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Speaking Of Nukes

It isn’t bad enough for a TV talking head like Sean Hannity to call for the assassination of Putin, we also have a sitting U.S. Senator doing the same. In this case it is the loathsome faggot Lindsey Graham.

The article linked is from Russia Times so I did my due diligence and checked the actual tweet on Twitter myself. Screenshot this morning by me:

I tweeted this to Twitter Security and reported it as a call for violence but nothing will happen because as usual homo Graham is saying what the powers that be want him to say. 100% chance there are pics of this guy with teenaged boys somewhere because he is the very epitome of a political puppet.
A corpulent TV host is one thing, a U.S. Senator is a different matter indeed.
What would help would be if Americans wouldn’t go lunging at the end of their chain like a junkyard dog every time some “news” story comes along. “They” are playing the emotions of the American people like a fiddle, whipping people up into a frenzy. Not just the idiot normies but lots of people who should know better than to be manipulated like this.
If you asked people two weeks ago about going to war to defend Ukraine from a Russian invasion, you would find only minimal support for that. Now, after two weeks of endless propaganda and bullshit? People pouring out Russian vodka and removing Russian players from sports video games? I bet you would find support for military action is growing quickly.
This is how wars start. This is how we were manipulated into entering World War I and then how we we were manipulated into entering World War II. You get the masses whipped into a frenzy by creating a villain (Spikey Helmet Mad Bad, Moustache Man Bad, Vodka Man Bad) and then convincing the American people that we have a “moral” obligation to smite them by sending our sons over to Europe to die in droves.
If we are lucky we will come out of this with our fragile economy wrecked and many people in America impoverished and suffering. If we aren’t lucky? 


  1. ChuckInBama

    China is suspiciously quiet. My guess is they are waiting for the US to jump into the Ukraine deal with both feet and then come out kicking ass because we are attacking their trading partner. The only way to win is not to play. But these dumbasses are about to get us neck deep in nukes if they don't shut up. I was a tanker in the 80's, so it's starting to feel a lot like that time, except we don't have the cool music.

  2. Troy Lee Messer

    …My guess is they are waiting for the US to jump into the Ukraine deal with both feet and then come out kicking ass because we are attacking their trading partner. ….

    Exactly. They are just waiting for us to give them causus belli to invade which The Faggot Empire will do because it is run by incompetent genuine faggots.

    Oh and I was wrong about the scale of the invasion. I predicted Putin would invade just enough to secure the Donbass.
    When I saw The Sakers' Day 6 map, damn that was a bad prediction. This crow is crunchy.

  3. Troy Lee Messer

    …I bet you would find support for military action is growing quickly….

    The same idiots that knee jerkingly bought the covid panic are the same demographic that will be begging to go to war.
    To riff off Vox Day: MPAI. Most People Are Idiots. Give them a 4k TV and you have a sale.
    I think the Hard Times Create Strong Men part of the cycle (the 4th turning?) is getting ready to manifest itself.

    Oh and back to ChuckinBama's point. china is waiting because as time goes along, it is abundently clear Global Faggot Empire doesnt have the ability to protect Taiwan. So Taiwan, "they aint coming to save you, so we can do this the easy way or the hard way "

  4. Jim Wetzel

    I might have to disagree with you a bit, concerning what kind of pictures of Lithping Lindthay are in the files. He doesn't strike me as the doing-teen-boys kind. I'm guessing he likes being the bottom for bodybuilder-type black guys.

  5. Anonymous

    the only reason they calling for war is because it threatens their money scam. of all the aid money "we: give to other countries, how much of it comes back to off shore bank accounts these fuckers have ?
    also funny is how a lot of sons of said assholes seem to have jobs in that country ?
    putin is not going to nuke the clowns of dc ,when they fucking the country better than he ever could.
    shut down all of our oil and gas production but import more oil and gas from putin buddies makes sense ?
    in the old days when onee country stopped another from trading and stuff, it was called a act of war. kind of like how the japs struck pearl harbor 6 months after the fuck fdr shut down oil and scrap metals from them. funny how that works ?

  6. daniel_day

    It's not just Americans. I'm in contact with several Japanese and they've told me "Putin is crazy!" Just one of them had read an article explaining the Russian sensitivity toward NATO, viz American troops, in a large country immediately bordering Russia. Of course, they all think Trump is awful. The Jse mass media dance to the same tune as the US media, except on one point — they *have* noticed Brandon's psychological difficulties.

  7. George True

    It is downright depressing to see how quickly and easily Americans buy into the MSM GloboHomo boilerplate claptrap.

    Last night at work a co-worker was self-righteously proclaiming "Putin is crazy". I asked him, "How do you know this? Do you know him? Have you spoken with him?" I just got an NPC blank look in return.

    Another co-worker proudly proclaimed that our employer had pulled all Russian adult beverages from the shelves. This is someone I would have thought would know better, being from Eastern Europe himself. So I asked him, "Why?" He said, "What do you mean 'why'?" I replied, "Well, was General Smirnoff leading the invasion? Was it General Stolychnaya leading the tanks into Kiev?" Again, I got the same NPC blank stare in response.

    The GloboHomo media is a powerful force for evil.

  8. Arthur Sido

    Ukraine is no different from Haiti in that respect, we send billons in "aid" and it gets siphoned off and a portion is returned back to the political figures who voted for it. The entire Federal government is one big grifting operation paid for by us.

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