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See Something, Say Something

I have added a little “contact me” widget to the right side of the page, just below the blogroll…

If you see a news story or video you think I might enjoy or perhaps not enjoy, send it along. Or just howdy-do or an encouraging note or perhaps just a friendly “You suck and are a racist”. Whatever. We will see how it works, just trying it out for now. It is a Google feature so who knows if it will do what it is supposed to. 
I did a test try with a fake email and it seemed to come right through.


If you are reading my blog on your phone, you might need to switch to web version view as you won’t see the widget on the mobile view…


  1. Anonymous

    Are notes posted to this new feature 'public' or are you the only one who will see them? And does it have to be a verifiable email address? (Some of us rather like our anonymity.)

    Asking for a virulently racist homophobe with a real bad attitude.

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