Saturday, April 30, 2022


Had family obligations in the Buckeye State today plus a ton of work yesterday and this morning so my brain is fried like Hunter Biden's. No pithy thoughts today, need to video game for a bit and then early to bed. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

Elon Is A Hiccup Not A Sea Change

You might think that Elon Musk taking over Twitter is a huge victory for free speech and that the tide has turned.

Shame on you if you believe that given all the we know about Them. 

Maybe Elon will make Twitter a more open forum, maybe not, but in the meantime They are hard at work setting the stage for increased censorship no matter what happens at Twitter. It is happening all the time, all around you. For example....

The great lesson learned by the Left in 2016 is that people still have a spark of independence and if you don't police every thought and utterance, they might go off script. Instead of nominating a sacrificial lamb like Marco Rubio or, snort, John Kasich to lose gracefully to Hillary Clinton, the Normiecons nominated Donald Trump. To add insult to injury, these same people (and a lot of Democrats) showed up and elected Orange Man Bad! The horror! You can be sure that in meetings across the Leftist political machine it was decided that they would never let that happen again. How would they prevent it? By censoring speech that deviated from the agenda. Trump won because his campaign message resonated with people, especially White people. His message got out all over the place. That was the problem. 

Do you think that the ridiculous "Russia, Russia, Russia!" narrative was legitimate or even based on a shred of reality? Of course not. It was a narrative to cast doubt on Trump's election and, this is critical, to create the framework for future censorship and outright theft of the 2020 election. 

Last week Barack Obama published a piece titled: Disinformation Is a Threat to Our Democracy taken from a speech at Stanford.

I don't know if he actually wrote the speech, despite the rhetoric Obama was at best a middling intellect. He was good at delivering a prepared speech that someone else wrote for him. A great thinker? Not hardly.

His speech was timed just a few days before the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk went public. I doubt that is a coincidence. The entire speech is just a series of talking points. Putin Bad, Trump Bad, January 6th was a violent insurrection, America is in danger from White supremacists, etc.

Here is the gist of what he is really saying.

But while content moderation can limit the distribution of clearly dangerous content, it doesn’t go far enough. Users who want to spread disinformation have become experts at pushing right up to the line of what at least published company policies allow. And at those margins, social media platforms tend not to want to do anything, not just because they don’t want to be accused of censorship, because they still have a financial incentive to keep as many users engaged as possible. More importantly, these companies are still way too guarded about how exactly their standards operate, or how their engagement ranking systems influence what goes viral and what doesn’t.

Right now content moderation on social media, other than on Gab and to a lesser extent other alt-tech sites, is entirely one sided. 

Then we get, totally coincidentally again, a new "Disinformation Governance Board" and if that isn't the most Orwellian thing you have heard recently, I don't know what is. 

The news comes two days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk secured a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter

Huh, go figure. This new Governance Board is going to be led by one Nina Jankowicz. According to her website she is "an internationally-recognized expert on disinformation and democratization". Oh really? Here is the 33 year old Jankowicz.....

That is quite the chin. This is the best glam job they can do on her and it didn't really help. 

As far as I can tell, she has never had a real job, just made-up bullshit roles like "disinformation fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center". I am sure that is a totally serious and necessary job. This serious intellectual did a Tiktok video of herself singing a rendition of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins with the lyrics changed to her completely adult understanding of "disinformation". Tucker Carlson rightly tore her apart last night....

He broke out the patented Tucker laugh several times because the whole thing is so ridiculous, including this quote from her book....

Even by Tucker's standards he really smacked her around. She deserved every ounce of mockery and then some. This is the same woman who repeated the bullshit about the Hunter Biden laptop being a "Russian disinformation conspiracy" even though it turned out to not be a hoax but the media pretended it was to protect Biden: WH pick for Big Brother-like disinformation board spread lie about Hunter Biden laptop

Someone who is a complete stooge for the Left is going to decide what is or is not "disinformation" and as Tucker and others have pointed out, the new Ministry Of Truth is part of the Department Of Homeland Security, an armed state security apparatus that does just about everything but securing the homeland. 

Meanwhile as people like Taylor Lorenz are free to doxx people on the Right, we are told that doxxing is bad but only when it happens to good people. When bad people get doxxed, it is "exposing extremists"

That is pretty handy. Here are the rules for people we like and here are completely different rules for people we don't like. Who gets to decide who the "extremists" are or are not? The ADL of course, itself a far-left extremist anti-White hate group.

This is how it has been for decades and Normiecons fume about it but no one does anything about it.

Structurally the system is stacked against anyone on even the most moderate definition of the right-wing. Elon Musk buying Twitter is awesome for the tears it generated and Twitter might be fun again, at least for a short while, but it doesn't change the fact that we are censored and propagandized in ways that the Soviet Union could only dream about. It is only going to get worse and that is why you need those local connections and alternate comms. The life expectancy for blogs like this one are measured in at most a few short years.

Prepare accordingly.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Styx Makes A Good Point Here

The main point is an important one: even with the economy being flooded with trillions in imaginary money, it still contracted. That is a bad sign. Those fake dollars have been keeping the economy afloat for a long time but if that stops working?

Ruh roh.

What passes for an economy in America is debt fueled consumption, both personal debt from made up money and government debt. With a gutted manufacturing base, all we have left is buying cheap goods overseas, marking them up and selling them retail in America. That system might be finally breaking down and if it does, the whole thing goes tits up. The one trick they always employ is the funny money spending. There is not a Plan B but you might not know that unless you also recognize that Plan A is to fly the economy into the ground and then replace that economic and social system with The Great Reset.

It all makes sense when you understand that it is intentional. 

