Tuesday, March 8, 2022

What Must Be Understood

Amid all of the news, and all of it pretty bad, I saw what by any measure is a bizarre development getting little attention in the blizzard of other news.

The Biden administration is proposing stronger pollution regulations for new tractor-trailer rigs that would clean up smoky diesel engines and encourage new technologies during the next two decades.

The proposal released Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency would require the industry to cut smog-and-soot-forming nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 90% per truck over current standards by 2031. The emissions can cause respiratory problems in humans.

New rules would start in 2027 to limit the emissions from nearly 27 million heavy trucks and buses nationwide.

This doesn't really have that big of an impact and doesn't even kick in for five years. Still you might wonder why they would be releasing these new rules that are sure to make trucking more expensive right as the economy is already reeling, inflation is out of control and fuel prices are going up already by leaps and bounds. Diesel which fuels semis is racing ahead of gas and is likely to hit $5 today.

With this all happening, why would any politician authorize the release of new regulations that would certainly make freight expenses even higher at a time when freight charges are already going to rise drastically? It makes no sense.

Unless it does. 

There are two things to understand, one leading to the other.

First, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, none of these people are making any decisions. Biden can't control his bowel movements and Nancy is drunk 24-7 and rubs her hands together like a house fly.

Seriously, WTF is she doing? Even when Trump was in office he wasn't calling the shots, that dude got played like a fiddle for four years and still doesn't realize it. Lots of his cult members don't get it either.

There are people who are pulling the strings and you and I don't even know most of their names. Sure we know some like George Soros and Klaus Schwab but many of them aren't known at all. That doesn't mean they aren't in control, in fact it speaks to their power that they don't want to be seen. That might sound a little tinfoil hat but after the last couple of years, you would have to be crazy to not have tinfoil firmly formed around your head.

Second, these people want the global economy to collapse and the reason is something we have heard about before. It goes by many names and has seen many iterations but it is called in this dispensation The Great Reset (see: The Great Reset: A Solution In Search Of A Crisis and The Great Reset: Why Bother?).

The goal is nothing less than tearing down the existing social system and replacing it with a new global governance that they control. The problem? People aren't very interested in tearing down the system when it is mostly working for them. Content people aren't all that open to radical reshaping of society.

To overcome this aversion, it is necessary to make people less content, less comfortable and willing to embrace something, anything, to make it better. Would Hitler have become the leader of Germany if things were going great in Weimar? Probably not. The conditions that existed were so intolerable that it made the German people eager to go along with anyone who promised to fix it. As it happened, Moustache Man Bad did actually fix a lot of what was wrong with Germany although he did have a few blemishes on his record, but you probably never heard about those. They should make a movie about it or something.

In present times that looks mostly like inflating prices out of reach coupled with growing shortages in crucial areas like automobiles and food. Throw in civil instability via raging crime. Maybe add in a war or two and an obviously out of touch and incompetent "president"? Suddenly you have the recipe for people to say enough is enough and those people will be far more open to whatever the globalists tell them will fix things. Have you noticed that despite prices rising since the Childsniffer-in-Chief took office that no one is talking about a "stimulus" package? They even let the prepaid child tax credit expire, something I think they did intentionally after getting people used to it. Who is talking about a universal basic income or increasing the minimum wage now? Andrew Yang has disappeared.

The squeeze will soon get to be unbearable and that is precisely how they want the sheep, upset and confused and ready to accept anything to get things back to "normal". To get there is going to require a whole lot of pain and suffering along the way. The people pushing for The Great Reset don't mind at all if achieving their agenda means massive suffering and loss of life, in fact they are counting on it. That means people like you and me are going to get kicked in the junk.

Bad times are coming. Better get used to eating wasteland lizard. Chock full of protein, nutrients and radiation!


  1. Nancy: Tardive Dyskinesia. Suspect she is on psych meds. Side effect.

  2. I think since the rule goes into effect in a few years, maybe it's just a "feel good" thing to placate the tree-hugging base right now. And trying to piss off the folks who can see the effect something this stupid would have. A lot of the crap coming out of the District of Criminals seems like is trying to incite something....

    1. Quite possibly, the demand for domestic terrorism always outstrips the supply.

  3. Regardless of hidden actors (who wants to be a public target when you're destroying the world?) it's pretty much going along with published agendas of New. World. Order. Including living in cities / microhousing. Latest from Australia, the recent mass flooding has the gov declaring /the people/ can't rebuild there because it's floodplain now. Sorry, you have to move to the cities. Never mind there's indications the crazy rainfall may have been from seeding. Total conspiracy theory.

    1. Trapping people in cities makes them more dependent on gov't so that is a major pillar of the plan

    2. I've been watching the cloud seeding videos too. Other factors to consider; simple corruption in NSW planning. I'm not familiar with the local restrictions on the North Coast, but in my area, developers are building high density housing estates on peri-urban farmlands at an unprecedented rate. These farmlands are farmlands because they are also floodplains and traditionally were NOT ALLOWED for housing - let alone high density estates - because they historically flood every few decades. We are the Land of Droughts and Flooding Rains but nothing to see here. Obviously concreting over paddocks worsens potential flooding downstream, as does damming our major rivers and controlling flow rates.

      We also have an unprecedented push to eliminate all coal & LPG "to save the climate". Our power stations are nearly all coal fired and our govts are trumpeting how they are shutting down much faster than scheduled. The kicker is we have nothing at all to replace them.

      In far western NSW & SA we have vast deposits of uranium. Anyone notice our PM boasting about planning to create NUCLEAR SUBMARINE BASES yesterday?

