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Feeding Time At The Zoo

There is just something about the confluence of food and Africans that seems to inevitably lead to violence:

The story accompanying the video is weird as well. 
Besides the fact that there were four security guard on duty (who has eaten somewhere with security on duty? Not me.), there was this bizarre quote:
Claiming “the Chicago Police Department refuses to show up in a timely manner,” Bailey said he recently offered to pay the city to post an on-duty police unit outside Dinner and a Movie during peak hours. They turned him down, he said.

“They’re being reactive. Everywhere I look, I’m under attack,” he continued. “The structural racism I’m dealing with is if you need police at your business, then the business is the problem.”

Why should police post a patrol car outside his business when so many others operate without a dedicated police unit?

“I have Black customers … There may be something that may occur. What is the demographic of the crime [in Chicago]?” Bailey asked. “Based off the numbers … there are bad people in the bunch. They came in [Saturday] night. We haven’t seen them in eight months.”

“They’re not Black people. They’re aliens and they sneak in,” he continued. “I don’t want Black terrorists. They terrorized my customers and my business.”
Yes, the structural racism of a place that has this menu:

Something and waffles seems to be the menu. Notice they automatically add in an 11% tip because otherwise it is safe to assume their servers are getting 0%.
Their Instagram is full of pictures of black folk and the occasional complaint about the po-leece killing them for no reason at all.

This post is referring to the death of Glenn Foster, a former NFL defensive end listed at 6’4″ and 285 pounds, who was arrested for going 92 in a 45, leading police on a chase, and resisting arrest. He later was charged for assaulting another inmate while trying to steal that inmate’s socks. At some point this guy died while in custody. I guess that is more important than the thousands of blacks killed by other blacks.
Anyway, it might be a good idea to stay clear of any place selling catfish and waffles that automatically adds a gratuity to your check…


  1. JackDup

    Where are they getting the money for the wigs, the clothes, the booze, and the cost of this menu? Maybe this place takes EBT.

    That menu will clog your arteries about as fast as Shaq taking a dump in your toilet.

  2. Xzebek

    Apparently, all efforts to breed the jungle out of the chimps has been unsuccessful. Perhaps it will never be done and they should relocate to a continent more willing to put up with regular chimp outs; the alternative is that their numbers be kept small enough that they have no choice but to acclimate to civilized culture.

  3. 3g4me

    Why any sane White would consciously choose to go to the center of any 'murrican city today – to dine, to see a 'show' or a movie, to shop – eludes me. Stay away from urban areas, stay away from diversity, stay away from crowds. Why pay $25 for industrial processed fast food served by surly diversity, when you can buy a ribeye steak on sale at $6.97 a pound (at least through tomorrow) and cook it at home?

  4. Anonymous

    Incredibly, these melees rarely ever result in hospitalizations or serious injury, despite the ferocity of the ferals involved. Seems they are just as poor at landing punches as they are at aiming pistols. Can't they just bounce a ball or something, instead?

  5. Steve S

    Columbus Ohio early 2000s Waffle House in a high crime area, similar demographics as above. Picking up dinner to go (was working night security nearby) and there was a private security guard inside. White dude in security uniform, standard, one. Except. Armed. 1911 in a western holster. Worn appendix. One black female that entered ahead of me exclaimed "OH now I feel safe." I really had a hard time maintaining professional demeanor. Until I got outside then laughed all the way back.

  6. Mike_C

    What's particularly sad is that Lincoln Park was NOT a neighborhood where you'd expect such an establishment, nor such customers. But there's no such thing as a "good area" of Chicagoland anymore.

    I was in Chicago last month (stayed in the Grant Park area) and it was mostly okay but markers of trouble (apparent to those who know what to look for) were more prevalent than the last time I was there a couple of years ago. Also, the METRA rides from/to O'Hare were notable for a greater number of drugged up and/or mentally unbalanced bums than previously.

  7. Otis D

    I see this demographic is quite schooled in the art of gaslighting. Every problem which exists in their 'society' is self inflicted, yet projected onto whites and the very civilization that supports their parasitic existence.

  8. Otis D.

    They are paid to exist.

    But ironically, they are better suited to survival without civilization than the soft, white suburban class.

  9. CkMarti62

    I think the real question here is, why would anyone want to open a business in the hood, especially a restaurant. They know what's going to happen, right? Or are they actually that unaware??

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