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Whookah Can It Be Now?

The completely ignored mass shooting in Vegas over the weekend where 14 people were shot with one killed now has a name to go with the death: 

The person killed in a shooting at a Las Vegas hookah lounge over the weekend that left 13 other people injured has been identified.

According to the Clark County Coroner’s Office, Demetreus Beard, 33, died from multiple gunshot wounds.
This is apparently Demetreus…

He looks like a nice fella and not at all what I expected to see. Also why do people get tats on their damn face? That must hurt like hell and 100% of the time it looks stupid. 
How did this all go down?
According to Metro police, there was a party at the lounge and a fight broke out between two people which resulted in gunfire being exchanged. In all, 14 people were shot, two are in critical condition. Beard was pronounced dead at the scene.
How predictable and tiresome. Two black guys get into a tussle and instead of taking it outside and fighting like men over this squabble, they apparently both pulled guns in a crowded lounge and started shooting. Was the dead guy one of the guys fighting? No idea, it is just as likely he was a by-stander. When two brothas start to shoot at each other and 14 people get shot, the job of untangling the mess can be difficult. 
I’ll keep an eye on the story but I doubt you will see much about it unless you are specifically looking or maybe live in Vegas.
14 people shot in an American city and the media that is oh so concerned with “gun violence” pretty much yawns in response. It almost seems like their primary concern is not “gun violence” after all….


  1. Xzebek

    Black crime will always be ignored or downplayed. Episodes such as this highlight the propensity of black culture to resort to mayhem for any insignificant reason. Fortunately the marksmanship is as poor as the impulse control in many situations.
    This culture will not lead to success or long life and needs to be mocked denigrated and shunned by society at large. It is inferior and must be treated as such.

  2. Arthur Sido

    I wouldn't say fortunately, there are 13 people in the hospital with gunshot wounds who will be hugely expensive to care for, all on government assistance no doubt. If they were better shots it would save a ton of money on medical care.

  3. Anonymous

    This *was* apparently Demetreus…


    I sure hope that someone was responsible enough to alert the various departments of social services that Mssr. Demetreus Beard is no longer counted among the living. Lord knows it would be quite an insult to the gentleman's legacy if material benefits continued to be inadvertently drawn in his name.

    In all seriousness, who looks after that sort of thing? Do social services keep an ear out and an eye on the obits for opportunities to remove deadified homeboys and -girls from the ranks of those who suckle the teat? Or would that be just another make-work civil service job for some low-IQ affirmative action hire, utterly defeating the purpose?

  4. Arthur Sido

    The social services people we have encountered over the year most seemed concerned with getting as many people signed up as possible, I doubt they would care enough to follow up on room temperature types and in fact might look the other way to keep the rolls as full as possible.

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