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Busy Easter Weekend For The Fellas

Not everyone celebrates Easter by coloring eggs and eating chocolate bunnies.

A mall

Reports are around 200 people were in the rental, everyone I saw in the video was blaque.
A “lounge”

All told there were at least 11 mass shootings just last weekend in the US according to the Gun Violence Archive. That brings the total this year to 144 mass shootings.

That doesn’t even count the random non-mass shootings all over the place.
Whatever happened to eating ham and giving kids Easter baskets?


  1. Anonymous

    One of those “also-ran” events that did not generate the numbers to rise to the level of being media noteworthy was a chimp-out-with-lead-benefits at the Galleria in Houston. Broad-damned daylight, Easter weekend, and da boyz with da toyz out settling scores in the parking lot. Nothing at all new or unusual there, but the tweets in response to some homie’s posting of the short video are truly enlightening. I sifted through a hundred or more of them, nearly all from blacks, and there were some startling glimpses of self-awareness.

    First of all, the ONLY tweet that brought whypeepo into the conversation was from some fugly mudshark looking to score points with her chosen devils, blaming the governor for his pro-2nd A stance. The vast majority of tweets were from blacks openly critical of “nigga places” that they no longer frequent, now to include the [Shooting] Galleria. One homeboy even referenced “ghetto nigging” as some sort of activity separate and distinct from their usual entertainment (string chamber music recitals and French poetry readings, I am guessing).

    Way too little outrage coming way too late from that community. But it was gratifying nonetheless to see at least some of their numbers growing fed up with the incessant monkeyshines.

  2. Xzebek

    It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that these feral blacks (and they all seem to be when a sufficiently large troop gathers) are genetically and culturally inferior to Caucasians.
    The benefits and success of Western civilization and culture are available to anyone yet the blacks remain almost uniquely recalcitrant in adopting its values and behaviors.

  3. Anonymous

    The city nearest me has doubled in size since 1991. Back then europeans made up over 80% of the city and crime was extremely rare. Now europeans are 60% and crime is endemic. Yesterday had to travel through the city. While sitting in a fast food parking lot saw 4 drug deals hsppen and a pimp send 2 prostitutes off with clients. While africans make up 3% of the city they were 100% of everyone engaged in a crime i witnessed.


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