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Turns Out They Are Idiots

Lots going on here in the Hoosier state and kicking my butt so posting is sketchy right now but I wanted to share this video from The Critical Drinker.

As a yoof, we went to the theater and saw lots of movies, and as I got into my teens I went to movies and saw none of it. I think I went to see The Great Outdoors in 1988, with Dan Akroyd and John Candy, and I don’t remember a single minute of the film thanks to the distraction provided by my female companion. 
Anhyoo, back then movie stars were something you only ever saw on the screen, either in the theater or on TV. They were glamorous and mysterious. Most of us could expect to go our entire life and never interact with a movie star or any other famous person like a pro athlete or a news personality. Even if we did it would be fleeting, catching a glimpse of them in public. We didn’t know them and honestly everyone was better off that way.
The Drinker is right, once we got to see into their heads we realized what fucking imbeciles these people really are. The mystique was gone.
They exist to entertain and distract us and are paid handsomely for it but somewhere along the line they forgot this and thought that their opinions mattered. I can understand it, they are paid unimaginable sums to play pretend on screen and are adored by fans but once they started to interact with us, we saw them for what they are. Most of them are dumb and many of them are evil, not to mention a significant percentage being certifiably mentally ill. 
Unfortunately for all of us, many of our fellow Americans are also stupid, criminally so, and many are evil and degenerate. So these people listen to every word that spews from the mouth or twitter account of celebrities with the same adoration and zeal as an old widow watching a televangelist on TV. This means that up-jumped court jesters have incredible influence on the world we live in and that is bad for everyone. For me this means spending zero dollars paying to see their stuff, not movies or sports or anything else. The only way to rein them in is to starve the beast.
The epitaph for Western civilization will be that we allowed too many stupid people to live.


  1. ChuckInBama

    "The epitaph for Western civilization will be that we allowed too many stupid people to live."
    All of our problems summed up in a neat little sentence. And if we are given a mulligan and do the same thing all over, then we, too, can count ourselves among the stupid.

  2. Richard Gilbert

    Court jesters, aka "fools" were once compensated by being allowed to live… Provided basic necessities so long as they entertained the king…

    Seems most were probably the typical queers & misfits that weren't able to fight or work in any constructive manner…

    Now we pay them for the privilege of their presence…

    Not…one thin dime from me for most of em in twenty plus yrs…
    Wife knows better than even suggest having me gaze upon certain *stars*…

  3. Anonymous

    back when I still had a tv, I was shocked to hear some clown speak on some stupid thing or another.
    the man sounded like a 10 year old kid. and the fool holding the mike to his face was staring at him like he was a god or something. ever listen to a pro ball player speak ? same thing- went to school and did nothing but play ball and it shows. total waste of time, and these clowns make millions a year ? no wonder the country is doomed. and to think before the dept. of ed. passed by peanut, this country was number one in education. now where what 20 something at best ?

  4. Greg

    One of my favorite lines on the subject (and I paraphrase from shaky memory): "Anyone who gets their political opinions from a Hollywood celebutard is a bigger idiot than they are!" (Alice Cooper).
    There are rare exceptions, and they usually end up blacklisting themselves. Sir Anthony Hopkins once explained that he will never voice a political opinion because he knows he has no more authority on the subject than anyone else.

  5. Mike_C

    "The epitaph for Western civilization will be that we allowed too many stupid people to live."

    Disagree. Stupid people are not the root of the problem. The world has always been full of stupid people and it's managed more or less all this time. The problem is we allowed high-IQ outsiders who hate, envy, and not-so-secretly fear us to take over education, higher academia, and most of popular culture. These paranoid, resentment-filled fucks have used this influence and power to systematically undermine, subvert, and destroy Western culture and values.

  6. Anonymous

    Never ever forget it was "celebrities" who originally pushed for everybody to stay at home, to stop "covid". They deserve every bit of their slide into irrelevance.

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