More Great Economic News

Typical solid results from the Biden economic plan.....

Well isn't that just delightful! Things are coming to a head boys, don't get caught watching the paint dry.

The Very Worst People

Allow me to introduce an especially loathsome faggot: Rob Port. Here he is in all of his corpulent soyboy glory:

What a disgusting pig. Here is his email address in case you want to send him some (restrained) fanmail:

Robbie besides being a molten hunk of raw masculinity, is also an anti-White piece of shit. When he isn't watching gay midget porn in nothing but his stained tighty whiteys while stuffing Cheetos in his mouth, he is penning juvenile opinion columns in crayon for The Dickinson Press in North Dakota. 

Allow me to set the stage:

Last summer in 2021, a 14 year old White girl named Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen was out skateboarding in Fargo, North Dakota. She was set upon by a 23 year old black man named Arthur Prince Kollie who proceeded to attack her for over 30 minutes, choking, beating and stabbing her more than 20 times. This is her in the hospital.

Her injuries were so severe that she was eventually declared brain dead and passed away....

This criminal genius was quickly arrested but apparently is so fucking stupid that he asked this question:

When told he was under arrest for robbery and attempted murder, Kollie reportedly responded: “Attempted murder, as is she alive? Or what? What does attempted murder mean?”

This same guy had been arrested a month earlier but was out walking the streets looking for a White girl to murder.

On May 7, he pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm within city limits, possessing a firearm as a felon and possessing drug paraphernalia.

And a month later he is out wandering around? WTF. Fargo is only 2.7% black but Ms. Paulsen was unfortunate to run into one. The other question is whether this guy is perhaps a refugee....

The guy in the picture has an African name and is awfully dark, so it is quite possible. We will never be told. 

This piece of shit pled guilty to her murder, since he was found to have ditched his bloody clothing, the knife and some of the girl's possessions on camera. In other words a conviction was a slam dunk and a jury would likely not take kindly to a man who brutally assaulted a 14 year old girl for half an hour leading to her death. But then in January he successfully requested a new trial because the poor dear suffers from depression. Hey, take a number mother fucker, the rest of us don't stab 14 year old girls to death. The girl's father was obviously upset....

Jupiter’s father, Robert Paulsen, watched the hour-long hearing. Afterward, Paulsen told The Forum he believed Kollie was lying.

At times, Kollie smiled in court, which angered Paulsen.

The father said he just wants justice for his daughter. He understands he can’t do anything about the judge’s decision, but he said Kollie is prolonging the inevitable.

“It angers me the longer it is dragged out,” Paulsen said. “They just need to stop playing games.”

That is not where the story ends. Her father, Robert Paulsen, realized that the system was not going to willingly provide the justice his daughter deserves. So he is doing something about it.

From the story:

Robert Paulsen sat quietly in the Cass County courtroom on Thursday, April 21, while he watched the man charged with killing his daughter get a new chance for a trial.

Beside Paulsen sat friends and supporters, including "pro-white" activist Peter Tefft. In the past, Tefft has been called a white supremacist and a Nazi ; Tefft calls himself a pro-white advocate.

Hours after Thursday's court hearing ended, Paulsen announced he was teaming up with local pro-white activists to find justice for his 14-year-old daughter Jupiter Paulsen, who according to court records was stabbed more than 20 times on June 4 outside of Party City, 4340 13th Ave. S.

They are seeking hate crimes charges for Arthur Prince Kollie, and rightly so.

“My daughter Jupiter deserves justice. Arthur Kollie deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. During today’s hearing, it caused me great pain when I realized our system is as hateful as the man who murdered my daughter,” Paulsen told The Forum following the court hearing.

“That’s why I’ve decided to, with the help of local pro-white advocates, file Fargo anti-white hate crime and bias reports not only against Arthur Kollie for what he did to my daughter, but also against Judge (John) Irby, the Cass County (District) Court, and every individual and institution that is currently terrorizing my family.”...

... Paulsen said he plans to push for Kollie to face the death penalty in federal court.
“From the very beginning in dealing with the state’s attorney, I have insisted that Kollie be punished to the fullest extent of the law. White people have civil rights, and Arthur Kollie has a history of attacking white people. Federal hate crime charges put the death penalty on the table," Paulsen said.

"White people have civil rights". You are goddamn right we do, hell the very concept of civil rights is a White notion. Do you think they understand the concept of "civil rights" in Africa?

This mother fucker should take a long drop at the end of a short rope but more likely he will spend the rest of his life lounging around a prison at the expense of the tax-payers of North Dakota. At age 23 that could easily be a half century of prison time, assuming he doesn't get let out at some point to re-offend.

That brings us to Jabba The Columnist above, Mr. Rob Port. Mr. Port seems to think that a White person standing up for the civil rights of his White daughter with the assistance of a pro-White advocate is "hate"

Port seems far more concerned with White people taking a stand than he is about a 14 year old girl who died in terror after a half hour of being brutalized by a sub-human animal. 

How do people become twisted by hate and bigotry?

It starts from an abyss filled with ineffable pain.

Mr. Kollie is Black, if you hadn't guessed that by now. Jupiter was white, and her father is white. The skin colors of the victim and the accused shouldn't matter. Except people like Mr. Paulsen, and Mr. Tefft, and a majority of the Fargo City Commission, say it does.

Notice that Mr. Port predictably capitalizes black but does not capitalize White. 

Whenever anything happens to any black person, anywhere and for any reason, the race hustlers like Ben Crump show up like flies to a pile of shit. That is OK though because we are supposed to call them things like "civil rights attorneys" and believe they are interested in "justice". Don't be fooled, "civil rights activist" and similar terms are just code for "pro-black advocates". I don't blame them, you should stand up for your people, but when White people do it we get labelled as "twisted by hate and bigotry" by lardasses like Rob Port. 