      Point 1 - make all perfectly normal, completely natural climate events logarithmically worse than needed. Oh look - climate change.

      Point 2 - induce the population to migrate into the cities.

      Point 3 - totally destroy our coal, petroleum and LPG industries to save us from "climate change".

      Point 4 - Darwin & Newcastle harbour leased to the Chinese.

      Point 5 - nuclear power is allegedly "greenhouse friendly", and is being touted as being our saviour from "climate change". Shame no one remembers Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima et al.

      Point 6 - openly seeking bases for nuclear subs.

      I wonder where this is headed eh ?

  4. longtime truck driver here: The rules (If we make it that far, which i doubt) are a big deal. The last set of emissions rules did knock CAT out of the engine business, almost bankrupted International (navistar) and has added hugely to truck costs.

    Ask any diesel mechanic. 80% of their work is emissions related.

    Used to be a truck could be bought used at 500,000 miles, put some money into it and you're good for another 500k Now it's a giant black hole of endless (and extremely expensive) emissions issues.

    Ever notice there are a lot more truck fires than there used to be? That's because of the DPF system which gets really hot to burn off captured soot (and has to be replaced every 400k miles at a cost of $5000 or so) and gets as you would expect, insanely hot.

    It's another HUGE cost with no benefits that will wipe out even more of the smaller companies.

    1. I am sure that isn't intentional or anything, not like they want to replace American truckers with Mexicans or anything.

  5. I think a big problem with these type of regulations, is that they're dreamed up and written by people with ZERO practical experience in the area.
    They have A "problem" that demands A "solution", and that is all they are concerned with. If their "solution" takes care of their "problem", all is well. Even if it causes countless real problems downstream for the peons.
    I'm sure the super-geniuses that wrote this stuff haven't the slightest idea how diesel engines operate, or how shipping operations work. And why should they, they're IN CHARGE, not responsible...There is a big difference.

    1. jl, there was a time I would have agreed with you. And there is still likely some truth to it as bureaucracies have to do more inane things to justify themselves and grow ever larger. I believe we are far beyond just utter fools failing upwards. It seems crystal clear we are under attack, and crap like this is the means of that war now. Too coordinated, too "on message" despite it being so transparent that the goal is destruction of our way of life.
      I suspect whomever the string-pullers are have decided that after many decades of us all getting used to the people that know nothing about what they deem to change, still changing it, they figure that will satisfy our well conditioned minds.
      That, or they simply go don't give a damn anymore what we see/think and will proceed anyway. ~~dirtroadlivin

  6. anyone else remember the big antrax scare a few years back. it was funny as hell watching all those assholes running their asses off trying to get away. the big a, by the way, is a joke. you damn near have to snort the shit to get it. to do a city like the dump of clowns, one would need to shovel it out of the backs of a fleet of planes remember. terror weapons are designed to create terror= you stop thinking and just run/react/die in the mob rushing to get away.
    the major problem is that these fuckers have gotten away with so much, they think/know they are above the law. like how everyone HAD to get the vax, but congress and the fucking post office (?)
    if that shit worked the way they say it does, we be the LAST to get it. "they" would demanded that shit before us, bet on it. so, no. THEY FUCKING KNEW IT DIDN'T WORK.
    and here another thing, why do we have bio labs in uke land ? are they doing shit they should not ?
    if I remember right, one of the good things that nixon did was to shut down bio warfare shit in this country. just hope this old fart lives long enough to see they get just what they have coming.
    that will be time for popcorn and beer for sure.

  7. They want to do everything possible, at any cost, to shut down all fossil fuel usage.

  8. https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/2096381799/Covidism---Ukraine I wouldn't trade her for a 1000 Nancy Pelosi's-regardless of power, money, status, open bar or free ice cream. It's a real mess, huh?

  9. a while ago I read an article by Daniel Greenfield. He wrote about how productive societies become "rationing" societies. That's where we are. The middle class must be destroyed because there can be no upward mobility in communism.

    To pile onto the people who commented on trucking, we have a repair business and yes, most repairs are emissions related. These regulations are shaping the future as companies have to look down the road as to their operating procedures and budgets.

    For the most part, all the emissions regs are bullshit. There is a giant particulate filter in diesel trucks, that traps all the "emissions" but it isn't replaced with a new one, its cleaned by running the engine in place to remove all the particulate. So what's the difference if the particulate is released as the truck is moving over weeks or months or all in place? It takes hours, usually 3 to clean one. the particulate is STILL going in to the atmosphere. Duh.

    Same with your DOT stops. They aren't about safety. If they were, why fine people thousands of dollars because your brake lines aren't painted? Or your driver logs aren't filled out correctly -- which give them access to all your movements. Never mind wasting your time. It's all about Control.
    This starts by regulating business and moves on to regulating every human, every action because everyone is considered slave. The peasant must pay for the privilege of hunting in the king's forest.

    And we're being ruled by morons and idiots. With psychopathic, narcissistic control issues. It really is an ideocracy. They put people out in front of the cameras to take our attention away from things going on behind the scenes, as well as demoralizing us. Is it a coincidence that the commander in chief is a child sniffer/rapist? They want our kids as play toys. It's grooming. and people still walk talking around about how people 'voted' for him. It was fraud. He was illegally installed. And we do nothing.

    It's also not coincidental that a "bird Flu" is the reason why millions of livestock are destroyed... it's to drive prices and scarcity up, as well as putting independents out of business.

    It's the green new deal by scorched earth. They will pivot back to the fauxdemic when it suits them and the Ukraine/Russia BAD BAD BAD OMG we're all gonna die wears out it's panic inducing control.