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Storm Clouds On The 2A Horizon

On one hand it seems like things are looking up for gun rights, with a 2A friendly(ish) Supreme Court and my state of Indiana becoming the 24th in the Union to ratify Constitutional carry. But there are still ominous portents in the wind. 

Issue One: the Biden ATF looking to shutter small scale FFLs.
This one has personal significance of course. In the past when the ATF came in to look at your books, they would generally offer corrections if paperwork was messed up, and it often is messed up if you aren’t cautious because the paperwork is Byzantine and archaic. Now they are just shutting you down. There are well over 100,000 licensed gun dealers in America plus tens of thousands of additional FFL holders in the form of pawn shops and collectors. The goal is to shrink that number, as fewer FFLs are easier to monitor and control than lots of FFLs. 
Issue Two: New anti-gun legislation slipped into larger bills
Who needs due process?
As we’ve reported before, the Biden administration’s only way to pass gun control at all is by backdoor means. So, of course, they’ve hidden gun control in a massive spending bill designed to fund the Government. Hidden within this 3000-page bill were two significant pieces of gun control.

But that’s only half of this shady gun control strategy. The second half is to wrap gun control into a bill that is difficult to vote against for fear of social stigma.

So, inside the omnibus bill is a previously failed act called VAWA, or the Violence Against Women’s Act. This act contains significant backdoor gun control that stands to harm gun owners. But you wouldn’t know that just by reading the title. The swamp creatures in the Senate took the opportunity to revive VAWA (which initially failed explicitly because of the gun control provisions), placing the gun control section 2207 pages into the overall bill itself.
RTWT. It basically does two things, first it “will require the criminal investigation of all denials on the National Instant Criminal-Background-Check System” which is an enormous task that the ATF simply doesn’t have the manpower to do.
To “fix” this, it “deputizes” local law enforcement to respond to failed background checks even though well over 90% of those denials are bogus. 
The NICS background check system is awful, I have customers who get delayed every single time they do a transfer. What this bill is doing is creating a precedent for local law enforcement to enforce another Federal law and one that isn’t necessary or even useful. 
Notice that it gets lumped into “violence against women”. What does this have to do with violence against women? Not a damn thing but who wants to be on record voting in favor of violence against women? Since most of these idiots in Congress didn’t read and/or are incapable of reading the bill, it just sailed on through and a bunch of Republicans in the Senate voted for it.
That doesn’t even include the looming ban on “ghost guns” and the reclassification of braced pistols as short-barreled rifles.
They aren’t going to give up this fight. There is probably nothing more central to their long term planning than disarming the American people so more and more gun control will get squeezed in by every trick and scam they can come up with. At the same time many states are strengthening gun rights, others are clamping down.
It is almost like we live in two distinct and incompatible nations and should maybe just make this division formal…..


  1. jl

    "It is almost like we live in two distinct and incompatible nations and should maybe just make this division formal…"

    This right here…I don't "believe" in divorce, but sometimes it IS the best solution.

  2. JackDup

    I'm all for secession from the libtards. Needs to be done soon as I feel like I have a boa constrictor around my neck with a minute left to live. Their policies are turning many American neighborhoods in to third world like countries, I am working near one now in Columbia, South Carolina. I honestly cannot believe the amount of trash everywhere down here and the zombies walking out of the woods around the gas stations.

    The ATF is run like the IRS, guilty until proven innocent. The amount of money it would cost you in lawyer fees to get your guns back once confiscated would most likely cost more than the value of the confiscated items.

  3. James M Dakin

    I'm not one to discourage paranoia, fear, hate and cynicism, but I will remind all of history when the last wave of "hidden gun control" was the increase in fees for a FFL ( I think this was the late 80's, but don't quote me on that ). I heard the exact same thing then- they are reducing the number of dealers, back door gun control. Of course, then they repealed the semi ban, and even with reduced FFL's, a metric butt ton of guns were sold in 15 years. Perhaps more than the fifty before that. I think, realistically, this move is little more than reducing federal financial obligations. Like Oregon decriminalizing drugs. I could be wrong, but I think all levels of gov are currently more worried about revenue than going more commie.

  4. Richard Gilbert

    In for a penny, in for a pound…
    Too many layers in the onion to peel back in what has become unread/unknown "law"…
    After all, even a high profile"lawyer" can argue that it 'depends on what the definition of "is" is' …
    Sideways w a dull & rusty chainsaw…

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