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This Is Why We Prepare

This is a glimpse into our future….

Some differences of course. While Whites were always a small minority in South Africa, we are just now on the verge of becoming a minority our own country in America. Not to mention that unlike South African Whites, we have ample warning of what the future holds and the small matter of a billion privately owned firearms. 
Nevertheless, with the southern border basically wide open and the sheer weight of numbers swamping our people in city after city, it is worth remembering that we prepare now because of what we anticipate in the future. 
Not one inch on the 2nd Amendment. 


  1. James M Dakin

    I'm not denying there are problems with immigration. When you fly in Africans and sign them up for welfare, until the store shelves go empty these types of immigrants are an increasing plague. But as far as immigration here to work, I'm seeing a huge drop off. Here in northern Nevada, the Mexican population had exploded, and we were on our way to not being a majority. I'm seeing a lot less Mexicans moving in, and many might even be moving out. A lot less tanned faces everywhere. I can only think this is due to no jobs. So, in theory, as jobs disappear, immigration kind of takes care of itself ( as context, the entry level jobs had Mexican managers/foremen, so it was an automatic in for new arrivals. And even Mexican owned county lots with junker mobile homes on them were not being moved into by new arrivals ). This doesn't solve the criminal arrivals or the Direct To Welfare classes, but surely this will damped somewhat the numbers. I know, dangerous to assume we are due some good news, but just maybe.

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