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The Whoopsie War

In the last hundred years, America has been in a bunch of wars. Lots of them. Most of my lifetime we have been in some sort of war or another, usually at the orders of the President and The Usual Suspects that pull their strings.

We have been manipulated into war (WW I, WW II European theater)
We have been lied into war (Iraq/Afghanistan)
We have been forced into war ( WW II Pacific theater)
But we might be on the verge of being oopsie daisy’s into a war. 

Just in recent days we have had Biden mumble about:

Threatening to respond to a chemical weapon attack by attacking Russia “in kind”, in other words using chemical weapons

Telling the 82nd Airborne how much they will enjoy Ukraine when they get there.
We are at a point where we need to have a serious national conversation about invoking the 25th Amendment, like for real this time. Tucker is talking about it but I have to assume that even the Democrats are having private conversations. The obvious problem is that while Biden has dementia, Kamala Harris is both stupid and insane. 
It is getting talked about and it was even trending on Twitter. 
This is a very dangerous game being played here but the “leader of the free world” has lost his marbles and who knows what the hell he might do. Hopefully the Air Force guy with the briefcase is carrying around Depends instead of the nuclear football because I wouldn’t put it past Joe to launch some birds just to see them fly.
If we are going to die in a nuclear conflagration, I just hope it isn’t accidental.


  1. JackDup

    Is the US border crisis an accident?
    Is the gas crisis an accident?
    The clown posse in the White House is pushing for this. Why? The US was on the verge of making America great again and now they know the Democratic party is on the verge of being destroyed, they would rather destroy America than let us win.

  2. JackDup

    BTW, I just read we are going to see 1 million illegal invaders cross our border in the previous 6 months, many carrying weapons of mass destruction I.E. Covid-19 and Fentanyl. Shouldn't they be passing out stinger missiles and AR's?

  3. John Wilder

    "Is this the button for more ice cream? Yes, my ice cream code is Uniform Tango Foxtrot, and the little card says the confirmation code is NCC1701. Can I get my ice cream now?"

  4. Skipperdaddy

    I’m going with the cyberattack on the grid scenario. Why would they destroy their ability to track and propagandize the sheep? They got more ditch diggers and landscape artist crossing daily down south so just starve out the useless eaters en masse by turning off the lights and water. According to most studies on that it should be a quickie to those deagle numbers. I guess its all speculation. I went from crystal ball to majik 8 ball months ago. Stock up on your canning jars !

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