I despise race hustlers like Benjamin Crump and Tariq Nasheed and Ibrah X. Kendi. I likewise loathe anti-White Jews at places like the ADL and SPLC or the anti-White mestizos at La Raza. I loathe and despise and yes even hate them because they hate me and my people while living lives of relative luxury thanks to the society White people built. However I also understand them. They see White people as rivals and competitors and they place their racial and tribal loyalty first. That is commendable in a way.

Someone like Rob Port who I am ashamed to admit is a White guy, even though he is about the lowest example of a White guy you could find? Self-loathing anti-Whites like him are the lowest of the low. Someone who hates his own people and takes sides against us is trash. They are deserving of a special level of vitriol that even my fairly extensive vocabulary is insufficient to describe. 

Traitors have always been held in the lowest of esteem. Names like Benedict Arnold are infamous for their betrayal. Someday people like Rob Port will be spoken of with the same venom as Arnold and other infamous traitors. They are the worst of the worst. 

Good for Robert Paulsen to take this step and thanks to Peter Tefft for helping him. Not only does he seek justice for his slain daughter but he also helped to flip over a rock and expose the slimy worm named Rob Port. Name their names and remember them. 

Note, please do not Fedpoast in the comments. I understand the anger. Believe me, I do, but let's not aid the censors. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Living In The Past Kills Their Future

In the world of professional civil rights grifters, it is always the Jim Crow South, everywhere in America, every day. While all of the rest of us have moved forward, blacks are stuck in the pre-"Civil Rights" era perpetually. Lynchings are still happening, blacks are prevented from voting, MLK and Malcolm X are dying anew every day. 

This is a topic I have explored before (see: Do We Need A Lynching Memorial And Is It Helpful? ) but it keeps coming back to the forefront. 

The stories are so numerous that they blur together and many get numbed to the fury it should cause: black on White violence that occurs every sixty seconds in America ( Once Every Minute ). For example, this delightful tale:

Dennis Kendrick, a 54 year old White man, was sitting in his car getting ready to leave for work. At the same time a 36 year old black man named Marcus Anthony Nathan received a "threatening text" message but he didn't know who sent it. So of course he went and confronted Mr. Kendrick, because obviously he must have sent it since he was in his car at 3:30 in the morning. During the confrontation Marcus Nathan shot and killed Mr. Kendrick. 

Police determined that Mr. Kendrick did not send the text messages and there is no reason given for why Mr. Nathan thought he did, other than he happened to be in the parking lot at the same time. I guess he doesn't understand that you can send text messages from anywhere, to anywhere. 

Now a man is dead because this imbecile got a text message that upset him. Police recovered six cases from the scene meaning that Mr. Nathan shot or at least shot at Mr. Kendrick a half dozen times.

Meanwhile in the midst of a rising wave of black on black violence, "civil rights leaders" are focused on...trying to have White woman in her late 80s arrested for "kidnapping".

In 1955 Emmett Till at a minimum was harassing a White woman named Carolyn Bryant Donham. She claims he grabbed her. As a result two men abducted Emmett Till, beat the crap out of him and shot him before dumping his body in a river. The two men were acquitted. Ms. Donham has been accused but never charged with being involved by IDing Till to her husband and another man. A warrant was apparently signed out for her arrest but never served and I guess warrants don't expire. Sure no one knows where the warrant might be, if it still exists, and the witnesses are all dead and she is almost 90 and soon to die anyway but let's try to send her to jail for something that happened 67 years ago.

It makes sense to focus on that and not focus on little stuff like rampant black violent crime that is happening all around us right now or that the main "civil rights" movement of our time, bLM, is a giant grift...

Didn't see that coming. 

This is the pattern that keeps repeating. No matter what happens, blacks look at the distant past to excuse away their behavior. Nothing is their fault and they can't be held responsible because they are helpless in the face of prior discrimination.

It also prevents blacks from breaking free from the cycle of dependency and violence. If you can't be held responsible for anything and nothing is your fault, you can't possibly look to the future and that is partly why blacks never have and clearly never will be integrated into Western society. Instead they seek to tear down Western civilization to level the playing field. If everyone is miserable, it makes some people feel a little less miserable. 

What must also be understood is that blacks are manipulated by non-blacks into this endless cycle of "woe is me" self-pity and focus on the past. I will let Malcom X explain briefly but also note that when he talks about "White liberals" he is including a group that presents as White but is not....

There are lessons to be learned here for /ourside/. Endlessly looking to the past because they were better days for us is OK but not at the expense of planning for the real future. Realism must be the order of the day for us. We need to have our eyes on the future and what we can realistically hope to achieve. We aren't going to retake Constantinople anytime soon and we aren't going to win back our country at the ballot box.

To sum it up:

How can you hope to have a future when you endlessly look to the past?

Please do not misunderstand. I believe that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them and that our history and lineage as a people is critical to understand and should be an inspiration to us now. We must ensure that our people never make the same mistakes that have led to our downfall.

Having said that, there is a tendency to bemoan the current day and pine for the days of old, days that will never be replicated. The Normiecons have been pining for the next Reagan since 1988 and seem to forget that Reagan was only a great President when compared to the list of idiots who followed him. 

We must embrace our history and defend it when it is rewritten to slander our people but we must not fall in the trap of always looking backwards. The past belongs in the past, the future belong to us.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Oh The Tears, Those Delicious Tears

With the news breaking yesterday that Twitter was being sold to Elon Musk, who promises to make the platform a free speech outlet again, the meltdown on social media was epic. Overnight Elon Musk replaced Vladimir Putin as the villain of the day.

