their best to divide-and-conquer people of all backgrounds, races, and ethnicities from one another" Sorry but that is normie thought. POCs hate white people. Whites and POCs are not going to join hands and sing kumbya, elites or not. They despise whites and they didn't need a third party to tell them how to hate.

  8. John Wilder

    Kids are taught from the youngest ages that fighting back is wrong. I told my boys that if they got hit, they had to defend themselves. I'd handle defending them with the school. Not sure many parents give that advice nowadays.

  9. DeplorableGranny

    We need to teach our kids to always make sure they have the advantage. What we are seeing today is whites lives mean nothing. Nothing to blacks, nothing to the judicial system. It is not worth losing your life over. Teach your kids when to fight and when to walk away. But also teach them self defence, teach them how to shoot. Move to a red State where the demographics are in your favor. Do not send your kids or grandchildren to public schools. Make sure you only elect MAGA people in any position. Watch the city council and school boards like a hawk.

  10. DeplorableGranny

    I also hate to mention race, however, how can we not when we are seeing a huge increase in the 13% attacking, killing, and raping Asians and whites constantly. It would take me hours to list the crimes perpetrated by blacks against other races just in the last six months. I am told at work to be less white, to check my white privilege, not to bother applying for any promotions, told to take trainings on the differences between the 72 genders and to always call someone by their chosen name, not their given name. I am just trying to survive another 4.5 years in my current location. Then I will move my entire family to the whitest state I can find that has the most conservative politics.

  11. The Mad Scot

    @Steve: exactly what my pop, served in the army 24 years, 3 wars, told me. He'd never punish me for defending myself, or someone not able to defend themselves. By golly, if i started a fight, not out of necessity, he'd smoke my ass.

    He also told me to make it, quick, dirty and so violent that the perp, and anyone else watching, would not want to mess with the beserker kid…

    I just wanted, and still do, be left alone.

    it worked….

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