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Freaking Genius!

Let’s play “Guess The Race Just From The Title Of The Story”….

The guy is a passenger in a car. On an interstate so presumably going pretty fast. According to the story, they argued so he of course….shot the woman in the head. That is what any reasonable person would do.
Ready for the big reveal….
Police have charged her passenger, 30-year-old Jordan Slocum, with the shooting.

Stunned, completely unexpected.


  1. Xzebek

    Like most wild animals- no impulse control. Add to that anger issues brought about by justified feelings of inferiority and this is what happens.

  2. Anonymous

    "30-year-old Jordan Slocum…"

    Jay-zus Christ! At 30 years old, I was married for 8 years already, the father of two wonderful little boys, working as a senior software engineer for a Big Three defense contractor and finishing my master's degree from one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the Northeast.

    Back then, in the late 80s and early 90s, one was an 'adult' by age 30. Several years out from living at home with parents. Supporting oneself, and likely one's legitimate spouse, with a respectable job. Today's 30 year olds are apparently still adolescents, unable to fend for themselves, living under Mommy's care (and Daddy's support payments, if he is still around). I and my peers had no time for petty ego issues that would result in capping the dude or chick at the wheel while driving around to the Quickie-Mart on a Doritos run.

    Phuck. These losers are going to take the reins of this former great nation in a few short years. Kill me now, please.

  3. George True

    Actually, wild animals do have a reasonable level of impulse control. They instinctively and automatically weigh the risk/reward profile before attacking. Not saying they always make the right decision, but the process is always at work with them.

    These two-legged urban animals do not have such an instinct. They are far, far worse than wild animals in that respect.

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