It is glorious. There hasn't been this much overwrought reeeeing on social media since the 2016 election and he hasn't even done anything yet.

Let's be clear. Elon Musk is not one of us, he is not /ourguy/. Mostly he seems like he is a bit crazy. What he is should be enough though, he is an agent of chaos in many ways like Trump: a goofy billionaire who has enough resources to do crazy crap like becoming President or buying a social media company for $44 billion. 

I don't know if he will make the moderators allow free speech or not. I doubt you will be able to tweet "nigger" on Twitter even with Musk in charge. Maybe old suspended accounts will be reinstated, that would nice so I could have my original account with my real name back although I don't know what I would do with the other half dozen old suspended accounts. At a minimum I expect to see the Babylon Bee reinstated and hopefully Project Veritas and others on the dissident right who have been suspended like Jared Taylor. 

It is a little win for /ourside/ not because Elon is /ourguy/ but because this makes the Left so angry and exposes once again how hypocritical they are. I will bask in the tears, sweet and salty tears, for a day or so but the real fight won't be won on social media.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Somebody Stop Me

In spite of my admonition that You Don't Need Another Handgun I seem to keep picking them up.

Over Easter weekend Palmetto State was running a pretty good sale on their complete Dagger frames including the trigger and fire control group for only $99 and free shipping. All you needed was the slide and barrel. As it happened, they also had one of their nicer slides on sale, one of their RMR-ready with Ameriglo Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Sights for only $129.99. Good deal but I don't really need another handgun.

Then I remembered that I already have an extra Dagger barrel, a threaded barrel no less, thanks to the fiasco that took place in getting my original Dagger (See: What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been). 

So basically for $230 I could get a second Dagger? 


You might recall that I was also sent a free stripped lower while waiting for my original Dagger, which I sold for I think $90 back in the midst of the craziness. So subtracting that from the original purchase price and then adding in the cost of the new slide and frame and I figure I got two Daggers for a grand total of about $450 (plus sales tax). At an average of $225 apiece, that is a good deal. The only downside is that almost any decent RMR red dot I put on the new Dagger will cost more than the gun itself. 

Do as I say, not as I do aside, that was hard to pass up. So I didn't. 

Principles Won't Keep You Warm In The Gulag

A great piece I wanted to draw your attention to over at Cold Fury: When you lose on principle, you’re still a LOSER

Mike takes aim at the "conservative" types who are content or even gleeful when they lose because they can claim to hold the moral high ground. What good are "principles" when you are in a life or death struggle? Even worse, these "principles" and "rules of fair play" have been dictated to us by the same people who want to see you dead and at the same time feel free to ignore the very rules they demand we follow. 

As I commented on Mike's post:

Your principles won’t feed your starving kids and your principles won’t keep you warm in the gulag.

Playing by the rules is fine in sports or board games but in a fight for survival, there is no such thing as a "fair fight". 

Go check out Mike's post and the post he linked to from John Ringo. Good stuff. For more on this topic from yours truly see:

Don't let people who want you and your family exterminated dictate the rules of the fight.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Chimp Out Season Is Just Around The Corner

Last week was crappy weather wise. Next week? Just as crappy although less rain. But this weekend? A little slice of weather nirvana. Right now in northeastern Indiana....

It is a touch windy but we live in a super flat area with not much to break the wind so that is normal. Yesterday was even warmer and sunnier.

You know what that means!

Yep, the fellas are coming out of hibernation and settling scores. As usual the Windy City is setting the pace. According to Hey Jackass! there have been 40 shootings already this weekend, five fatal.

That is already the highest tally for this weekend for the last 9 years and with nice weather for Sunday it will certainly just keep climbing. 

I am sure it is the same in cities across the country. We were greeted by this news story first thing this morning out of our state capital of Indianapolis.

That is a lot of shootings for Indianapolis but given the record setting pace of murders last year, it is likely we will see plenty more before the summer is over.

Some other fun news stories.

The man in question is one Shadeed Abdulmateen who is apparently a teacher and was banging his 21 year old student. She wanted to break it off but agreed to meet with him where he promptly stabbed her to death, learning what American chicks have been learning for a long time: burn the coal, pay the toll. Mr. Abdulmateen in court....

Diversity is soon going to replace armaments as our primary export and it will be just as deadly. 

Then we have this charming story.

A small child in Philadelphia who was the victim of a shooting during a drug deal involving his father and another man in 2019, died on Tuesday, police said.

Yaseem Jenkins, 3, was previously shot four times in the head, chest and lower body when his father Nafes Monroe used him as a “human shield” at just 11-months-old, CBS Philly reported.

The "father" of Yaseem Jenkins (no relation to Leroy Jenkins) apparently would take the child with him on drug deals where he was paying in counterfeit currency, thinking it would make it less likely that the people he was swindling would shoot him. He was incorrect in this case. Not to be callous but I imagine that this child has been on life-support since 2019, paid for by Medicaid, making for an enormous expense. 

To make the story just a little worse, after the shooting the drug dealer who shot Yaseem, one Francisco Ortiz, gave the gun away and it was used almost immediately to kill another child....

Less than 24 hours after Yaseem was shot, the same weapon was used to shoot another baby, police said, according to the New York Post.

Nikolette Rivera, 2, died after suspects shot her in the back of the head while opening fire on her North Philadelphia home. Investigators say Ortiz gave the killers in the subsequent homicide the firearm he used to shoot Yaseem, according to CBS Philly.

Here is Ortiz....

