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Sick Of These White Supremacists Being Mean To Asians!

Asian woman punched 125 times in New York attack; suspect charged with attempted murder as hate crime

Not just punched 125 times….
Video shows she was punched 125 times, stomped on seven more times and spat on.
Even if I were younger and in better shape, 125 punches would wear me out. As you can see, he is your typical White supremacist MAGA hat wearin’, Tucker Carlson watchin’, Vlad Putin lovin’ hate criminal….

The attacker is one Tammel Esco, a 42 year old “man”. Here is his mugshot I guess, he looks very remorseful.

Tammel Esco is pretty typical….
Esco has a criminal record and has had 14 arrests and multiple convictions, Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller said.

In February 2021, he pushed a woman through a plate glass window. She wasn’t seriously injured and Esco was given a conditional discharge and no jail time.

CBS2 claims Esco was enrolled into a five-month inpatient program for substance abuse after his 2021 arrest.

He has also served 42 months in prison for a stabbing in 2010, the outlet reports.
As always the question is this: why is this guy wandering the streets attacking old ladies? Why wasn’t he already locked away in a dark hole or better yet breaking rocks all day or even better yet swinging from the gallows? If you have been arrested 14 times and been convicted of multiple violent crimes, there really isn’t any point in letting you keep breathing. 
A 67 year old Asian woman, she looks like she weighs maybe 80 pounds and he still sucker punched her and beat the shit out of her for the perfectly justifiable reason that she is, as the assailant said, an “Asian bitch”. Plus kicked her and spit on her. For me to hit a woman, even once, would only happen to protect someone else. Men just don’t hit women. But this guy and so many like him seem to have no problem with randomly assaulting someone, usually someone older and weaker and smaller than them. 
The woman is apparently a widow and has bleeding on the brain, so hopefully this guy is put in for life for attempted murder and hate crime charges but since this is New York City they may already have released him with a summons to appear.
It is tiresome to post this stuff but it is necessary to remind everyone of why we must practice what we preach: stay away from crowds, always be carrying, head on a swivel, teach your family the same.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    In my world, after the plate-glass window thing, he gets a trial. Upon conviction, he's marched out to this week's trench, made to kneel at the edge, and gets a single .45 round in the back of the melon. At the end of the week, the backhoe guy fills the trench, moves over a few feet, and excavates the next trench. By failing to do this, the regime acquires partial responsibility for all further victims.

  2. Anonymous

    the "brothers" never engage in a fair fight if they can help it. always someone smaller and weaker or even when they outnumber is something they done since the 1960's when I first had to deal with them. run if you can to a safer location, if possible. if not, get your back to the wall and fight without any mercy as they have none. it kind of like shooting ducks, go for one at a time. do as much damage as you can before going to the next one. if you lucky, after 2 of them down they back off. but do not plan on it. back in those days, everyone used metal trash cans, the lids make very good shields and weapons. just saying, of course
    and this type of thing will happen a lot more now that the DA's are soft on them.
    wonder how many more things like this happen that go unreported ? I betting a lot more than you think. based on what I saw growing up in philly. shit like this happen everyday there.

  3. Anonymous

    I can't imagine anyone less threatening or offensive than an elderly White or Asian woman alone out in public, but that is just my White bias, I suppose. Some of the nastiest, most vulgar, foul-mouthed creatures I've ever run across were crazy old black women. It may well be that the Tammel Esco's of the world believe that all old women are harridans just like his crotchety Aunt Esther, forever ready to deliver a slap upside his nappy head. Still doesn't make it right to attack them (or anyone else) completely out of the blue, of course.

    I loathe their entire demographic, from conception to interment, but there is no way in hell that I could attack an elderly person of any denomination at random like this animal did. It is time long overdue to hold bleeding-heart judges and prosecutors responsible for their complicity in flooding the streets with these dangerous, incorrigible, irredeemable devils.

  4. Mike_C

    run if you can to a safer location, if possible.
    Excellent advice.

    go for one at a time. do as much damage as you can before going to the next one
    James Lafond suggests that you want to mark up several if you can, the logic being that evidence of having been in a fight makes them combatants in the eyes of the law (which is stacked up against you if you are not a member of a victimhood/grievance group). If you only deal with one, then the other brothers will swear up and down that YOU initiated the fight (probably by saying the dreaded Word) and apart from your poor victim, the rest of them was just random witnesses mindin they own bidness en shit.

    It may well be that the Tammel Esco's of the world believe that all old women are harridans

    Maybe. Or persons like him just like beating on old women and other defenseless people.

    All this reminds me of a scene from a fantasy novel by Charles Gannon. Some characters are talking about orcs (called "Bent" or "urzhen" but basically orcs) looting weapons from dead humans.
    CharacterA: The Bent strip the corpses. The equipment is always better than what they can craft for themselves.
    CharacterB: Urzhen would always rather risk their lives than learn a productive craft. […]
    CA: […] Yes, but also because wielding [human weapons] is a delicious revenge. Every time they hold even a mediocre human sword, they are reminded of the most frustrating truth of their existence: that no Bent has ever created such a fine tool. Only a few of them have the patience and the fine, nimble fingers required to craft one. And since cursing the universe for their lot is pointless, they curse you instead. They curse your skills, your learning, your craft.

    Does that last part sound strangely familiar?

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