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Stay Out

This is a fun video from Vincent James of Red Elephants.
Even the mythical “conservative” in most of the deep blue states are not the same sort of conservatives as we understand it in Indiana or Oklahoma or Alabama. Not to say there aren’t plenty of real conservatives in California and New York but those that are still there can’t leave for whatever reason, usually family or job. The people fleeing now? I would bet most are slightly less loony leftists and they are going to transform the states they are fleeing to. Places like Georgia and Virginia are flipping blue primarily because of immigration but it is accelerated by liberals from northern cities moving down there and taking with them the same stupid ideas that screwed up states like New York and Massachusetts. 
This is a tough sell for Midwesterners. Our impulse is to be polite and nice to people. When I lived in New Hampshire, people thought we were weirdos because we were uncomfortably friendly to our neighbors, even me apparently and for someone to find me friendly is a stretch. I still recall being on a business trip to New Jersey, at a large pharmaceutical company like a Fortune 100 company, and saying good morning to a couple of people in the hallway. They looked at me like I just spit on their mom. 
We need to get out of our nice midwestern mindset. The time for giving people the benefit of the doubt is long past. Don’t move from your shithole state to our states and expect a warm welcome. Don’t move from the city out to the country and expect it either, especially when you grumble about the “smell”, as if a distant cow barn smells worse than a city full of rotting garbage and puddles of homeless guy urine.
It sounds terrible to say but every liberal, or even moderate, who moves to your area of operation becomes an immediate liability for everyone around them. When things go tits up, they are going to be in trouble immediately and begging for help and begging will become demanding in a hurry. Don’t underestimate the lengths to which a desperate person will go to feed their kids or themselves. It is enough to make me want to fly a Confederate flag out front just to dissuade anyone who would be offended by that from moving into my AO. 
The video is a little tongue in cheek but there is a serious message here. When it goes bad, everything will be about “local, local, local” so let’s not encourage people who will be a problem to move out where we live, unless you plan on farming them as soon as the balloon goes up. That is a different conversation….


  1. Xzebek

    Engage in, and promote social interactions with like minded neighbors. Learn each other's philosophy, values and talents. When things go bad, as it appears they will, those people will be in your AO and hopefully mesh into a coherent mutual support and defense squad.
    This will also let you know who will be less than helpful or even a potential enemy so that you (and the group) may take that into account and plan/act accordingly.

  2. 3g4me

    Solid point. One also needs to beware of earlier waves of out-of-state immigrants – generally from the back-to-the-land hippy movement – in one's conservative AO. There are a number of them sprinkled around various small towns in the state where we bought our land, and they're fairly easy to tell apart from the locals. The long-time residents work in the trades or farm. The owners of all the tourist shops and 'antique malls' are NY or Cali immigrants, and merely mention the word exclusion to them and sit back and watch the fireworks.

  3. Last Days To The Rodeo

    After traveling back and forth for years, I moved to Eastern Tennessee, between Knoxville and Chattanooga, from Virginia full-time in 2010. At the time it was the bastion of freedom you've heard about. Coming from a rural farming background I got along well with everyone. You always had the "get my pension and flee from the liberal state that provided it to avoid the high taxes that pay my pension" crowd but even they got along with the locals for the most part. That all changed around 2016 when the exodus from Deep Blue hellholes began in earnest.
    Today, the Route 27 corridor from the outskirts of Knoxville (Rockwood) to Chattanooga is flush with carpetbagging bourgeois refugees from California, Chicago, and the more liberal areas of Ohio. They're not even trying to talk with a country accent and fit in anymore. They're taking over local governments and school boards of small towns, forming HOA's in neighborhoods that are just streets with a cul-de-sac, and driving real estate prices so high that young locals will never be able to afford a first home. Illegal migrants come to pick vegetables and work construction while the disenfranchised and often unemployed white males smoke meth and snort pills while their baby momma wears her pajamas to the gas station to buy cigs. The political apathy in very rural areas provides no resistance to the onslaught. With Memfrica and Chattanooga already blue, libs only need a little more time to turn Nashville and Knoxville and so goes the state.

  4. Arthur Sido

    That is something most people don't understand, even these "conservative" states are going to flip blue soon and when Florida and Texas inevitably turn blue, that is the ballgame politically.

  5. Anonymous

    Haven't seen any woke city slickers moving down here in South Central Ohio along the Ohio River. A lot of real nasty rednecks still live around these parts. Also, as I've mentioned, this part of the Buckeye State is still poverty stricken & has been for about a century. Somehow, Ohio's great industrial era during most of the 20th century passed us up. Doesn't matter anyway since most of the state is now a rust belt hell hole. Much the same across the river in Eastern Kentucky. If I ever leave, it will be for the American Redoubt, specifically, Northern Idaho, where I've vacationed. I don't like crowds & you can have diversity & all the bullshit that goes with it. To everyone here at DT, may you & your love ones survive the coming economic collapse & along with the civilization that once supported i

  6. Greg

    It's a dilemma that you need a reasonable climate to make your gardening feasible. But as the good ol' boy from Minnesota put it: "Between the ice in the winter, and the skeeters in the summer, it tends to keep the riffraff out. Here in the Oregon Outback, we are infected with the libtard virus like anywhere else, but when SHTF for serious, I'm counting on them to generally do their own bugout to more pleasant climes. It's the interim spicy times that have us all on edge.

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