....and here is man accused of using his gun to kill the child, one Freddie Perez.

Just a trainwreck all around and it is only going to get warmer.

Deism: The Great Religious Reordering Of The West

The West is in the midst of the greatest religious reordering since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in 1517. At the time that Luther asked those questions the church in Rome held totally domination over Christendom. Straying from declared orthodoxy could be and often was lethal. Once the fuse was lit in 1517, nothing could stop it. The end result was a massive schism in the Christian faith in the West rivaled only by the Great Schism between West and East in 1054. Some of Europe remained Roman Catholic while other parts became Protestant. What you were depended mostly on where you lived. Many of the political boundaries and wars in Europe can be directly traced to which religious tradition a nation followed.

In the United States we saw the first attempt to blend European ethnic and religious groups, mostly with success although it took a long time. My Polish father marrying my Irish mother caused some grumbling in both families but by the time I was a teen and young adult those ethnic differences didn't mean as much. Apart from recent immigrants you are hard-pressed to find an ethnically pure White person in America, most of us are a blend of various European ancestry. 

For most of the history of the United States, our people were marked by their religiosity if not their devotion. In general that public religiosity has been some form of cultural Christianity, Roman Catholic or Protestant. There have always been outliers, Eastern Orthodox in ethnic enclaves or the smaller sects like Quakers and the various Anabaptists such as Amish and Mennonites. Jews have been here for a long time in small numbers and Muslims have increasingly become part of the religious tapestry but mostly the religious conversation in America is culturally Christian. Easter and Christmas are big holidays with Christian connections (yes I know that there is some dispute over that). If you wanted to be President you usually had to show at least some level of public religious devotion. This chart shows the religious backgrounds of Presidents through 2009. 

Trump is listed elsewhere as a "Protestant" but I have always found his newfound religious faith very suspect. Of 46 U.S. Presidents only three have had no formal religious affiliation: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. That is interesting in that two of the those are some of the most famous Presidents in our nation's history, having their own monuments and are featured on Mt. Rushmore. 

But a change is brewing in American religious landscape and it will deeply impact our public life. I saw this tweet the other day....

One million members probably equates to a few hundred thousand actual active members who attend church more than on Christmas and Easter. 

Mainline Christianity is nearly dead in America and yet that is the affiliation of most Americans, especially most Presidents, for most of our history. It played an enormous role in our political process. The Episcopal Church was once known as the Republican Party at prayer, that is the GOP was the East Coast, WASP, well to do party while the Democrats were the ethnic Catholic working class. 

Today things are completely different. In a recent post, The Dissident and the Christian, The Zman made this statement...

It is fair to say that this is the worst time for Christians and Christianity in the West since the Roman empire. In order to promote equality, liberal democracy has created protected classes of people who cannot be criticized. The other side of this are people who must me mocked and ridiculed. Christians were the first group placed in this category and remain the popular object of ridicule in the West. There is no prohibition against overt hatred of Christians in most Western countries.

But then he makes this point.

It is not all bad news for Christianity. The faithful are slowly realizing that for their faith to survive this age, it must live outside this age. Christians are reverting to what all persecuted minorities must do. They are learning to live in the shadows and think of themselves as the outsider. 

This is something I wrote about a lot on my old blog. The Christian faith is not really designed for comfort and power, it was in the beginning an outcast, persecuted faith. At some point the Christians stopped being the persecuted and took over the halls of power, in turning becoming the persecutor. Most of the Christian martyrs in Europe were murdered by others claiming to be Christians. The church in Europe and North America bears little resemblance to the church of the first few hundred years. However, as the marginally believing church members drift away and being a Christian carries with it some real social cost, what remains of the church will be far stronger. 

This can have a profound impact on the world of dissident politics. Again from The Zman...

This presents a challenge and an opportunity in dissident politics....

....there is a slow rapprochement between the secular dissidents and the growing number of dissident Christians. The former is coming to understand the defining role not just of belief but of structured rational belief. The latter is coming to terms with the reality of their situation. For the West to survive and resurrect itself after the horrors of liberal democracy, it will need a new set of core beliefs, based in the old ways shaped by the experience of the crisis.

For me as a former Christian who still deeply believes in a Creator, this gives me a lot of hope. 

I still see far too much religious squabbling among the dissident right, especially on Gab where you can still call someone a faggot. Many Deus Volt Christians scorn the "pagan unbelievers" on the dissident right while some of those who are more like me on the spectrum of faith distinct from organized religion, whether deists or pagans or agnostics, call dissident Christians slurs like "Christ-cucks". It is incredibly counter-productive and I assume many of those who are doing this are either Leftists with sock puppet accounts or Feds. 

Without the support of the powers that be in society, *actual* Christians are going to be out in wilderness. They will find many other marginalized dissident groups out there. They will have a choice to either be willing to accept our differences and work together for the survival of our people or see themselves wiped out, often by non-Whites who claim to be of the same faith.

In no way am I suggesting that dissident Christians compromise their faith, simply to recognize that our people must band together if we are to survive the great winnowing that is coming. As a people we share a common enemy and for the sake of our people we must work together despite our differences. The great religious reordering of the West makes this a priority for the future.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Activate The Memory Hole!

Mass shootings happen all the time but they usually happen in places where the peasants live like Chicago or New Orleans or St. Louis. Yesterday? There was an "active shooter" but to the horror of the beautiful people, it happened in Coruscant, aka Sodom-On-The-Potomac , aka Washington D.C.! The shooting took place around here apparently.

There are some embassies in the area, minor ones like the Netherland, Jordan and Croatia. The Howard University School of Law that churns out personal injury and "civil rights" lawyers who couldn't get into real law schools is also nearby. 

