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Wheat Welp

Looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking about getting some wheat yesterday. The mormon online store is out of both red and white wheat.

Also at Amazon, Auguson Farms more expensive option? Also gone as is their larger bag of wheat.

You know how things spiral out of control like this. Consider yourself notified.


  1. E M Johnson

    wife and I not into baking etc focused on beans & rice, seasoning, lotsa canned chicken/tuna & veggies. we're ok for a good while…I think so but who knows. ebt riots? yea but cities are far away for that reason.

  2. Greg

    I ordered yesterday shortly after your posting the links, and my order went through even though saying "temporarily out of stock". We'll see if any of it comes through. So far, no email cancelling any of it. Thanks again for the links.

  3. 3g4me

    For bulk quantities consider Azure Standard. Also Anthony's Goods and Pleasant Hill Grain. And Freeze-Dried Wholesaler's prices are going up today 4-12%. And for standard quantities, there's still plenty in the store here at DFW burbs. It's a balance, as always, between how much of what for how long, and at what cost and where to put it.

  4. Arthur Sido

    YW, I think they take orders "ahead" and ship as they fulfill them. I would guess knowing what I do about their organization that they have people volunteering to fill these cans, you can also use their canning stuff if there is a "storehouse" near you.

  5. BigCountryExpat

    Thanks for those sites… just ordered a case of the Ground Beef (21 lbs +/-) for $150. Sapper split the cost but 21 pounds? Of long term canned cooked ground beef? That'll keep us fat for a few weeks at least when added to the rice and veggies…

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