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The Current State Of The Military

A cringe worth story from our local media:

Oh goodie, the Afghan’s did a bang up job after we spent untold billions and 20 years trying to create a functioning army that promptly fled as soon as the Taliban showed up without Daddy America to fight for them. At least he won’t be in a position to actually do any fighting or anything.
The Indiana National Guard said (Mohammad Zaki) Ahmadi will head to Fort Jackson, South Carolina later this year for basic training and then onto advanced training to become a financial management technician so that he can join the 177th Financial Management Support Detachment.  

“I have an interest in keeping records and financial records,” said Ahmadi. “At the end of the day, if there’s a need I have to be a soldier.” 
Keeping financial records safe for freedom! Why do we have “financial management technicians” in the Indiana National Guard? Are they called up in case of a major financial records emergency? 
What really got me was the photo from the story, summing up the absolute clown show the U.S. military has become:

You have a diminutive little African chick swearing in a guy named Mohammad Zaki Ahmadi into the Indiana National Guard, while the dude is wearing a fucking mask, so he can be a financial management technician in the 177th Financial Management Support Detachment.

How does this help us win the next war?
Don’t know.
Sure makes for a nice virtue signaling story, it would only be better if he had fled to Ukraine first and then come to the U.S. last week before signing on to fight the evil forces of Vodka Man Bad one piece of paper at a time.
The Pentazion better hope we don’t get into a real war because that will not go well.


  1. George True

    There are simply no words for such fuckery. None.

    Rest assured, the obligatory black female swearing in a white man was absolutely intentional. This was to send a clear message. To the extent that whites are allowed in the military going forward, they will be ruled by their betters – ie, people of color.

    Another thing that jumped out at me from the picture was how they were dressed. The black female was wearing utilities, and the inductee was wearing a baggy t-shirt and faded blue jeans. Unbelievable. When I took the oath decades ago I wore a suit, and the officer swearing me in was wearing his Class A uniform.

    Another thing – How in the ever-loving fuck is an immigrant who has been in-country for all of six months even allowed to join our military?!? Are we that desperate for financial management support enlisted personnel that we would gleefully enlist a Muslim Afghani with no formal education, no knowledge or understanding of American civics or laws, and whose loyalty would have to be considered questionable at best ?

  2. Arthur Sido

    You are absolutely correct, this story was all about sending a message and fast tracking this guy is designed to show the normies how well adjusted the goat/little kid fuckers we imported by the thousands from Afghanistan truly are. See they are just like us, if you keep your 8 year old kids and livestock away from them.

  3. James M Dakin

    Are we missing the point? It isn't about the need for Financial Management, it is about the need to keep the hillbillies in the combat units and all the less expendable girls, darkies and Better Religions safe far from the front lines.

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