Anyway the shooter was in a "sniper-type setup" according to D.C. police chief Robert Contee, a diversity hire chief of color. The shooter is quite the skilled "sniper" who managed to wound four people. Here is his "arsenal"....

Apparently he attended the D'Angelo Tyrone D'Quandro Smith school of shooting. Any halfway competent shooter with those would have racked up a significant body count, unless he was a Fed wind-up toy that went off early. 

This was all over the news last evening but it is going to fade in a big hurry because while the alleged shooter who is now apparently deceased has an innocuous White sounding name, Raymond Spencer, and was 23 years old, pictures surfaced of Spencer from the D.C. police and other outlets.....

Oops! With that name I will hazard a guess he was an adopted mestizo from some well-to-do White family that reverted to his roots. Even more amusing, in the background of the photo of his guns, look at the wall...

Here it is closer and lighter...

No that is not Worf, the Klingon from Star Trek: The Next Generation. That is "Yakub".

Who is Yakub you might ask? He is an imaginary "black scientist" with an enormous head who created the White race...according to the scientists and theologians of the Nation of Islam. Long story short, Mr. Yakub through a process called "grafting" selectively bred the White race. According to this legend, created wholecloth by the founder of the Nation Of Islam, Wallace Fard Muhammad, Whites were violent and barbaric savages but somehow managed to overcome the wise black people through "tricknology". I am not making that up. You can read more about how the White debbil use dey "tricknology" to fool black peepo in this fascinating article: Tricknology – White Supremacy, Privilege, and Covert Racism. For more about Yakub, read the Wikipedia article above or this one, National Geographic Proves Teaching on Mr. Yakub, which is a real hoot. 

This nonsense is used to explain why the super smart black people suddenly were overthrown and enslaved by the devilish, savage White man and lots of blacks really believe this crap. 

Anyway, I am sure there is a fascinating story that we will never hear as to why a mestizo with a White name has a poster of a mythical figure from the Nation Of Islam on his apartment wall. 

You can see why this one is going to end up swirling down the memory hole in record time.

One Gorillion!

Overnight my humble little blog hit a milestone.

Just over one million page views. 

I started Dissident Thoughts on April 6, 2018 after shutting down my old blog The Voice Of One Crying Out In Suburbia. It took a while to catch on but thanks to links from some of my favorite bloggers I have a solid core of regular readers. Thanks to all who link here, no surprise to me that Western Rifle Shooters Association is the number one referring website, when my stuff is linked there my views go through the roof. Normal American is a close second and his blog aggregator is a must-bookmark resource for naughty thoughts. Eaton Rapids Joe and Mike at Cold Fury round out the top ten, non-search engine, sources and I also know from conversations that lots of people, and especially my most regular readers and commenters, have followed me here from John Wilder's blog and of course Big Country Expat's secret lair. 

While the blog has been around for five years, three quarters of my total page views have come in the last 12 months.

What is even more important to me are the 6704 comments I have received. While I don't know how many of those page views are just bots, almost all of the comments I get are from real people and although I do a very poor job responding to them all, I do read them all. Comments in reply to posts indicate that real people are really reading what I am writing and that is immensely gratifying. While my impulse to write has always been to work out issues I am thinking through in a public setting, sort of an online stream of consciousness, I have come to really appreciate the online community we have formed in the midst of clown world. It has even been nice to make the online acquaintance of so many members of the Federal law enforcement community. 

Being a very, very small fish in the dissident right, extreme right-wing, whatever you call it, blogosphere is pretty humbling. I know lots of better known bloggers on /ourside/ get that many page views or more in a year, maybe in a month. No one is a bigger critic of my writing than I am, and I have been blogging for the better part of this century (since 2004). I am just glad to be a small voice and I hope what I write makes a difference.

Now my big concern is that this blog and most like it are in real danger of being silenced online. Censorship to date has been mild, but there is more to come and it won't be pretty. The war for the survival of our people and civilization itself is only going to get uglier.

Onward and upward brothers. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

The Mass Shooter Slander

I wanted to direct your attention to this story from VDare that once more shows the depth of the lies we are told about the "typical mass shooter", specifically that the majority of mass shooters in America are young White men.

Of course, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, black mass shooters are not where law enforcement is concentrating....

This year, the FBI’s “domestic terror” wing has allocated $101.2 million for “domestic terror,” most of it earmarked for investigating “White Supremacists” and “Militia Extremists.”

At the same time, the 2022 budget overview of the FBI’s plan for countering minority gun crime prioritizes “promoting criminal and juvenile system reform” that emphasizes “alternatives to incarceration” and “addressing hate crimes.”

In other words, the Feds will do nothing to address black mass shootings, and instead go on a snipe hunt for “white supremacists”––which we all know is code for anyone who doesn’t think too much of the Leftist Deep State and its infernal MSM Information Ministry.

Nothing new here for diligent readers of Dissident Thoughts. I assume we all know that almost all mass shooters are non-White. Even the Coruscant Times, aka The Washington Post, is admitting the disproportionate rate of black shootings....

You have to go way down into the article to find it but finally you get the begrudging admission that at least in Columbus what we all know really is true:

Homicides in Columbus, however, reached a record in 2021, prompting Ginther, the mayor, to call gun violence a “public health crisis” this year.

Nine out of 10 homicides in the city last year involved a firearm, he said in an interview, and 80 percent of the victims and perpetrators were African American men under the age of 40.

Let's keep in mind that Columbus, Ohio is a city of just under a million people and it around 29% black.

29% black but 80% of the killers in 2021 were black. 

I have to admit being shocked that they even printed that.

