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Something To Consider Today

Today might be a good day to, oh I don’t know, maybe get more stuff socked away in case of spicy times? Not only is Russia one of the largest oil producers in the world and Gas Buddy is warning of $4.50 prices by midweek….

…but Russia and Ukraine combined account for over 30% of wheat production world wide and wheat is one of those things that is a primary ingredient in lots of food. While there are certainly more cost effective ways of doing this, and my boy Bison Prepper has plenty of info on his blog about that, I decided to try out the mormon food storage site and get some #10 cans of wheat and the same in rolled oats. For six #10 cans of each and only $3 shipping, it came out to under $80….

Please note: While the rolled oats are easy to prepare with hot water, hard red wheat is not something you can do much with as it is. For example, we have a nice grinder to turn wheat into flour. I suppose you can chew on the wheat but there is some prep work to make wheat something you could bake into flour.

Not telling you what to do but I would recommend looking at your finances and then your preps and see what you might want to add before the higher freight costs start to really hammer prices. You won’t regret having too much stuff but you will regret not having enough.


  1. BigCountryExpat

    They accidentally sent me a case of the hard red, and thru research, you -can- get it to germinate, to make MOR wheetz. If it gets that bad, I'm going to hold on to a can just for growing a teeny patch in the planned-for greenhouse in the side yard.

  2. Greg

    If it's viable seed, wheat sprouts are good. I like sprouted wheat bread, lotsa crunch to it. And wheatgrass juice is a big thing in the health nut bizness. As for growing a patch, it'll be fun to try, but I imagine harvesting and trying to thresh it on a small scale is likely a beastly job.
    Thanks Arthur for the tip. Sealed in #10 cans is great for long term storage, much better than trying to put bulk grain into buckets on my own, even with oxygen absorbers.

  3. LGC

    wheat stores really well. thousands of years. (not kidding, see Egyptian tombs). Buy it in 50lb bags and put it in food safe bucket sand you're GTG for your lifetime. You need a wheat grinder though. Get one that works on both electricity and human power. Rice, beans and sugar stores really well. Flour goes bad after a while

  4. Anonymous

    Just so you know, hard wheat prefers cooler days and dryer conditions. Grows great in my yard in Alberta… not sure but you may need to shade it rather than put it in a greenhouse.


  5. 3g4me

    Although I've been aware of the wheat situation for weeks, I haven't really felt panicked by it – know how to make bread though I don't do so currently, have some flour, oats, etc. in mylar for an emergency, etc. But anyhow, after reading your post I thought what the heck, I'll check the mormon site out (I've been aware of it for years but never ordered anything). Anyhow – the red winter wheat is now sold out.

  6. Anonymous

    this comes down to what I have been saying for years now, stuff is better than money.
    I have tried to warn people over the years, some listen, a lot did not. oh, well.
    I had times of money and no food, and times of food and no money. having food is always better.
    this is going to get a lot worse and people will go nuts when they can't get what they want.
    count on it.

  7. Anonymous

    it will come down to everything we use everyday here soon. remember stories about ww2 GI'S bribing people with candy bars ? same thing will happen here before long. I keep a few bags of candy bars in the freezer just in case. they useful either as a bribe, treat or reward.
    it is one big little thing I learned from my time overseas. but anything that wears out will be in short supply here soon. food is something people will kill over in a heartbeat. I have also seen thst as well over there. plan according for it.

  8. 3g4me

    Flour – all food really – lasts longer than most think if properly stored in a climate controlled environment (first frozen to kill potential bugs, completely dried, and stored with oxygen absorber and/or bay leaves in mylar/buckets etc.). Wheat berries are for the truly long haul – those who plan on grinding their own 5 years down the road. I'm not stocking that much food, but respect those who choose to do so. But anything can and will be more useful than fiat currency as time goes forward. And at least at the moment and in the DFW burbs, there is still plenty of flour and oats and cornmeal and bulgur wheat and quinoa in the stores. That's because the actual % of people truly aware of what futures mean and what's really happening beyond the media headlines is minute. The list of things that will be needed and/or useful is a long one; no need to go into it all here unless folks truly feel the need for some suggestions (I have no google account and so never comment at or join youtube channels or most blogs). I've picked up good ideas from all sorts of places (get a zipper repair kit).

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