Another worthwhile post to check out from VDare:

This is fairly typical, in prior years we saw something similar in St. Louis, another city where black gun violence is rampant.

I point this out because you won't have to look far on social media to find some imbecile who claims that most mass shooters are White. You won't convince them with these stats but others reading the thread might be convinced of the fact that mass shootings are mostly committed by blacks. I often will point out the total number of mass shootings so far in the year and ask how many they have heard of and why they don't hear more about them. 

There certainly are White mass shooters and they tend to have a much higher body count and kill/wounded ratio but they are the rare exception to what is otherwise a black thang.

Tucker Must Be Reading The Ol' Blog Again

Tucker's segment last night talks about the enormous increase in black traffic deaths because cops have stopped pulling black people over, as well as the general rise in violent crime across the country. It ties in nicely with my post Their Intentions Have Never Been More Clear.

The choicest clip was from L.A. where an older black guy got out of his car and was shot by a younger black guy in the back of the head. The killer then searched him and stole the phone from his body while a witness just watched it all happen. Then two more black guys wander by and see the dead guy and immediately call 911 and try to render aid. Just kidding! They also searched the corpse and took the deceased man's wallet. 

Those are not the actions of human beings but they will almost certainly get away with it. 

I wonder how much longer normies will be able to ignore black crime in America. Based on past experience, a lot longer.

Another Deal Alert

Also from Palmetto State and I still don't get anything if you buy it.

On sale, the CMC Single Stage Tactical flat trigger with a 2-2.5 pull for $119.99 and free shipping. 

That is cheaper that any of my wholesale distributors so I ordered one for me to go in my Pimp My Rifle project.

Do with that info what you will.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Grift Of The Century

Big Country has an excellent post up about the 'Kraine, the most important topic of the day and one most of us are sick to death of talking about. The post, So Now What?, is one of those valuable essays that comes from the mind of someone with *actual* military experience. The gist is pretty simple but worth reading the whole thing: we are supposedly giving all of this high tech gear to Ukraine but who is teaching them to use unfamiliar weapons systems and where are they training them in the middle of a war? The example he uses is artillery. Now I can *probably* figure out how to load and fire an artillery piece if no one is shooting at me but aiming the damn thing? Not so much. 

Give someone a wagonload of swords and they can figure them out pretty quickly, if not proficiently. State of the art artillery? Yeah....

What about all of that ammo American munitions manufacturers are supposedly sending to Ukraine, like Federal? 

How is that getting distributed to the "troops" on the front line?

Don't know. 

All of this military aid being sent to Ukraine, to the tune of billions of your tax dollars?

President Joe Biden will announce a new military aid package to Ukraine, which is expected to look similar to the $800 million in assistance that the U.S. released a week ago.

We are just dumping hundreds of million in "aid" into this country and then expecting it will magically be used to smite the invading Cossacks. 

Where is it going? How is it getting there? Who is making sure it gets distributed to the Ukrainian troops and not out the backdoor? 

Don't know.

Ukraine was considered one of the most corrupt nations in Europe and that was before Vodka Man Bad sent in the troops. Do you really think that this high tech equipment is all being safely delivered to Ukrainian solders on the front line?

Spoiler alert, it almost certainly isn't all making it there and it wouldn't surprise me if virtually none of it was actually being used by the Ukrainian armedforces. For example:

A US official said the White House has “almost zero” ability to track the weapons it is sending to Ukraine. So far, President Joe Biden has approved over $3 billion in arms shipments to Kiev.
Speaking with CNN about the weapons, one source said, “we have fidelity for a short time, but when it enters the fog of war, we have almost zero. It drops into a big black hole, and you have almost no sense of it at all after a short period of time.”

The source said the US lacked personnel “on the ground,” making it nearly impossible to track the movement of weapons. Another source told CNN Ukraine was incentivized to lie to get access to more weapons, saying “It’s a war – every statement is an information operation, every interview. Every Zelensky appearance broadcast is an information operation.”

It would be perfectly reasonable to think that much of this weaponry is simply being unloaded from NATO trucks and onto trucks owned by criminals to be sold to the highest bidder.

It reminds me of the hustle during the Boston "Big Dig" project where the corruption was legendary and not a few people were arrested.

BOSTON (AP) — A Big Dig construction supervisor faces charges of stealing tons of steel from the massive downtown Boston highway project.

A site foreman on the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel project, Mark S. Elliott, is accused of having steel purchased by a Big Dig contractor loaded onto trucks and taken to scrap yards, where it was sold, The Boston Globe reported today.

How it worked, the Big Dig would buy a bunch of brand new steel for the project, it would be delivered and then promptly loaded right back onto different trucks to be sold as scrap metal. It wasn't "scrap", it was brand new steel but the project was so enormous, originally budgeted at around $2.8 billion but actually coming in at over $8 billion, that the amount of graft and fraud was enormous and will never be known.

That was in Boston. Imagine what it is like in Ukraine with zero oversight and accountability. You think these Ukrainian crime lords care about losing a little territory in the east when they can make millions selling U.S. arms to criminals and terrorists? 

This whole war has the stench of a money printing machine for the elites with lots of dead White people as an added bonus. The cheerleaders on both sides haven't a clue that this entire thing is a giant scam.

2020 Was Just A Trial Run

In my half century of life on this clown car called Earth, I have seen lots of ups and downs but nothing was quite as awful as 2020. For most people it was a nightmare of burning cities, lockdowns, economic devastation, endless "Covid death" scoreboards, mask mandates and restrictions on the most basic human interactions. Between the "vaccine" long term health effects and the emotional trauma of the lockdowns, masking and social distancing, the ramifications of this fiasco will echo for many years to come. 

Looking back in April of 2022, it can seem like we are through the worst of it. Mask mandates are being shot down left and right. No one pays attention to social distancing rules. Testing and vaccination centers are closing down. Life is approaching normal. Many people are breathing signs of relief, thinking that they are free and clear of this nonsense. 

Don't be fooled. 

With each passing month it is becoming more apparent that Covid-19 was a trial run of sorts, whether it was a fortuitous accident in China that was manipulated by the elites or whether it was intentional from creation to "escape" to response. The response to Covid-19 has all the earmarks of being a test to see how people would react, how quickly they would comply and how far they could be pushed. By any measure the results are delightful to would be tyrants. The willingness and often even eagerness of so many Americans and people in the West to slavishly comply with each new indignity and often beg for even more restrictions on their lives to be imposed was revolting and alarming. For anyone who had wondered how it was so seemingly simple for the East German Stasi to get Germans to inform on each other, the answer should be starkly clear: lots of people love having a boot on their neck, especially if they can make others suffer at the same time. 

This brings me, as is so often the case, back to The Great Reset, the nightmarish dream of the global elites to recreate human society and even humanity itself in their own image. 

In order to effect The Great Reset, several things have to happen.

One is a cataclysm to all of the global structures that have sustained civil society for the last century. Some of these cataclysmic steps are slow moving, for example the infiltration and intentional degradation of the educational system and the Christian faith. Others are happening more suddenly, most obviously the economic collapse that appears to be cresting like a tidal wave that will see the U.S. dollar replaced as the world's safe haven reserve currency at the same time the U.S. itself is toppled from her perch as the world's economic superpower. Only once the existing structures have failed can a new, glorious order replace it with a technocratic feudalism. 

Two, the people who are most likely to cause problems for the plan, specifically heritage Americans, need to have a reflexive obedience to authoritarian dictates, no matter how damaging and ridiculous. Why else would we see ludicrous decisions like the extension of the mask mandate on planes for two weeks? There is no plausible explanation for this two week extension that was thankfully tossed out other than the simple fact that the requirement to wear masks is ritualistic humiliation intended to crush independent thought and action via government diktat and social shaming. They wanted to make you keep wearing paper masks on an airplane for no other reason than they could.

Three, the global population needs to be reduced by a significant percentage. We have already seen this happening in the West with the multiprong assault on White and East Asian families such that we now have most White and East Asian nations at below replacement levels of reproduction. The tools they used are myriad but we know many of them: rising costs for housing and the raising of children, shaming women away from their natural calling as mothers, easy divorce, contraception, abortion and of course the push to pervert our children into homosexuality, transvestitism and other once unimaginable degeneracy that reduce human sexuality into a sterile perversion of it's natural function. 

All that remains now is for the last, big push that will topple society and leave people clamoring for something, anything, to stem the chaos. 

As usual, the powers that be are openly telegraphing what they are going to do and "The Big One" might be closer than you think. Enter Dr. Robert Redfield, the former director of the CDC under Donald Trump. Dr. Redfield recently made an appearance where he issued an ominous prediction:

The full quote is available in this article The Next ‘Great Pandemic:’ Astronomical Death Counts Now Being Telegraphed and Marketed to the Public but I will copy it here. Read these words carefully:

“Yeah, I think we have to recognize – I’ve always said that I think the Covid pandemic was a wakeup call. I don’t believe it’s the great pandemic.”

“I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and that’s going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It’s gonna have significant mortality in the 10-50% range. It’s gonna be trouble.”

Robert Redfield—Former CDC Director, March 30th, 2022 interview with Doug McKelway on “Center Point”

Even 10% global mortality would mean numbers like 600 million dead. 

There are a couple of choice quotes that I want to share from the linked article. First....

Every announcement and every warning by the state is by design, as nothing is what it seems, and all is based on the indoctrination and psychological manipulation of the public in advance, so as to lessen the risk of exposure to the state once any real weaponized ‘virus’ is released, or any fake pandemic scenario is announced.

Very true. They can say "well, we warned you!" without having to explain how they always seem to know when a disaster is coming, because that might suggest they know it is coming because they engineered it in the first place. As the author wrote later in the piece:

How can they predict the exact future? It is because they are perpetrating and purposely creating that future. This is what should be called the plan to commit criminal mass genocide.

They tell you what will happen, they make it happen and then they declare that only they can fix it but it will require your complete obedience to every order and dictate. Another important quote:

What is going on here is not just about another pandemic conspiracy, it is also part of the plot to vastly curtail the food supply, all in the guise of animal transmission of a human lab manufactured bioweapon called ‘avian bird flu.’ By targeting animals as a risk to spread flu to humans, the slaughter of domesticated and wild animals will gain more support from this ignorant population. The elimination of meat as a food source in favor of lab grown GMO poison is now being pursued actively, as the regulation, control, and eradication of private farms and ranches is now underway. This can eventually lead only to corporate farms in strict adherence to government and pharmaceutical guidelines meant to destroy the quality and quantity of our food supply.

If you think food prices are crazy now, you ain't seen nothing yet. 

Bird flu, awful wheat harvests, new Covid lockdowns in China, the war in Ukraine. Ugly all around.

And gas prices are potentially going to leap upward again....

All of this spells more human misery and suffering, on a scale we haven't seen since World War II and likely it will be much worse. What makes it even more evil is that it is intentional. Those who survive are facing a grim, dystopian future that might make the old saying true, the living will envy the dead.

I've said it before. The near term future is going to make us look back on 2020 as "The Good Old Days" when we were just in the "Mass Genocide Qualifying Lap" stage.